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Why Does My Cat Not Sleep With Me Anymore? 7 Reasons

Why Does My Cat Not Sleep With Me Anymore? 7 Reasons

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Most of my cats sleep with me; I guess it’s because they feel comfortable and secure sleeping near me. But, if you wonder, ‘Why does my cat not sleep with me anymore?’ Don’t let that confuse you; it still loves you. 

Cats carefully choose who to sleep with, and look for the sleeping arrangement that suits them best. That’s just the way cats are.

I have collected some of the common reasons for this problem. So, if you want to find out what might have disrupted your relationship with your cat, read on to discover some possible solutions that will help you two get back together!

Reason No. 1 – Your Cat Has Found A Better Place

ginger cat sleeping on the bed

According to the Oakland Veterinary, cats sleep around 15 hours a day, and they always look for warm and cozy spots. Most of them are used to a particular routine, just like my kitties.

Still, they change their preferred sleeping spots frequently, especially if they have more than one.

If your cat stops sleeping with you, don’t be sad. If it likes changing sleeping spots frequently, maybe the next stop will be your bedroom again!

What To Do?

If you want your cat to start sleeping with you again, all you need to do is try some of the following things:

• Try putting a cat bed in your room or placing an item where your cat likes to sleep the most.

• Reward your kitty with its favorite treats whenever it comes to your bedroom.

• You can also try using a bit of catnip which will definitely hasten the process and make your feline friend happy. 

Reason No. 2 – Your Bed Is Either Too High Or Too Low

cat sleeping at home

Bed issues may be another reason for your cat not sleeping with you anymore. If you have a young kitten or an old cat who’s not as flexible as before, your bed may be too high for them. Therefore, they will choose another reachable and comfy place to sleep.

On the other hand, cats adore resting in high places due to their natural instincts. In nature, that allows them to hide from possible predators and other dangers, and it also allows them to see everything around them more clearly.

What To Do?

If you suspect that the main reason for your cat sleeping somewhere else is bed issues, try adjusting your bed, and see if things change.

If your bed is too low for your cat, try putting extra pillows or a cat bed on yours to make it feel safer. On the contrary, if your bed is too high, then the best solution would be to buy cat stairs.

Reason No. 3 – The Room Temperature Doesn’t Suit Your Cat

cat sleeping with paw cover its face on white blanket

A temperature that suits you, doesn’t necessarily suit your cats; they usually like warm places. So, if you notice your cat tucking itself under the bed covers, it’s probably cold. 

On the contrary, if it starts looking for another sleeping spot outside your room, it might be too hot in there.

I like sleeping in a colder room, which doesn’t really suit my furry boy Tom. Therefore, he likes to sleep in his cat bed next to the fireplace, and I’m cool with that.

What To Do?

If you think that the room temperature is the main problem, try putting an extra blanket on your bed for cats to snuggle in if they’re cold.

However, during hotter weather, I’m sure they’ll join you in your room whenever you turn on the air conditioner, as they’ll probably feel more comfortable. My cats always do that! 

Reason No. 4 – Your Cat Had A Traumatic Experience

If your cat experienced a traumatic event in your bedroom, for example, an injury; it may start avoiding that place to escape the recurrence of the same trauma. 

In that case, make sure you monitor your cat’s behavior to recognize any symptoms of trauma. Once you find out what stresses your cat, you can help it and reassure it that it’s safe from harm.

What To Do?

If your cat has suffered a trauma, then remember to be very careful and patient. In order to help your cat recover and make it feel safe, you should secure the bedroom and remove any possible stressors. 

Moreover, you should use treats to reward your feline whenever it shows a positive behavior, such as when it ignores the thing that stressed it, or when it comes to your room. That way, your cat will know that it’s doing the right thing.

Reason No. 5 – Your Cat Wants To Be Alone

White cat sleeping on wooden sofa

Sometimes, the reason for your cat not sleeping with you may be because it simply wants to be alone.

In that case, the cat will probably find its own spot that is both comfortable and calm. When my cats want to be alone, they choose unreachable spots, and sometimes I can’t even find them!

What To Do?

If you want your feline friend to return and sleep with you, there’s one thing you can try – give your cat its favorite treats whenever it comes to your bedroom and lays there. 

However, if treats don’t work, then your cat just needs some alone time. In that case, you should give your cat some space and time to relax. Be patient, because it will eventually come back to your bedroom!

Reason No. 6 – Your Cat Is Sleeping With Other Cats/Pets

Even though your cat has been sleeping with you for a long time, sometimes it may leave you for a new pet. 

After meeting a new furry companion and accepting it, they may snuggle with each other in comfortable, warm spots around the house.

If that happens, worry not, and remember that your cat still loves you. You’re just lucky that your two pets get along with each other so well, trust me!

What To Do?

If your cat has left you for another pet, then it’s high time you start spending more time with it. Let it know that you still love it and try to spend more time playing and cuddling with your kitty.

If that doesn’t work, then I suggest you encourage both of your pets to sleep with you, so everyone’s happy! 

Reason No. 7 – You Are Restless In Your Sleep

young woman laying in bed at night

Are you restless in your sleep? If yes, it’s not a surprise that your cat doesn’t want to sleep with you.

Just imagine your feline making itself comfortable, trying to sleep, and you kicking it around and moving all the time.

Cats want peace when they sleep, so they may look for another comfortable, calm place where they can nap peacefully. 

What To Do?

If you’re restless in your sleep but desperately want your cat to sleep with you, then you should try creating a safe, cozy spot for your cat on your bed. 

You can put a cat bed on the bed or secure a specific area with a blanket. That way, the cat will be able to sleep without getting kicked in the middle of the night. 

A Friendly Reminder…

All in all, if your cat stops sleeping with you, you shouldn’t worry about it, because that doesn’t mean it doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s completely normal for such things to happen to cats. Everyone needs a change, including cats. 

So, worry not; it’ll come to your bed sooner than you think! Just give it some time, or try some of the previously mentioned solutions!

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