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Can Cats See Ghosts? Paranormal Activity With Your Kitty

Can Cats See Ghosts? Paranormal Activity With Your Kitty

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There are many stories and beliefs that cats can actually see or sense the things we cannot. Due to their extremely sensitive senses, this is true of some things. But what about supernatural things?

Many pet parents tell stories from their own experiences of how their cats can actually see ghosts and other supernatural things. There is a belief that cats are spiritual animals that actually represent a connection to the spirit world.

But is any of this really true? Read on and find out more about cats’ unusual behavior… can cats see ghosts or is it only a myth? Happy reading and enjoy the pictures I made for you!

Can Cats See Ghosts And Supernatural Things That We Can’t?

ghost scaring cat illustration

Many cat parents know that cats are able to sense bad events or energy or can even sense that someone is sick. I know this from my own experience too. 

One day, my cat was lying in her cat bed calmly when she suddenly jumped out of it and started running around the house like crazy.

After a few rounds of jumping, she hid under the table. She behaved as though she was looking for a safe spot to hide, and by looking at her, I could tell that she was afraid because she was shaking and her pupils were dilated.

At first, I was confused, but it all made sense when the earthquake started. I concluded that my kitty sensed it before me and tried to protect herself.

But what about supernatural things? Many cat owners tell stories about how their cats can actually see ghosts, but is that really true? Luckily, I haven’t had such experiences, but I will try to help you answer the question can cats see ghosts!

Well, cats communicate with us through their behavior and body language, so many cat owners are trying to break the cat code entirely and find out the reasons for everything that cats do. However, that’s not easy.

Many cat parents who believe that their felines can see ghosts have listed several unusual things that their cats do, such as:

• Staring at basically nothing

• Pawing at something that isn’t there

• Sudden and unexplained movements and energy

• Twitching their ears in different directions

Despite these mentioned things, there is no scientific proof that cats can see ghosts, especially because all of these mentioned behaviors can have other explanations. 

Cats are predators by nature, they’re always on alert, which is why they may sometimes perform unexpected behaviors and similar. They have extremely sensitive senses that actually allow them to react quickly to certain things that surprise them.

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Something About A Cat’s Senses

ghost and cat illustration

Although cats are predators by nature, they can be prey for some other bigger animals. Luckily cats have excellent senses that allow them to react quickly to unexpected things, even when they’re napping.

Cats have brilliant vision, hearing, smell, and taste that allows them to be very careful and to protect themselves. 

So, whenever you see a cat twitching its ears or staring at something, it doesn’t mean it can see ghosts, it means that it’s trying to hear what’s going on around it.

Now, let’s delve deep into a cat’s senses and find out more interesting things.

A Cat’s Vision

Cats have a remarkable vision which is way better than a human’s as they can see around 200 degrees field of view while we can see only 180 degrees.

Besides that, their peripheral vision allows them to see things out of the corner of their eyes.

Probably, most cat lovers know that cats are actually crepuscular animals which means that they’re most active during dusk and dawn. That also means that cats have good vision in the dark with low light as they have more rod cells than humans. 

Cats are also able to see on the ultraviolet light spectrum, which shows that they can see things that humans can’t.

That may be the main reason why some people think that cats can see ghosts because these supernatural things are always connected to darkness. 

But, as long as there’s no scientific proof that cats can see ghosts, we won’t know whether they’re catching something, playing in the dark or they’re fighting a ghost.

A Cat’s Hearing

Most people say that cats twitch their ears as if they’re sensing ghosts or similar. However, I have another explanation for that. Besides vision, cats have remarkable hearing, too, which is way better than humans’.

The most interesting thing is that their ears have as many as 32 muscles that allow them to twitch their ears in opposite directions to detect sounds up to 64,000 Hz. 

As mentioned previously, cats are both prey and predators; therefore, their remarkable hearing allows them to detect danger on time and react quickly.

A Cat’s Smell

Another remarkable thing that cats possess is their sense of smell which is about 15 times better than ours. 

Cats are able to detect more than 200 million different smells and not only that, but they’re also able to recognize the smells and things they hate or that are dangerous for them.

Have you ever seen a cat staring with an open mouth? If you wondered if this is another unusual behavior or way of detecting ghosts, it’s not. It’s actually another way for cats to smell things. 

They’re able to do that thanks to a smell detector that is located in the upper portion of the cat’s mouth, called the Jacobson organ. It allows them to pick up the scents from their environment even better.

The reason why some people believe that this is connected to ghosts is that they believe cats sniff the spots where the ghost is present; however, there is no proof of whether this is true or not.

A Cat’s Taste

Even though cats cannot taste ghosts, even if they do exist, this had to be listed in this part of the article as a cat’s sense. Additionally, this is the only one where humans win as we have over 8,000 taste buds on our tongues while cats have only 4744.

