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10 Tips To Keep Your Feline Safe During The Spooky Season

10 Tips To Keep Your Feline Safe During The Spooky Season

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Responsible cat parents want the best for their feline friends, meaning that safety comes first. So, as the spooky season is around the corner, I’m sure these following tips will help you a lot. 

Halloween’s festivities may be a haunting experience for our beloved felines. But, don’t worry, you can still have a lot of fun!

You just have to pay extra attention to keep your kitties safe and sound in their homes, and with these valuable tips, that won’t be a big deal!

#1 Take Care Of Pumpkin Carves

cat and carved pumpkin

Pumpkin carves are one of the leading Halloween decorations and they’re a must-have. However, cat parents need to pay more attention. Wonder why?

Well, cats have an affinity for pumpkins, but there are potential risks involved.

Candance Labane-Godfrey, a past president of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, explains:

“Carved pumpkins are prone to developing bacteria.”

To keep your feline friend safe and prevent potential health issues, you can always use artificial jack-o’-lanterns instead and have wonderful Halloween decorations.

#2 Keep The Treats For Yourself

cat in witch pot

Trick or treat is all fun and games until your cat discovers the stash. It would be best to keep your candies and treats out of the cat’s reach, or for example, in a large container. 

Chocolate and other artificial sweeteners are toxic to animals and may cause them severe health issues. 

Moreover, some candy wrappers may resemble toys for our cats. Unfortunately, if the cat chews on a wrapper, it can cause an intestinal blockage which requires surgery. 

Several years ago, one of my cats found a candy with a wrapper, and oh, my heart stopped for a moment. 

Luckily, I managed to take the candy from my cat, and since then I’ve been keeping all candies and treats in glass jars with a lid, so they cannot steal them anymore.

If you wish to reward your feline friend with a Halloween treat, then it would be best to provide it with some of the special pumpkin cat treats or homemade alternatives.

#3 Secure The Electrical Cords

The age-old issue of cats and electrical cords persists, especially during Halloween when fashionable decorations often involve cords.

Some cats, particularly those lacking stimulation, may be tempted to chew on cords, risking electrical shocks. 

If you’re keen on keeping these decorations, use plastic tubes to conceal cords and protect your cat. Additionally, provide your kitty with engaging toys to divert their attention.

#4 Watch Out For The Candles

cat and some Egyptian logos

The spooky season wouldn’t be spooky enough without candles, but their flickering flames can attract your cat’s attention.

Cats, however, are unaware of the dangers and may burn themselves or accidentally knock over a candle, and all of a sudden, everyone is in danger.

Instead of real candles, you can use artificial ones that will add spookiness to your home without risking putting your home on fire.

#5 Use Cat-Safe Decorations

If you’re a cat parent, pay close attention to cat-safe decorations. Dangly strings, tinsel, cords, and similar decorations can pose life-threatening risks to your feline friends. Make sure you avoid them or keep them out of your cat’s reach.

Besides that, you should also be careful with glow sticks. Dr. Tina Wismer, a senior director of veterinary outreach and education for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, notes:

“The sticks and jewelry contain a bitter substance that will make your cat drool uncontrollably.”

She also raised concerns about artificial spider webs, saying:

“Anything long and stringy that your cat can chew on can cause an obstruction.”

#6 Keep The Alcohol Out Of Your Cat’s Reach

cat with witch hat and carved pumpkins

While it may seem strange, it’s true that cats can be attracted to certain alcoholic drinks that contain cream or dairy ingredients. Therefore, you should keep the alcohol out of your cat’s reach. Wismer explains:

“Cats are so much smaller than we are; it doesn’t take very much alcohol to end up with problems.”

#7 Watch Out For The Food

As a cat parent, you probably know that not every human food is safe for cats, as our dietary needs differ. 

However, during parties, food often sits out longer and in various locations around the home, posing a bacterial risk to your cat. Wismer also warns about the dips:

“Dips often contain onions, garlic, or onion powder, which can damage your cat’s red blood cells.”

Therefore, it would be best to keep all the food out of cats’ reach and stick to their regular diet.

#8 Take It Easy With The Halloween Costumes

cute gray cat with castle behind

Halloween costumes, especially matching ones for you and your feline companion, may seem endearing. However, no matter how sweet they are, you should try to resist them.

Costumes may not be as fun to your cat as they are to you. They can be very stressful for some cats, and they could injure themselves while they’re trying to put it off. 

If you wish to see your beloved furry friend in a Halloween edition, it’s safer to provide them with a cozy Halloween blanket or a Halloween-themed toy to play with.

Keep in mind that your cat can freak out if you appear in a scary costume all of a sudden, so ensure you introduce yourself to the cat slowly and properly.

#9 Keep Your Feline Friend Indoors

black cat laying near pumpkins

One of the most crucial steps during Halloween festivities is keeping your feline friend indoors. Nighttime roaming can be perilous, with risks including accidents on roads and freight from fireworks and crowds.

Instead of risking losing your beloved feline, you should keep it indoors, especially at night. 

Provide the cats with a safe place in their home where they won’t be disturbed by constant guests and similar. As Wismer reminds us:

“With doors open frequently, there’s a greater chance of your cat escaping.”

Due to such cases, our cats should also be microchipped in case they escape or go missing. After all, our cats should be important to us, so we should do our best to keep them safe.  

#10 Use A Break-Away Collar 

Finally, here’s good advice from Labane-Godfrey:

“Even if your cat remains indoors all the time, it’s a good idea to make sure your pal wears a break-away collar with ID tags.”

Final Thoughts Before The Halloween Season

cute kitten near spider web

Hopefully, these tips will help you celebrate Halloween as you wish! If you’re careful, the spooky season will be spooky enough for you, but not too scary for your cat.

The most important thing is to keep our feline friends safe, as they’ll be there with us their whole lives, so why risk it all just for a few days of spooky festivities?

Pro Tip: I often organize Halloween-themed parties in one separate room, ensuring my cats are in their comfortable rooms, not being disturbed or exposed to potential risks! Good luck, and happy Halloween, y’all!

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