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Siamese Kittens For Sale In Massachusetts: Breeders List You Can Trust

Siamese Kittens For Sale In Massachusetts: Breeders List You Can Trust

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Shorthair or longhair, black or white, bringing a cat to its new home can be tricky at first, but if you’re looking for Siamese cats for sale, you’re probably ready for the challenge!

There aren’t many Siamese cat breeders located in Massachusetts, but I did find the two most reputable ones for you to begin your search for your perfect kitten.

I’ve listed a third breeder as well, and even though this cattery is no longer in the breeding business, they are willing to talk to you, and you can still check out their official website and see how they used to operate.

I’ve done this in order for you to broaden your views so you can learn more about the breeding process, breed standards, and health issues, as they used to be one of the best in the area and are a great source of information.

So, read on and have a look if there are any Siamese kittens for sale in Massachusetts or if there’s a waiting list so you can reserve yourself a kitten from an upcoming litter. Good luck!

Siamese Kittens For Sale In Massachusetts: TOP 3 Breeders

Siamese cat sitting in garden

Looking for a purebred cat of any breed is not an easy task. There are many things to consider; health records, registrations, info about the breeder and the breed, and so on.

Searching for Siamese kittens for sale in Massachusetts wasn’t an easy task as there aren’t many reputable breeders located in the area (unlike Boston, New York, or Connecticut).

However, I did manage to find the best three Siamese cat breeders, one of which is no longer in the breeding business, but I’ve listed them here for you so you can check out how they used to operate and know more about what criteria you should be looking for.

These blue-eyed, beautiful creatures are nothing but fun, loving, affectionate, and smart; they possess all these wonderful personality traits, which makes them excellent pets, especially for families.

You’re looking for breeders, so you probably know what kind of cat the Siamese breed is. So let’s have a look at what these registered and reputable breeders have to offer.

1. Bella Mia Cattery Siamese

Siamese cat sitting on bed

📍 Rhode Island

At Bella Mia Cattery, you’ll find the beautiful traditional applehead, but also Balinese and wedgehead Siamese kittens. This small cattery loves and cares for its cats and kittens like they were all their pets. Their kittens live in a free environment, socializing with their parent cats and with each other.

This breeder is committed to producing healthy, well-adjusted kittens with a loving temperament. All their kittens have a friendly, extroverted nature, and they will have been socialized, so they are well-adjusted by the time you come to pick them up.

They do have a waiting list and they encourage any potential buyers to contact them via email to find out more and secure a kitten.

Breeder Info

Address: West Greenwich, Rhode Island 02817

Website: Bella Mia Cattery Siamese

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Kristal’s Siamese Kittens

Siamese cat walking in garden

📍 Cambridge

At Kristal’s Siamese Cattery you’ll find the most beautiful chocolate point and seal point Siamese cats. This CFA (Cat Fanciers Associations) registered cattery encourages buyers to contact them and ask anything you want to know. They are more than happy to answer your questions.

You will find only purebred Siamese cats and kittens in Kristal’s cattery. They do their utmost to breed and produce healthy and happy Siamese kittens, focusing on quality and temperament.

At Kristal’s Siamese cattery you will find traditional Siamese kittens, and only if you’re serious about caring for these lovely creatures will you get the chance to offer them a home.

Be sure to visit the official website of this cattery listed below, so you can thoroughly check out all the info you need before you buy yourself a cute little Siamese kitten.

Breeder Info

Address: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Website: Kristal’s Siamese Kittens

E-mail: [email protected] or via website form

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3. Black & Tan Siamese Kittens

Siamese cat sitting and looking away

📍 Central Massachusetts

Note: this cattery has retired from breeding. However, I’ve listed it here so you can get a sense of what to look for as they were excellent and reputable breeders, and you can still check out their website and find out everything about Siamese kittens.

These breeders were in the breeding business for more than 20 years, so it is worth checking out their official website to see photos, reviews, and other people’s questions. Perhaps this can help you in your research before you buy a Siamese cat.

Breeder Info

Address: Central Massachusetts

Website: Black&Tan Siamese

E-mail: [email protected]

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Learn More About The Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese cat posing for photo

The Siamese cat comes in a color point coat pattern which may be several different colors, such as lilac, chocolate, cream, silver, orange, ebony, or white. These cats grow up to 10 inches in height, and they weigh approximately 6 to 14 pounds. Their life expectancy can be up to 20 years.

