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Why Are Cats So Cute? 14 Reasons For Incredible Cuteness

Why Are Cats So Cute? 14 Reasons For Incredible Cuteness

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Every cat owner has felt the cute aggression washing over them when their cat does something cute. However, the things we find cute can be vague, or they can be super weird.

Sometimes, cats can just be chilling on the couch, and they stretch out, and we’re all like: Aaaaaawww! I know I do that, and can you imagine living with six cats, and they all have different personalities and they look different?

I feel overloaded by cuteness every single day! So let’s see why are cats so cute and what are the most common reasons that make all cat owners unable to resist squeezing their fluffy feline friends. 

P.s. I hope you’ll like the pictures I’ve prepared for you to be overloaded with cuteness while you read! 

Why Are Cats So Cute?

cute white cat

Cat’s cuteness, according to scientists, stems from their facial features, but if you ask a cat lover, they’ll most likely say that it’s because of the cat’s cute toe beans, fluffy bodies, or large eyes. 

However, from a scientific standpoint, humans are most likely to blame for the appearance of modern cat breeds. Domestic breeding programs have modified the facial features of many popular cat breeds.

A few of them, for example, have squished faces (the proper term is brachycephalic), despite the fact that this facial shape is associated with a variety of health issues for cats. 

As a flat face reduces the space for everything that should fit in there, these flat-faced cats can develop serious breathing, gastrointestinal, and ocular problems. 

Still, people like cute baby faces and cats with this facial structure remain popular. Cats, like human infants, look as though their large eyes are bigger than the rest of their faces. 

Human infants have large heads that appear much bigger than their body size. So, when you see a cat’s face, it is like a part of the brain is genetically programmed to adore what you see.

14 Reasons For A Cat’s Cuteness

cute cat illustration

Certain situations, or simply the things our cats do, make them wildly adorable! 

But before you continue reading to see the reasons why are cats so cute, check out this YouTube video to experience some of the cute aggression I’m currently feeling!

1. Your Cat Is The Boss

Even though we might think we own our cats, it’s quite the contrary! Lol. Cats act like the rulers of the household, and sometimes they’re right. All cat lovers tend to spoil their cats a bit, but we should know when to draw the line. 

It can be difficult to do so because cats are so darn cute. Some veterinary experts also say that when your cat rubs against your leg in front of guests, it’s making sure to let everyone know that you are theirs!

2. We Are Subconsciously Attracted To Them

There are many other animals that were domesticated for a certain purpose, and cats were not. So why do we love them so much that we share almost everything with them? 

Researchers dug around and discovered that the physical characteristics of cats make us want to care for them and nurture them. Some people compare these characteristics to human babies. These include:

• round foreheads

• soft bodies

• big eyes

• cute faces

• round ears

Scientists have dubbed this the “baby schema”, and they claim that these characteristics have a significant impact on our understanding of cuteness. 

If we subconsciously find cats cute, it’s like we’re programmed to want to keep them safe.

3. Cats Love To Be Babied

cute cat love

Cats enjoy being babied, i.e. carried like a baby and snuggled before bedtime. They also act like babies in certain situations. 

For example, when you wear a dangling necklace and carry your cat in your arms, it will most likely paw at the necklace or nibble on it a bit. That is the cutest thing ever, if you ask me!

4. We Are Programmed To Respond To Their Meows

It’s not only the cats’ appearance that makes them cute, it’s their way of communicating with us too. When they need something, cats usually chirp and meow at us. We all know what meows are, and chirps are even cuter. 

Chirping is like a hybrid sound of a purr and a meow. A-do-ra-ble! Cats specifically make these noises when they want food, cuddles, or playtime, for example. 

Cats’ meows are high-frequency, which is similar to the cries of human babies, and human brains are designed to react to them. 

Researchers discovered that even people who don’t own cats could distinguish between normal meows and those when cats are asking for something.

5. Your Cat’s Purring Heals You

I mentioned earlier how a cat’s purrs and warmth help with stress release. As I said, cats’ meows and purrs are at a frequency that ranges from 20 to 150 Hz. 

Researchers have already proven that sounds at high frequencies can be used in therapeutic medicine to aid in the healing of soft tissue and bones. 

This is why when your cat naps and purrs in your lap, it is not only adorable but also very relaxing. Cat owners are less likely to suffer a heart attack or high blood pressure than non-cat owners.

6. Cats Can Sense Our Sadness

woman cuddling with a cute cat

Cats may pretend to be emotionally detached, but they are usually aware of your emotions. Researchers have discovered that when you feel sad or depressed, your cat will approach you, be more cuddly, and rub its head against you. 

This is your cat’s way of expressing love and affection, especially when you’re feeling down. Cats do this to cheer you up.

7. We Feel The Need To Protect Them

That’s just the way our brains function. When we see a cute baby or a cute small animal, our brains recognize these adorable characteristics, and our initial response is wanting to protect them. 

This results in taking care of our beloved feline friends, which releases dopamine in our bodies, making us feel happier than we were.

8. Curiosity… Made The Cat Even Cuter

Yep, I’ve made up a new saying, lol. Your cats are always curious about everything you do. When you bring home a bag of groceries, your cat is most definitely the first one to come and snoop around it. 

Your cat will sniff around anything new you bring into your home, especially if there’s a box somewhere. We all know cats looove boxes!

