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Top Reasons Why Your Cat Is Completely Obsessed With You

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Is Completely Obsessed With You

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You’re going to the kitchen to grab a quick snack and yes – there it is – your cat is following you… again. You’re using the bathroom in the morning and yes – there it is – your kitty is scratching the bathroom floor… again. You shake your head and say: My cat is obsessed with me…

Your cat being attached to you is a good thing, but being absolutely obsessed with you is not healthy – for you, or your pet! One possible reason for this cat behavior might be that your kitty has separation anxiety, or it could simply be a typical behavior for your cat’s breed.

I’m sure you are happy that your cat is so fond of you and enjoys your company. However, it is possible for your cat to be “too fond” of you and to enjoy your presence too much, to the point where it is having a negative impact on one or both of you..

Continue reading to learn all about the signs of an overly-attached cat, the possible reasons behind it, and most importantly, what you can do to encourage some independence in your furry friend!

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me – What Should I Do?

There is a common misconception that cats are solitary animals and do not like human company. I’m sure you know by now that this is definitely not true. Yes, cats do like their privacy and alone time, but they also want – and need – the company of their owners and other household members.

There is a limit for everything, and the same goes for your kitty’s love of your company. There is such a thing as too much love and attention, to the point that it is not good for your kitty, and not good for you.

If you have ever asked, ‘Why is my cat obsessed with me?’ then you will be keen to get some answers. But first – let’s work out if your kitty just likes your company or is truly obsessed with you. Read the signs below and decide for yourself!

Signs Your Cat Is Obsessed With You

Woman playing with a cat

If you aren’t sure whether your kitty deserves the label “overly attached” or “obsessed”, then check out the following signs of a cat that is truly obsessed with their owner. If your cat is ticking every box on the list… you have your answer!

Most common sign your cat is obsessed with you are:

🐾 You’re constantly watching your every step (so you don’t step on your cat by accident).

🐾 You can’t even walk normally anymore (you’re constantly tripping over them).

🐾 Your cat is always scratching you (trying to get your attention).

🐾 Your cat always wants to cuddle and knead their paws on you.

🐾 Your cat doesn’t eat if you’re not around.

🐾 Your cat takes over your space (hogs your blankets, pillows etc.).

🐾 You can hear your cat’s meowing even in your dreams (that’s how much your cat’s meowing around you!).

🐾 If you’re laying down, your kitty is laying down.

🐾 If you’re up in the kitchen, your kitty is right there in the kitchen with you.

🐾 You can’t even pee without your cat scratching the door.

🐾Your cat is very clingy (or jealous!) when you have friends over.

🐾 Your cat is extremely territorial and protective around other pets.

🐾 Your cat hates it when you leave home to go outside.

🐾 Your cat always comes to your bed even if you aren’t keen on it.

🐾 Your cat is not very friendly when someone else is close to you.

The fact that you are even asking yourself Why is my cat obsessed with me? is a clear sign your kitty might be overly attached to you
Of course, there are many more signs your kitty is obsessed with you, these are just the most common ones!

11 Reasons Why And How To Solve It

Let’s get started!

1. Your Kitty Might Have Separation Anxiety

woman relaxing with her ginger tabby cat

Separation anxiety is a condition in which a cat experiences anxiety and stress whenever they’re separated from their owners.

The results of a study published in 2019 showed that “cats show a similar capacity for the formation of secure and insecure attachments towards human caregivers previously demonstrated in children.”

Some cats form excessive attachments to their owners, so that when they are separated from them (for example, when the owners go to work) they may engage in troubling behavior such as:

🐾 crying and meowing

🐾 not eating

🐾 excessive self-grooming

🐾 destructive behavior

This may not happen every time the owners leave the home but a cat with separation anxiety will more often than not display signs of anxiety or distress when separated from the people they are closest to. Cats stop displaying these behaviors as soon as they are reunited with their owners.

If you suspect your cat is obsessed with you, it may be that your cat is actually experiencing separation anxiety whenever you’re not around.

So when you are around, they don’t want to leave your side for a second.

What Can You Do About It?

Separation anxiety is not something that can be solved in a day or two. Some cats never quite get rid of their separation anxiety, but their symptoms do get significantly less severe.

