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This Savannah Beauty Is The World’s Tallest Living Cat But She’s So Much More Than That

This Savannah Beauty Is The World’s Tallest Living Cat But She’s So Much More Than That

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You have probably heard about the Savannah cat breed. These cats are one of the largest breeds in the world, and that’s not surprising considering they’re a crossbreed between a domestic cat and the wild African Serval cat, which probably helped them grow bigger.

So, you probably wonder who is the world’s tallest living cat. 

worlds biggest cat
Photo from: @starcats_detroit

The tallest living cat in the world is a 2-year-old Savannah cat named Fenrir Antares Powers. 

This kitty measured an incredible 18.83 inches which is a new world record, published in the Guinness Book of World Records. I mean WOW! Can you imagine a cat that big?

two big cats
Photo from: @starcats_detroit

Well, I know someone who can and that is Fenrir’s owner, a physician and HIV specialist, Dr. Will Powers. 

I don’t know what Will does to his cats and what he feeds them because Fenrir isn’t the only impressive one in the Power family. 

• Arcturus Aldebaran Powers – this cat is a Guinness World Record holder for the tallest cat ever. While he was alive, he was titled as the tallest living domestic cat.

• Altair Cygnus Powers – this is a Maine Coon cat that holds the Guinness World Record for the living domestic cat with the longest tail. (16.07 inches)

• Cygnus Regulus Powers – this Maine Coon was titled as the living domestic cat with the longest tail, while he was alive.

After the success with these records, Will decided to use this to raise funds for his shelter and help many abandoned kitties there.

When he adopted Fen, he had no idea what would happen. Surprisingly, Fenrir the cat turned out to be very popular for his height as he’s a bit taller than the average Savannah cat. 

cat climbing on shelf
Photo from: @starcats_detroit

However, despite his exotic appearance, Powers describes his beloved Feline as a lovely and friendly cat who also helps him with his patients. Is there anything about this cat that’s not fascinating?

Dr. Will Powers even talked about Fen and his other cats in a video interview and he said: “He’s such a big and lovable cat.” 

He also said that Fenrier is still growing, and that his current size can often frighten people. However, when he explains how friendly Fen actually is and that he even works as a therapy cat, people are dying to meet him. 

big cat sitting outside
Photo from: @starcats_detroit

In this video, Will also shares a touching story where he lost his cats due to a fire in his house and he had a very hard time while recovering. 

Luckily, after adopting Fen and Cygnus’ brother he managed to heal and now is living a happy life with six cats. Here you can watch the whole interview and enjoy this beautiful story.

So, what do you think is the recipe for his success? I would say that it’s a lot of love, affection, and commitment that he provides his sweet kitties with!

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