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Siamese cats are a beautiful, intelligent cat breed with a loving temperament. They are often described as dog-like in their personalities, and they, like Maine Coons and Ragdolls, require a lot of care from their owners.

These cats have short hair, are quite skinny, and have color tipped tails; they are highly appealing, and have been a popular cat breed for a long time. Their eyes are usually blue due to their powerful pure bloodlines, and their short coats make them ideal for allergy-prone owners because they shed less than most other domestic cat breeds.

These cats adore being cuddled, petted, and held in your arms or lap. They will listen and converse with you. They usually choose one person as their most favorite human with whom they build a special bond, but they are also connected to other family members.

Siamese cats are also very lively and energetic. They are definitely not on the “less intelligent cats” list, as they are highly intelligent. They are even considered the smartest cat breed out there!

Therefore, you will typically require a large number of toys, cat trees, or other objects to keep them amused.

If possible, buy another cat to keep your Siamese company when you’re not around. However, all cats are different, and sometimes not all breed characteristics will apply to your kitten in particular.

These cats are simple to teach, groom, and socialize with other pets and people. The only part of their health you should be more aware of is their predisposition for dental problems, liver disease, and asthma. You should get them tested at least annually, and you should take them to the vet for frequent examinations.

Fun Facts

🐾 The average male Siamese cat weighs approximately 6 to 14 pounds. However, there is one on record that weighed 50 pounds!

🐾 The Siamese Cat is the 12th most common cat breed in the United States, as of 2019.

🐾 Siamese cats are derived from felines born in the country that is now Thailand but which was once known as Siam.

🐾 The Siamese breed has a long history. Writings on the cat have been discovered in texts published between the 14th and 18th centuries. That makes the breed over 700 years old!


Siamese cat looking at camera

How much should I pay for a Siamese kitten?

Siamese kittens typically cost between $250 and $600, with prices ranging up to $1000. Adult cats, especially show-quality Siamese cats, can cost much more, depending on the breeder, the cat’s color points, and the breeder’s overall criteria.

Are Siamese cats good pets?

Yes! Siamese cats are cuddly and loving. They are among the most talkative cats, often engaging in lengthy “conversations” with their human companions. They are affectionate, loyal, and they yearn for human interaction, making them ideal as family pets.

How big do Siamese cats get?

Siamese cats typically grow up to 10 inches in height, and they usually weigh approximately 6 to 14 pounds.

What is the rarest Siamese color?

A Siamese cat is traditionally thought of as cream-colored with darker color points, However, there are several rather wonderful color variations. A Siamese cat can have a cream body with seal points, an ivory color body with chocolate point, a light-silver body with blue point, or a light-cream body with lilac point.

Those are the most common colors and patterns for Siamese cats, but they can also come in lynx point, tabby, or tortie patterns. Possible colors include lilac, silver, chocolate, cream, white, ebony, and red.

What are the health risks of Siamese cats?

This cat breed is generally very healthy, but it can be more prone to certain feline diseases. The most serious health hazards for a Siamese cat include liver disease (amyloidosis), tooth or gum problems, asthma, and some forms of feline cancer.

However, if you source your cat from a reputable breeder, you can be as certain as possible that your cat is healthy.

Registered breeders periodically screen and test all of their cats and kittens, and it is critical that you do the same once you have your own kitten. Kittens might be absolutely healthy at birth but then go on to acquire diseases or health problems later in life.

What are Siamese cats like?

Siamese cats are almost as well-known for their engaging personalities as they are for their stunning appearance.

They are among the most talkative of cats, engaging in lengthy ‘conversations’ with their human companions. They are affectionate, loving, loyal, and intelligent. Most importantly, they want human connection and thrive on having company. All of these traits make them great family pets.

How old should kittens be before they are adopted?

Kittens are ready for adoption between 12 and 14 weeks of age. Separating them from their mothers earlier than this can increase the risk of health, social, or developmental issues.

However, reputable and ethical breeders won’t allow this to happen. Instead they will care for the kitten until it is completely ready for a new home, and you’ll get a well-adjusted, healthy little Siamese kitten.

Final Words

I hope my research on Siamese kittens for sale in Massachusetts has helped you in your search for a new cuddle buddy and friend. There are only two reputable and registered Siamese cat breeders, but I hope one of them is suitable for your requirements.

These catteries are both registered and ethical and do their jobs professionally, so hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to find available kittens for a price that works for you. I truly hope you’ll be planning to welcome your new kitten by the time you’ve finished this article!

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