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Apparently, Cat Colors Serve As A Window Into Feline Personalities

Apparently, Cat Colors Serve As A Window Into Feline Personalities

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Every cat is unique and different. Usually, their coat color and overall appearance have nothing to do with their personality traits. 

But what if I told you that some personality traits may be more common for cats of a certain color? I’m sure you’ll agree with me, especially if you have one of the following cats… 

So, let’s delve into the world beyond cat fur and explore some fascinating observations.

1. Ginger Cats

cute cat on her back

Ginger cats are among the most popular cat colors. It’s interesting that approximately 80% of ginger cats are males.

These kitties can be divided into two groups. Half of them are very aloof, lazy, and independent, while the others are lovely and affectionate. Guess what’s my cat Mr. Bitey like, haha!

Ginger cats may not be perfect lap cats, but they’re fun, affectionate, and playful companions that will keep you entertained most of the time. 

2. Black Cats

black cat in water can

Black cats are often considered the least adoptable cats, probably due to their long-standing association with bad luck and witchcraft. However, true cat lovers know that their coat color has nothing to do with it.

In terms of personality, black cats are known to be very friendly and affectionate. They are one of the most loyal felines that quickly bond with their humans.

Apart from that, black cats are also considered survivors due to their strong genes and the fact that they won’t get sick so easily.

3. Tuxedo Cats

black kitten outdoor

Tuxedo cats are often regarded as the smartest felines of all. They are typically independent yet playful and active. They can be crazy about their owners, and they’ll hunt basically anything for them. 

In general, tuxedo cats make great pets due to their affectionate and loyal nature. All in all, you’ll never be bored with a tuxedo cat. 

4. Calico Cats

cat in sunlight

If you ask me, calico cats are one of the purretiest cats in the world. I have two, and I can’t get enough of them. Their fur isn’t only unique for its color, but it’s also much softer compared to other cats.

When it comes to their personalities, calico cats are often described as independent, stubborn, and intelligent. They can be very friendly and affectionate. 

My calicos, Suzy and Penny, usually enjoy their alone time. But, when they’re feeling cuddly, they snuggle up in my lap and simply enjoy the moment.

5. Tortoiseshell Cats

black cat on the floor

Tortie cats are truly special. Their personalities are often described as strong-willed and hot-tempered, which is often referred to as “tortitude”. Just like it’s the case with calico cats, most torties are females too.

They can be very possessive and real attention queens. So, if you get one, be ready to shower it with love and cuddles. 

6. Tabby Cats

tabby cat

Tabby cats come in various patterns, but they all share the distinctive “M” shaped marking on their forehead.

Their main personality traits usually depend on the specific breed of cat, but generally, tabby cats are thought to be very social and playful.

They are very energetic and possess remarkable hunting skills. I believe this is true because my furry boy Mikey is a tabby. He’s always on the hunt and brings me “gifts”. 

Tabbies are also cuddly and affectionate, which is why they love spending time with their favorite humans.

7. White Cats

white cat on the carpet

White cats are visually stunning, but if you ask me, they can be quite startling when they unexpectedly appear in front of you at night, haha.

Most people describe white cats as much calmer and shyer than their colored furry buddies. They’re very affectionate and will spend as much time with their humans as possible. 

The reason for that is probably because white cats are often prone to different defects, usually affecting hearing and vision. Therefore, they stick to their humans to keep themselves safe all the time. 

Now that we’ve come to an end, let me ask you a question: Do these sections resonate with the personality of your own feline friend? 

While it’s important to note that not every cat of a specific coat color will align perfectly with these descriptions, in my personal experience with cats, I have noticed a correlation between coat color and their unique personalities.

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