9. It’s Easy To Entertain Them

Almost anything can interest a cat. There’s no need to buy expensive cat toys to keep your furry friend occupied. However, we all know how difficult it can be to refrain from shopping and getting all those cute things for kitties. 

Cats can easily become addicted to anything we provide in the form of playtime, because of their naturally curious and playful nature. 

Most of us, cat owners, can’t help but smile and think how cute our cats are, just by looking at them playing and being interested in the simplest of things.

10. Cats Love Cuddles, But Also Privacy

woman holding a cute cat

Cats love to play, as I said earlier, but you can’t just approach them and start a game whenever you want it. Cats tend to have a specific time and mood that you need to “respect“. 

It’s the same with us, when you don’t want to play a game of darts, there’s nothing worse than other people still forcing you to do so. The same goes for your cat, if he or she doesn’t want to play at a certain time, you forcing it just makes them angrier.

11. Cat’s Independence Makes Them Cute

Cats make excellent pets because they are typically low-maintenance. They eat on schedule, use the litter box by themselves, and spend most of the day sleeping peacefully. 

What’s cute about it is the fact that most cats look like furry babies, but they’re far more independent than, for example, a Doberman Pinscher.

In case you notice your cat is blinking slowly at you, it’s probably because it’s happy and relaxed. Scientists claim that if you blink back slowly, you’re communicating with your cat. 

Cats are more likely to come to you and blink at you after you have mimicked the blinks yourself.

13. Cats Use Their Meows & Purrs To Manipulate Us

Cats meow in different ways depending on their requirements. They’ll have a different meow when they want food than when they want cuddles and attention. After living with a cat for a while, you’ll be able to tell which meow is for which activity. 

Usually, when a cat wants to cuddle, its meows will be slow and kind of sleepy. Sometimes, cats let out a brief purr with the meow when they’re showing their appreciation for you. 

The easiest one to recognize is the loud meow that your cat will let out when they want to be left alone. You’ll know this because if you don’t stop petting them, the loud meow will be followed by a scratch.

14. Cats Act As If They’re Cleaner Than Us

Cats often believe they’re cleaner than their humans – you know what I mean. Those situations when you go to pet your cat, and he or she is like, “get your paws off me, hooman.” Lol, isn’t that adorable?!

Do Cats Think We’re Cute?

cute cat with a bow

Cats, according to researchers, don’t think their owners are cute. They see human beings, in particular, as large adult cats without fur. The researchers assume this due to how cats interact with and treat us. 

Although many feline behaviors appear incredibly adorable to us, and we sometimes think that something our cats do is more special for us than is for other family members or other cats, cats don’t prioritize between us. 

They treat other cats the same way they treat people; if they want to play, they’ll play. The same goes for their desire to play with us.

Are Cats Aware Of Their Cuteness?

Cats might not be aware of the fact that we find them extremely adorable, or they might simply not care. However, they are more than capable of doing things that will get them what they desire. 

So, maybe they don’t understand the concept of cuteness, but they’re definitely aware that when they behave in a specific way, they will achieve something. They know that certain things they do will elicit the desired response from us, such as a treat or snuggle time.

Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

cute cat face

Now, what you find cute might not be the same for me. A person’s likes and dislikes are specific and can’t be generalized. However, there are a lot of people who love cats and believe that these 10 cat breeds are the cutest!

1. Persian Cat

2. Bengal Cat

3. Munchkin Cat

4. Ragdoll Cat

5. Siamese Cat

6. Egyptian Mau

7. Scottish Fold

8. Birman Cat

9. British Shorthair

10. Maine Coon


cute cat with glasses

Are cats the cutest animals in the world?

Yes. According to science, our feline friends are the cutest pets of all. Cats are the animals with the cutest faces, and after them come ferrets, hamsters, and bunnies. Surprisingly, dogs only came in fifth place!

Why are cats so loving to humans?

Cats appreciate their owners and are aware that their owners are more than just providers of food and shelter. Cats are capable of love, and they do their best to show it, which is why they’re so affectionate to humans.

Cats form strong bonds with their owners, and according to some studies, cats see us as a safe haven and seek us out for security and safety.

Why are cats so popular?

The most popular thing about cats is the fact they’re low-maintenance. Especially compared to dogs, cats don’t need to be taken on several daily walks, they don’t require formal training sessions, and they basically clean themselves.

Why do people enjoy spending time with cats?

Cats relieve stress! It is a well-known fact that cats reduce anxiety and stress, which is the number 1 reason why they’re good for our health and one of the many reasons a cat person (like myself) likes to spend time with them.

I believe all cat owners understand how a few minutes of petting or playing with their cat can transform a bad day into a good one. According to numerous scientific studies, a cat’s purr can also calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure.

Final Thoughts On Cats’ Cuteness

Scientists claim that we’re drawn to cats’ cute faces and their inability to protect themselves, just like we feel for human babies. 

Then there are cats’ funny likes or dislikes, pet peeves, or simple things like purring or meowing that make them adorable.

There are many reasons why are cats so cute, and I, for one, have experienced them all!

To conclude: cats are cute! We all know it, but I hope that these reasons help clear it up a bit, so the next time you get overwhelmed by cuteness, you’ll at least know why.

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Why Are Cats So Cute 14 Reasons For Incredible Cuteness

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