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Man Finds A Tiny Kitten Behind A Toolshed Without A Mother Cat In Sight

Man Finds A Tiny Kitten Behind A Toolshed Without A Mother Cat In Sight

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When Jack ventured to the tool shed that fateful day, he didn’t expect to be faced with a situation where he would have to step up as a hero. Here’s what happened. 

As he explored behind the shed, he stumbled upon something quite unusual: a tiny, abandoned gray kitten, without a mother in sight.

The poor fluff was approximately a month old, barely tipping the scales at a pound. He was all alone, left to fend for himself.

cute little kitten laying on back
Credit: Kathy Lyons

Jack scooped up the little guy, brought him home, and reached out to his wife Kathy. Understandably, the kitten was in pretty rough shape. Kathy said:

“He was curled up in a little ball with his eyes squeezed shut. Jack thought he was hurt because he saw what ended up being his one white foot. It’s a miracle he even saw him behind a ladder leaning against the shed.”

Without delay, they rushed him to the vet where they tried to figure out what had happened to him. It seemed as though the poor kitten had taken a dangerous tumble down the cliff, landing behind the shed.

Thankfully, he had no serious injuries. After the vet’s care, Jack and Kathy decided that it would be a good idea to adopt him. They named him Teddy and welcomed him into their humble home. 

tiny kitten biting human finger
Credit: Kathy Lyons

However, Teddy wasn’t the only feline in their household. Two weeks prior to his arrival, the couple actually adopted another cat, Olive. 

Their fervent wish to become cat parents was generously granted – by being doubled!

kitten playing with cat
Credit: Kathy Lyons

When Teddy met Olive, he became instantly attached. In no time, he formed a deep bond with his new sister, much like a kitten would with its mother. 

Olive’s “motherly instinct” was great, especially given the fact that she was still a kitten herself. Kathy shared:

“She smelled him and started cleaning his face right away. She didn’t mind him following her around 24/7.”

The two felines were doing everything together: Whether it be grooming, playing, napping, or exploring every nook and cranny of Jack and Kathy’s home, the two kitties were inseparable. 

two cats in the box
Credit: Kathy Lyons

Since Teddy was still so young, the couple tried to bottle-feed him. However, because he was following his sister all the time, looking up to her in every aspect, it didn’t take him long to learn how to eat on his own

For him, Olive was an excellent teacher and the best older sister he could have asked for.

nice cats in sunlight
Credit: Kathy Lyons

Even though Teddy’s early days were rough, the rest of it was undeniably sweet – all thanks to his forever humans and his lovely sister Olive!

If you’ve enjoyed this heartwarming rescue story as much as I have, feel free to share your thoughts below. Similar tales are also welcome, too – if you happen to have one! I always enjoy reading your comments!

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