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UPS Driver Heard Unusual Sounds From The Back Of His Truck, So He Went To Investigate

UPS Driver Heard Unusual Sounds From The Back Of His Truck, So He Went To Investigate

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The morning route took an unexpected turn for this UPS driver after he heard unusual sounds coming from the back of his truck.

Curious, he decided to investigate, not realizing his day was about to get much more interesting.

a hole in atruck
Credit: Barry

One day, Barry, a UPS driver from Illinois, went on his regular morning route. After pulling up to a customer’s house, he entered the rear of his truck and heard a strange sound, similar to a cat’s meow. 

In a hurry, he initially ignored it and went back to work. However, at his next stop, he heard the same sound again, prompting him to investigate.

cat in a truck
Credit: Barry

Despite the persistent meowing, Barry couldn’t locate the cat. He explained in an interview:

“I got down on my hands and knees on the ground and heard it louder from the rear wheels.”

cat went out from a hole in a truck
Credit: Barry

Barry finally figured out the cat was stuck inside the truck’s structure, so he immediately made a rescue plan. He continued:

“I borrowed a screwdriver from the customer’s house I was at and opened a service panel, and he popped out.”

cat looks at hole
Credit: Barry

Once Barry opened a service panel, a friendly cat came out with a tail held high. He rubbed against Barry’s legs as though he was expressing gratitude for saving him. Barry added:

“I have no idea how long he was there, but he was soaked from road grime. He was a very nice cat, rubbing up on my legs and very happy to be out of the spot he was stuck in.”

With nowhere else to go, the wet cat refused to get off the truck. He was determined to stay on board and continue the journey with the driver who rescued him.

cat sitting on the cardbox
Credit: Barry

Barry was surprised by this unexpected passenger on his truck, but he refused to give up on him, despite his cat allergies.

He nicknamed the cat Buddy and continued his journey to a vet’s office to have him examined. On the way, Buddy was busy exploring the inside of the truck, until he finally nestled atop a large box. 

cat walks in a truck
Credit: Barry

Barry described Buddy as calm and the perfect co-driver, saying:

“He kept me company. Once we started down the road and started delivering again, he stayed right there on the box until we reached the vet’s office.”

At the clinic, the vet determined that Buddy had breathing issues and provided him with the necessary medical treatment. Later, he was taken by Friends Forever Humane Society in Illinois.

cat looking up
Credit: Barry

Barry was happy that Buddy ended up in good hands, knowing he’d find a new home once he completely recovered.

Although the day began as a regular workday, it turned into a memorable rescue mission that Barry won’t soon forget.

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