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Why Does My Cat Not Sleep With Me Anymore? Possible Reasons

Why Does My Cat Not Sleep With Me Anymore? Possible Reasons

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There are many cat owners whose feline friend sleeps with them in their bed. Those who aren’t cat lovers might find it hard to understand, but cuddling and sleeping with your cat helps you bond and create a stronger relationship.

If your cat suddenly decides to stop sleeping with you, you’ll probably be confused, wondering why does my cat not sleep with me anymore?

You may have heard this a lot of times, but, it’s not you, it’s the cat! If a cat stops sleeping with you, that doesn’t mean that she has stopped loving you.

Cats are independent animals, and they are very careful when they choose who to sleep with, or they’re just looking for the sleeping arrangement that suits them best. That’s just the way cats are.

So, if you want to find out what might have disrupted your relationship with your cat friend, read on and discover some possible solutions!

Why Does My Cat Not Sleep With Me Anymore? 8 Reasons!

cat sleeping at home

If your cat doesn’t sleep with you anymore, don’t worry, she still loves you. Usually, it’s nothing serious, and she’s just changing her sleeping habits or looking for something that suits her more.

If you suspect it may be connected to certain health issues, make sure you check them over or speak to a vet, just in case. However, there are other reasons for this behavior, and of course, every problem has a solution.

So, if you’re asking why does my cat not sleep with me anymore, I have collected some of common possible reasons for this problem as well as some advice that will be helpful in getting you and your feline back together!

1. Your Cat Found A Better Place

Cats like to find the perfect, warm, comfortable sleeping spots, and most importantly, they may have many favorite places to snooze. These spots may vary from comfortable beds and couches in the living room to cardboard boxes, cat trees, and similar hidden spots.

Although cats tend to have a particular routine, they can change their preferred sleeping spots frequently, especially if they have more than one.

This might be hard, but you shouldn’t feel left out if your cat’s choosing to sleep in different places. If she likes to change sleeping spots frequently, maybe the next stop will be your bedroom again!

2. Your Bed Is Too High

Bed issues may be another reason for your cat not sleeping with you anymore. Often, your cat may stop sleeping with you because your bed is too high.

If you own a young kitten or a cat, your bed may be too high for them, so instead, they choose another comfortable and more easily reachable place to sleep.

Or you may have an adult cat who’s very old and not in such great shape or as flexible as before, and therefore she cannot jump high enough to get on the bed.

So, if your feline is too young, old, or even injured, keep this in mind, and try to help her out. Maybe your furry friend desperately wants to sleep with you, but she cannot tell you!

3. Your Bed Is Too Low

Every cat person knows that every cat loves being up high. That’s why you will always see cats on high trees or up on top of high furniture, or climbing on cat trees, which they adore.

In fact, this is a natural instinct inherited from their wild ancestors. Being in high places allows cats to hide from possible predators and other dangers, and besides that, it allows them to see everything around them more clearly.

So, even if your cat is indoor-only, she still has that same instinct. So, your bed being too low, thus not feeling safe, may be one of the reasons why your cat isn’t sleeping with you anymore.

4. You’re Restless In Your Sleep

Are you restless in your sleep? If yes, well, it’s not a surprise why your cat doesn’t want to sleep with you.

Just imagine it, your feline making herself comfortable, trying to sleep, and you kicking around and moving all the time.

Cats want peace when they sleep, so they may go look for another comfortable and calm place where they can nap, without the risk of being kicked off the bed in the middle of the night.

5. Problems With Temperature

Another reason that might answer your question (why does my cat not sleep with me anymore?) could be because of the room temperature. A temperature that suits you, doesn’t necessarily suit your cats.

Cats usually like warm places, so if you notice your cat laying on you or getting under the bed covers, it may mean that she’s a bit cold.

However, if your feline’s looking for another place to sleep, it may be that your room is too hot, so she’s looking for a spot that suits her more, that’s neither too hot nor too cold.

6. Your Cat Wants To Be Alone

Every pet owner already knows that cats are very independent animals and they enjoy their alone time. So, sometimes, the reason for your cat not sleeping with you may be because she wants to be alone.

When she wants to be alone, she will find her own space that is both comfortable and calm. When she falls asleep there, it may even be difficult to find her!

Besides that, you may have recently got a new pet, who also sleeps in the bed with you. Well, cats sometimes don’t like to share. Therefore, it’s most likely that your cat will leave the two of you alone, looking for another perfect sleeping spot!

7. They Had A Traumatic Experience

When cats experience a traumatic event, they may start avoiding the place where the traumatic event occurred.

So, if something scared your cat in your bedroom, for example if she hurt herself there, she may start avoiding that room. So, make sure you monitor your cat’s behavior in order to recognize any traumatized cat symptoms so you can reassure her that she is safe from harm.

8. She’s Sleeping With Other Pets

If you’re a pet parent to other animals besides your feline, and you see them sleeping together, that might be the reason why she left you!

Even though your cat has been sleeping with you for a long time, after meeting a new furry companion and accepting it, sometimes she may leave you for the new pet. They may snuggle with each other in comfortable, warm spots around the house.

You may feel sad when your kitty leaves you for someone else, but remember that she still loves you, and you’re lucky that the two pets get along with each other so well!

How To Make Your Cat Sleep With You Again

woman relaxing with her ginger tabby cat

If you have wondered why does my cat not sleep with me anymore, as we have learned, there may be several reasons for it. Your cat doesn’t sleep with you anymore because she wants a change, she has issues with the room temperature, or bed height, or she has simply found someone else to snuggle with.

Perhaps she has found another perfect spot or she just wants to be alone. However, every problem has a possible solution.