Some things you can do to help reduce separation anxiety:

🐾 Make sure your cat has a few sources of entertainment in the house, such as cat toys, scratching posts, or a cat tree.

🐾Put your cat’s food in an interactive cat-feeder, to turn eating into a rewarding game for your cat.

🐾 Get a pheromone diffuser – they’re known for their calming effect.

🐾 Leave the radio or TV on when you go out, so there is some noise in the house.

🐾 When you come home, dedicate some time to your cat.

It’s important to dedicate some time to managing this issue, as it can be resolved with proper training.

2. Your Kitty Was Separated From Their Mother Too Soon

young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes

Sometimes a kitten is taken away from their mother too soon. This may be because someone decided to adopt them before they were ready.

While this person probably meant well for the kitten, removing the kitten from its mother before the kitten is at least 8 weeks old is bad for the kitten. Some say they should stay with the mother up to 14 weeks old.

If your kitten was separated from its mother too early, it’s possible they’ve made a strong attachment to you because they see you as a kind of surrogate mother.

Kittens that have been separated from their mother too early may also display the following behaviors as adult cats:

🐾 Playing way too rough

🐾 Difficulty adjusting to a new environment or coping with change

🐾 Litter box issues

What Can You Do About It?

If the reason for your cat’s obsession with you is because they’ve been separated from their mother too soon, you will have to deal with the problem as a whole. Obsessiveness with its owner won’t be the only sign – the problem will manifest in other ways (such as aggressiveness, difficulty adjusting, etc.).

You will need to tackle each issue on its own and remember to be patient! This is not something that can be solved in a matter of days, so please allow your cat time for progress. A cat behavior expert may be able to offer you tailored advice for your pet.

3. Your Cat Doesn’t Feel Comfortable In A New Environment

cute playful kitten in the arms of a girl

Cats are creatures of habit and there’s no changing that. If their routine is altered in any way, you will see your cat’s body language and behavior completely change.

You may see your cat get stressed when:

🐾 Moving house

🐾 Changing the location of the cat litter box in the home

🐾 A female cat not liking the presence of male cats

🐾 Not liking the company of other pets or guests in the home

If your cat doesn’t feel comfortable in a new environment, they will seek refuge in the only place they know will always be perfectly safe – you and your presence!

You can’t blame your cat for that, can you? Don’t worry – your cat’s obsessiveness with you will not last for long! It will last only until the guest leaves or until your kitty gets used to a new pet or settles into its new home and establishes its territory.

What Can You Do About It?

You need to make sure your feline friend feels safe in the new environment. Don’t push them away from you, as that will make them feel completely isolated from you and contribute to the anxiety.

Just be patient, give them attention and their own space, and your cat will soon get used to the new pet or new home.

4. Your Cat Has Been Through A Lot…

Young woman and cat on sofa in the room

It is well known that cats are able to experience emotions (not as complex as humans, but nevertheless they are certainly present).

Another reason that your kitty may be obsessed with you can stem from traumatic or unpleasant experiences that your cat has had. In a way, you’re their safe place.

This may be the case if you’ve adopted a stray cat. Most stray cats go through some bad experiences, such as being kicked out of a home, being attacked by other cats and dogs, or humans not treating them nicely.

When a cat that has been through a lot finally finds a safe home, it’s understandable that they may get very attached to their new owners.

What Can You Do About It?

A clingy cat that is obsessed with its owner because it helps them to feel safe is a sad situation. However, it isn’t an excuse for unwanted behavior.

Obsessiveness is not healthy for the cat as it can result in destructive behaviors when the cat and the owner get separated.

The best thing you can do is to slowly encourage independence for your cat. For example, you don’t have to cuddle for hours daily – you need to start by cutting that time short.

If you’re using the bathroom, don’t let your cat go inside with you.

These are little things you can slowly incorporate into your daily routine and after some time, your kitty will get used to it and become less clingy.

5. Your Kitty Might Be Sick

The sick cat slept and had a blanket covered on the bed

If you’re wondering Why does my cat follow me around? more than usual, you might mistake your cat’s behavior for being obsessed with you.

Yet it can mean something completely different – it may be that your kitty has some health issues you’re not aware of!

