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Couple Discovers Three Kittens Abandoned In A Box And Couldn’t Bear Leaving Them Alone

Couple Discovers Three Kittens Abandoned In A Box And Couldn’t Bear Leaving Them Alone

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Last year I was talking to my wife about getting pets, preferably a cat. We hadn’t had a pet in a while, and I thought we were ready, but she wasn’t so sure.

Well, I think the universe was on my side this time…

One day, soon after we had this talk about adopting a pet cat, we were out having lunch and while we were walking back to our car we saw three little kittens abandoned in the parking lot. We didn’t have the heart to leave them.

little kittens in box

They were in an overturned box, hiding away inside. We didn’t think twice about it, I just picked the box up and put it below the passenger’s seat in our car. We picked up some kitten food on the ride home, and that’s how our journey started.

kittens lying in box

Three Little Kittens

At first, we were really worried. My wife wasn’t sure we could handle the obligations that came with having three little kittens and taking care of them. They were very scared; for the first couple of nights, they wouldn’t come out of the box.

We took the kittens to the local vet, and he informed us that everything was fine, except for one kitten who had feline conjunctivitis and needed to be treated. I was ready for that! 

rescued kitten

The vet gave me eye drops and said that if the kitten was not better by the end of the week, I should bring him in and they would start antibiotic treatment. 

We all hoped that the eye drops would work because he was super tiny, and the antibiotics would just weaken his immune system. 

I didn’t worry, I listened to what the vet told me and prepared myself for the job! I would always separate this kitten and feed him separately after I had given him his eye drops. After just one day, he started eating like the healthiest kitten alive!

petting rescued kitten

Fortunately, everything was fine! The eye drops worked and our little buddy was doing just fine in a matter of days. They all started eating and running around our front lawn, which just warmed our hearts! But then we had the talk…

rescued kittens lying on carpet

Should we really keep all three of them?

Did We Save Them, Or Did They Save Us?

kitten looking up

I mean, how could we not? When they give me this sweet look and when they all curl up together to sleep… it would break their hearts if we separated them. Now that I look back, I just wish I had more pictures of them when they were kittens.

I often wonder, did we really save these kittens, or did they save us from the sad days that we would have had if they weren’t a part of our lives? 

Our days have been full of joy and laughter ever since they came into our lives! I haven’t regretted saving these cuties from that parking lot. What’s more, I’m glad because the person who left them there did not deserve them. 

I remember how small and sick they looked, and just look at my chunky boys now!

three cats laying on concrete tile

I hope you’ll stick around for more stories like this and follow our journey with our cats!

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