I completely understand if you want to get things with your cat back where they were. So, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

If you read on, you’ll find some advice on what you should do so that your cat will sleep with you again! So, check it out!

Put A Cat Bed In Your Room!

The first step is putting a cat bed in your bedroom. Create her own space, at least a corner, in your bedroom. Provide your feline with a cat bed, cat trees, and other necessary things that she needs or will enjoy.

With a cat bed, she’ll have a comfortable and soft place to sleep, and she’ll be able to climb up high on cat trees, feeling safe.

Step by step, you can move her bed closer to yours until she starts trusting you completely and joins you in the bed!

Make Her Feel Safe!

It’s very important to secure the place, make enough room for both of you, and let her know that she’s safe with you, especially if she experienced some trauma there. It‘s very important to do this slowly, step by step!

Make sure that there’s nothing that could scare or stress her. You can put a cat tree in the bedroom so that she can climb up and feel safer.

Moreover, use treats to reward your feline whenever she takes a step forward and does something good. This way, she’ll know that she’s doing the right thing.

After some time, your cat will become more confident and will feel more relaxed in the environment, knowing that everything’s going to be alright, especially if you’re with her!

Set The Temperature!

As previously mentioned, if you’re wondering why does my cat not sleep with me anymore, one of the reasons may be because the temperature doesn’t suit her.

Therefore, if you think that that may be the main problem, try adjusting the temperature.

During colder winter days, cats adore warm and cozy places. So, if you want her to sleep with you, you can provide her with a small, soft blanket on your bed where she can snuggle.

However, during hot days she won’t need blankets.. You can try turning on air conditioning or a fan, so that your feline may still enjoy your company while being comfortable.

Don’t Forget The Treats!

Cat Treats as rewards are essential if you want to achieve something with your cat. So, every time your cat comes to your bedroom, or does something positive in general make sure that you reward her.

With positive reinforcement, she’ll soon understand that she’s doing the right things and she should continue to do them!

Create A Routine!

Routine is a very important thing for cats. Cats adore routine, which means that they like their meals to be always at the same time, that you have to respect their playtime, that you should clean her litter box often, etc.

It’s very important to respect your cat friend’s routine because if you don’t, you may confuse your cat. Moreover, disrupting her routine a lot may even lead to some behavior problems.

Fix The Bed Issues!

If the reason for your cat sleeping somewhere else is that your bed is too high or too low, try adjusting it, and see if things change.

If you think that your bed is too low for your cat, try putting extra pillows or a cat bed on your bed to make her feel safer.

On the contrary, if your bed is too high for her, there are a few options, however, the winning solution is cat stairs.

Cat stairs may be the perfect solution if your bed is too high. With cat stairs, your feline will be able to easily climb on and off the bed without a lot of effort. Cat stairs are a real savior, especially if your cat is old, has health issues, or is too small to jump on the bed.

To make it easier for you, here are my recommendation for the best cat stairs that you can find on Chewy:

Armarkat Real Wood Cat & Dog Stairs

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Pet Gear Easy Step

Be Patient!

The most important thing in this process is to be patient and calm! Don’t push your feline and don’t overdo it; things won’t just go back to normal overnight.

Try being calm, instead of stressed, because you don’t want to transfer your negative energy onto your cat.

Monitor your feline’s behavior,and let her know that she’s doing good and that she’s safe.

If you want to attract her to your bedroom more, you can use a bit of catnip which will certainly be helpful in this process, and it’ll make your cat happy.

Spend More Time With Your Feline!

If you want your cat to become closer to you, try spending more time with her. As well as the normal things such as giving her meals and cleaning up after her, make sure that you give her plenty of playtime.

When you ignore your cat, she’ll definitely notice it, and she may let you know it by meowing and producing loud noises.

This is why playtime is very important for cats; it is a way of showing them the love and attention they need, and they’ll be very thankful for that. They’ll even return it to you by cuddling and purring in your lap.


ginger cat sleeping on the bed

What Does It Mean If My Cat Sleeps With Me Every Night?

When your cat sleeps next to you, it means that she cares about you and that you’re her favorite person. She trusts you and she feels safe besides you. Moreover, sleeping beside you makes her feel warm and cozy.

Why Does My Cat Not Want To Sleep In My Bed?

If you’re wondering why does my cat not want to sleep in my bed, there may be a few different reasons; bed issues, temperature issues, she wants to be alone, she’s with other pets, she found a better spot, and similar.

However, if you find the right reason for the problem, you can always find a solution for it.

Why Does My Cat Sleep In Another Room?

Your cat may sleep in another room because maybe she wants a change, or prefers her own space. Moreover, the reason for it may be because she’s looking for a warmer and less stressful place to relax.

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep At Night?

Cats are considered to be crepuscular animals, which means that most of the day they sleep, and they become more active during the night and early morning. Your cat may prefer playtime during the night to sleeping.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me In The Middle Of The Night?

The reason why your cat wakes you in the middle of the night could be because she feels bored, perhaps she is not receiving enough attention during the day, or because she needs something.

Believe it or not, cats have a brilliant sense of smell, therefore some cats may wake you up because they sensed some bad energy or they sensed you’re in danger due to being sick!

Final Thoughts

If you read the article, now you’re familiar with all the answers to the question why does my cat not sleep with me anymore. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean something serious, and it definitely doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t love you anymore.

There are several possible reasons for this behavior and, of course, several possible solutions. In order to get things back to normal, first you need to be sure of the exact reason for your cat not wanting to sleep in bed with you, so that you can try the right solution.

All in all, you shouldn’t worry about it. Even though she’s not sleeping with you anymore, your feline is still there with you.

It’s completely normal for such things to happen. Everyone needs a change, and so do cats. Worry not, she’ll come to your bed sooner than you think, just give her some time!

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