It is well known that cats are wonderful at hiding pain. It is possible that they’ve been hiding illness for a long time before symptoms start to be obvious (too intense for the cat to hide anymore). So, if your cat has been following you around all the time lately, it’s possible it’s trying to say, “Hey, I’m a bit sick”.

This is probably not something you expected to read, but it is a possible reason for your cat acting overly-attached to you.

What Can You Do About It?

If you observe some other signs your has not been feeling well, such as:

🐾 Not being its “energetic self”

🐾 Sleeping more than usual

🐾 Having a loss of appetite

I suggest you visit a vet. That’s your safest and best option, as it can put your mind at ease and help your cat with their potential health issues.

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6. Your Cat Just Wants Attention

Woman playing with a cat

Let’s look at some more light-hearted reasons as to why your cat is obsessed with you.

There is a perfectly simple explanation – your cat just wants your attention! Some cats are very independent, while others thrive on their owner’s attention. They absolutely love being cuddled and petted and demand attention from their owners all the time.

A thorough explanation here is not really needed – your kitty wanting attention may be just their personality, with no underlying trauma causing it.

What Can You Do About It?

If you’re really bothered by your kitty wanting attention all the time, you can start slowly introducing some changes in your daily activities.

Don’t give your cat your undivided attention 24/7 and your kitty will eventually get used to it.

7. It’s In Your Cat’s Genes

Small cat with toy ball

Some cat breeds are known to get more attached to their owners than others. Some of the most affectionate cat breeds in the cat world include:

🐾 Ragdoll

🐾 Persian

🐾 Maine Coon

🐾 SIamese

🐾 Oriental Shorthair

🐾 Abyssinian

These cat breeds tend to be very affectionate and cuddly. They love spending time with their owners and other household members. Because of this, they make for great family pets!

On the other hand, these cats might not be the right choice for people that don’t spend a lot of time at home or want a more independent pet.

What Can You Do About It?

If you are not ready to offer your cat the attention they want and need, it’s best to not get a cat that requires a lot of attention.

You will not be able to change your cat’s personality, so any training you might do, with the aim of making them less attached to you, will not work.

I suggest you either accept your cat as they are and make adjustments to suit their needs, or give them up to someone that will accommodate their “demands”. I know it might sound harsh, but having a sad kitty at home does not make anyone happy – not the cat and not you.

8. Your Cat Is Bored All The Time

ginger cat sleeping on the bed

Another possible reason for why your cat is obsessed with you may be that your cat is constantly bored.

Cats need both physical stimulation and mental stimulation.

If your cat does not have enough of either of these, they will most certainly find other ways to keep themselves stimulated. It is highly likely that you’ll become their source of entertainment, especially if you don’t have any other pets in the home.

If your kitty is bored, it’s possible that every single thing you do will become interesting for them, so they’ll follow you around to see what you’re up to and join in.

What Can You Do About It?

I think you can already guess, but the key is to make sure your kitty is not bored! That means providing both physical and mental stimulation. A good way of doing this is by getting your cat a cat tree or some other toy they’ll enjoy. Also, make sure to devote at least 15min a day for a playdate with your kitty.

If you really don’t have a lot of time, consider getting another pet – it will be a bit more difficult taking care of two cats, instead of one – but they’ll provide company for one another and both will be happy!

9. Your Kitty Wants To Comfort And Cuddle You

young woman kissing her cat

A study published in 2020 has shown that cats have the ability to perceive human emotions. Of course, pet owners have known that for a really long time, but now it’s scientifically proven too!

Cats can pick up on our emotions, so if your kitty has been obsessively following you everywhere, it’s possible that they just want to provide you with some comfort if you’re feeling down.

If this is the reason your kitty has been following you around, I think it’s pretty sweet. Your furry friend loves you and they’ve sensed that you might be sad. They know that snuggles are a sure way to make you feel better and that’s exactly what they want to do!

As you might expect, this should not be a long-term behavior, but rather a short-term thing while they are sensing your distress.

What Can You Do About It?

Don’t push your cat away. That’s not a good thing, as your cat will feel completely isolated when they’ve just been trying to do a nice thing for you.

