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Stray Cat Wanders Into A Police Station Where He Meets His Forever Human

Stray Cat Wanders Into A Police Station Where He Meets His Forever Human

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Almost every police department in the world is familiar with dogs, but with cats? Not really.

However, everything changed when a stray cat decided to sneak into the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina.

This stray kitty sneaked into this police station looking for some attention and a human companion, apparently.

the cat is lying on the police carpet while the policeman is petting it

After this cat arrived, the police department said:

“This furry feline stopped by VPD West Region to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also.”

After meeting this confident cat, it wasn’t really hard to get along with him. He simply wanted cuddles and attention from every officer there. 

the cat is standing on the table next to the man

The police department warmly welcomed the cat and named him Kingsley. His main goal was to make everyone there feel better.

Besides cuddles and attention, Kingsley also wanted to capture the moments and take selfies with everyone in the department. 

a policeman takes a picture with a cat

His act of posing is remarkable. Here he is posing with one of the officers.

a cat on the lap of a policeman sitting in an armchair

Besides posing and taking selfies, Kingsley loves to snuggle in officers’ laps and provide them with a good purring massage to ease their work.

The police department tried to find Kingsley’s real owners but unsuccessfully. It turned out that he was a stray cat wandering around for years. 

policeman petting a black and white cat

However, he turned out to be a very lucky cat because one of the officers offered to be his paw-rent and provide him with a forever home.

Here’s a photo of Kingsley with his new owner, Officer Brandon Montgomery.

the cat wrapped itself around the man's neck

Apparently, Kingsley is a very smart kitty. He wandered into this police department, knowing that good things were ahead of him. 

Thanks to this kind-hearted officer who took Kingsley in and provided him with a fur-ever home, Kingsley is living his best life now!

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