A Cat’s Whiskers

Cat’s whiskers may seem useless; however, they have quite an important function for cats. 

Cats have long whiskers that serve them in navigation and maintaining balance. Also, they pick up certain vibrations that are later sent to the cat’s brain.

So, can cats detect ghosts with their whiskers, just like a metal detector detects metals? 

If the answer is yes, our felines could be the new ghostbusters; however, we still don’t know for sure can cats see ghosts, so I guess we’ll have to wait for scientific proof first.

Do Cats Have A Sixth Sense?

cat looking at ghosts illustration

To answer this question correctly, first, let’s clarify what a sixth sense is! A sixth sense is a sense or power that is beyond the standard five senses.

So, people who believe that cats can see ghosts also believe that cats have a sixth sense that allows them to detect ghosts.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. Cats have only five senses, which are more sensitive and way better than ours. Believe it or not, what allows them to sense bad energy, certain events, or even illnesses isn’t due to a sixth sense but due to these five senses.

With these five sharp senses, cats can predict bad events, such as earthquakes, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Moreover, it’s fascinating that cats can sense pregnancies and illnesses before humans. 

The reason for that is that cats are used to the natural scent of their humans, therefore, as soon as their body starts to change, they produce different scents that cats are able to detect. 

Basically, cats don’t know whether you’re pregnant or ill, they just notice that something’s different about you than it was before; therefore, they may start behaving differently.

Should You Worry About Certain Cat’s Reactions?

In most cases, you shouldn’t be worried about your cat’s reactions as it’s usually their way of communicating and interacting with you or showing you how they feel and similar.

Unusual cat behaviors shouldn’t have anything to do with seeing ghosts, as there’s an explanation for most of these behaviors. 

The only reason when you should start paying more attention is when your cat starts acting weird all of a sudden, as my cat did, because a bad event may happen. 

Also, if you notice that your feline friend is suddenly very affectionate towards you, you may like to visit your doctor preventively to see if your health is good.

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cute ghost and cat illustration

Most of these beliefs that cats can see ghosts derive from ancient Egypt or other popular cat legends, myths, and superstitions.

Black cats were the main target as they were often associated with witches or referred to as the devil’s servants, while white cats were often a sign of luck. 

So, check out some of the popular superstitions and legends that lead many people to believe, even nowadays, that cats are supernatural beings, which is why they’re often associated with Halloween and other spooky things and events.

• Cats were sacred animals in ancient Egypt that ancient Egyptians protected by law, and killing a cat was punished by death. Cats were also worshiped there because of their relation to the goddess Bastet, who was a protector of cats and good health. 

The first beliefs that cats are able to see ghosts and other things that we can’t, derive from this time because ancient Egyptian people thought that cats could communicate with ghosts and represented a sort of connection between the real and spirit world.

• Buddhism also had a similar belief. They believed that cats are actually the souls of dead people who live in the cat’s body before they get a new life or go to Paradise.

• In some cultures, Norwegian Forest cats were considered to be magical creatures in disguise. The legends say that if you stare into their eyes for too long, you can actually see a magical world full of supernatural beings; therefore, this may be another reason why some people believe that cats can see ghosts and other supernatural things, even nowadays.

Experts On Cats And Ghosts

As there’s no scientific proof for can cats see ghosts, it’s left to people to believe what they want. 

So, some people believe that cats can see ghosts because they believe in the spiritual world, or they have witnessed weird and unusual cat behaviors that lead them to think that cats are scared of something we can’t see

So let’s see what the experts say on this topic!

Few animal behaviorists decided to discuss this topic. One of them is Jackson Galaxy, who said that he believes that cats are able to sense things that humans cannot due to their senses which are way more sensitive than ours. 

He also added that he experienced weird and unusual things with cats which made him wonder if cats can see ghosts, as he believes in the spirit world.

Furthermore, another animal behaviorist and communicator named Katherine Bozzi explained how cats and other animals are more open to experiencing some sort of spiritual connection than humans. 

That may lead us to think that cats can actually see and sense things that we can’t.

To Conclude – Can Cats See Ghosts?

cat and ghost laughing illustration

Our feline friend may often show some unusual and unexplained behaviors that may lead many people to think that cats can see things that we can’t. But is that true? This article provides you with the answer to the question – can cats see ghosts?

There is no scientific proof that cats can actually see ghosts and other supernatural beings; still, some people do believe in that, especially those who have experienced weird things with their cats. 

However, most cat behaviors have certain explanations, and when people think that their cat can see ghosts or communicate with the spirits, it can actually be a sign that your cat is stressed. 

Therefore, you should carefully monitor your cat’s behavior in order to try to discover what triggers that stress and find a way to reduce it.

Cats have remarkable senses, which allow them to sense things that we can’t. For example, they can sense bad energy, illnesses, bad events, and similar things; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a connection to the spirit world.

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