10. Your Might Have Spoiled Your Cat

Young woman playing with cat in home

Cat lovers, I know how hard it is to say No to your beloved pet. Your cat can become your best friend in such a short period of time, and you are very likely to form a strong attachment to your pet.

Let’s be real, there is a good chance you might have spoiled your cat. This is especially true if you’ve had them since they were a little kitten and you’ve got them used to daily cuddles, and spending a lot of time together.

Letting your cat lick your face, listening to them purring, enjoying their slow blinks, purrs and meows – your cat being obsessed with you might be your fault! If you’re a true cat person and you’re used to this kind of relationship with your kitten, then don’t be surprised if your kitten becomes a clingy adult cat!

What Can You Do About It?

If your cat’s clinginess really bothers you, there are a couple of things you can do, such as slowly reducing the amount of attention you give your cat. Your cat will, after some time, get used to it.

If you don’t mind having a clingy cat, then you know what they say: Don’t fix what’s not broken!

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11. Is Your Female Cat Pregnant?

An orange cat lying under a sofa

A cat being clingy all of a sudden can be an indicator your cat is going into labor! This might not be something you expected to hear – but it’s true!

First-time mothers might be a bit confused, anxious, or stressed when going into labor. Contractions are something they‘ve never experienced before, so don’t be surprised if your cat seeks comfort in your presence.

This is a clear sign your kitty sees you as someone they trust and they know you’ll take good care of them. Also, you being there is a positive thing because of the risk of potential health issues the mother cat or her kittens might experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Want To Be With Me All The Time?

The reason for your cat always wanting to be with you can be any of the following:

🐾 Separation anxiety

🐾 Early separation from the mother

🐾 Not feeling comfortable in a new environment

🐾 You being their “safe space”

🐾 Kitty being sick

🐾 Wanting attention

🐾 Their breed personality

🐾 Being bored

🐾 Wanting to comfort you

🐾 Labor starting

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Obsessed With Me?

I know it can be a bit strange having your cat become obsessed with you all of a sudden, but there are a few possible reasons as to why that might be the case.

Answering the following questions might help you find the cause of your cat’s sudden obsessiveness:

🐾 Have you moved homes recently?

🐾 Did you get a new pet recently?

🐾 Did a new person move in?

🐾 Have you welcomed a baby into your home recently?

🐾 Have you changed the location of your kitty’s litter box?

🐾 Has your cat been attacked recently?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it could be a possible reason for your cat’s odd behavior.

The situations mentioned in the questions above are known to cause stress and anxiety for many cats. And if a cat is stressed, it’s very likely they’ll come to their owners to seek comfort.

What Should I Do If My Cat Is Obsessing Over Me?

Beautiful woman at home holding and hug her lovely fluffy cat

The best thing you can do is to slowly start making your kitty more independent.

To do this, gradually change little things in your routine, so that your cat has time to accept them. Eventually, your cat will learn what the boundaries are and will respect them.

If you succeed, you’ll no longer have to worry about leaving your cat at a friend’s house to go on vacation…

What Can I Do To Stop My Cat From Being Clingy?

This is what I suggest you try if you want to stop your cat being clingy:

🐾 Set boundaries – your cat doesn’t need to go to the bathroom with you, just shut the door.

🐾 Make sure your cat gets enough physical and mental stimulation.

🐾 If you’ve just moved homes, give you cast space and allow it to adjust.

🐾 Don’t cuddle with them all day every day.

🐾 Consider getting another pet to keep your cat company.

In Conclusion

I hope you now have an answer to: My cat is obsessed with me – What should I do?

Your cat being obsessed with you might be a potential problem, as it is not good for you nor your kitty. There should be boundaries when it comes to how much your cat is attached to you. They certainly should not be scratching the door just because you’re using the bathroom for a minute or two, for example.

If your kitty’s obsessiveness becomes a problem, you need to try solving it as soon as possible. Finding the cause of your cat’s excessive clinginess will be your first priority, and then you will find the most appropriate way of dealing with it.

Some cat owners love the fact that their furry friends are obsessed with them, and if you’re one of them – you don’t have to solve anything. As long as you and your cat are happy – that’s all that matters.

I hope you liked reading this article, have learned something new, and that you’ll start applying some of the advice you’ve read!