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Pet-Friendly Hotels To Look For If You’re Traveling With Your Cat

Pet-Friendly Hotels To Look For If You’re Traveling With Your Cat

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While some cat parents leave their kitties in a cat hotel before going on vacation, others cannot imagine going anywhere without their four-legged friends.

Still, that might be a little tricky because, unfortunately, our beloved pets aren’t welcome everywhere. So, I did a little research and found pet-friendly hotels in several different locations, three of which are in the United States!

Check them out:

1. Le Bristol

the sweet sword stands under the Christmas tree and the package
Photo from: @lebristolparis

If you decide to visit the famous city of love with your furry friend, then worry not as we have the perfect place for you. 

Le Bristol is a luxurious hotel that neither you nor your cat will ever want to leave. This pet-friendly hotel will also provide your pet with the essentials and make sure you enjoy your time there.

2. Fairmont Hotel

the dog lies in the arms of the woman in the hotel room
Photo from: @fairmontvan

If your path leads you to this nature-loving city, then I suggest checking in to the Fairmont Hotel as it’s the perfect place to enjoy with your furry friend at a reasonable price. What’s even better is the welcome they extend to both human visitors and their four-legged friends.

3. The Ritz-Carlton

the dog is sitting on the couch in the hotel room
Photo from: @ritzcarltonnycentralpark

Another luxurious hotel that is perfect for pet owners and their pets is The Ritz-Carlton, located in New York. It’s perfectly suitable for dogs and cats who even get special treats and other essentials upon their arrival so that they can have a nice time in the hotel.

4. The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel in Boston will definitely leave you speechless with its historical and modern design. However, the thing that will make many cat parents happy is the fact that this hotel is pet-friendly too. 

Dogs and cats are more than welcome in this hotel and before you get there, you should know that special treats are waiting for your canine and feline friends.

5. The Langham

The Langham
Photo from: @langhamsydney

The luxury hotel Langham prides itself on being pet-friendly. It’s suitable for smaller dog breeds and cats and they make sure the service is on top for both you and your furry companion.

6. Belmond Reid’s Palace

Belmond Reid’s Palace
Photo from: @belmondreidspalace

In case you want to go further away from the US, Belmond Reid’s Palace is a perfect luxury hotel where you can enjoy the views with your furry friend. This place is magnificent, but just wait ’til you see their service.

7. Kimpton Hotel Monaco

a beautiful cat is lying on a white bed sheet
Photo from: @monacosea

I saved the best for last! According to the Kimpton Hotel’s policy, every pet that can fit through their door is welcome to their hotel. 

Of course, they don’t mean literally, but this is one of the most pet-friendly hotels you’ll ever find. Plus, it’s located right here in Seattle!

Although dogs are the most common pets, felines are welcome too.


After checking out this list of pet-friendly hotels around the world, I hope that it will be much easier for you to get packed and head on an adventure with your feline friend.

Still, I understand that some cats are shy and not adventurous, therefore traveling may not be the best option. In that case, it would be better to leave the cat supervised at home or in a cat hotel. It’s up to you to decide; after all, you know your cat best!

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