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Tabby Kitten Shows His Wild And Playful Side Earning Himself A Fur-Ever Home

Tabby Kitten Shows His Wild And Playful Side Earning Himself A Fur-Ever Home

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Sometimes, the tiniest creatures can be the fiercest, just like this wild tabby kitten who can’t get enough of playtime. 

However, when young kittens don’t have furry friends to play with, your hand will be the next target, as it did for this sweet furry guy. Now, let’s start from the beginning.

Rescuing The Kitten

cute tabby
Source: fosteringcats

It all started when Brittany, a rescuer from Northern Virginia, received a surprise call. She was at a weekly adoption event, trying to foster kittens, when she had to rush to rescue a lone kitten in the middle of the busy pet store.

But how did the kitten end up in the store? It was quite confusing, but according to the store’s cameras, a woman had carried the kitten into the store in a bag, released it, and left without saying a word. Brittany said:

“I wish the lady would have talked to us or even just left the bag on our table if she didn’t want to talk. We are so full and stressed, but I’ve made room, and he will get the best care I can give him.”

very cute tabby
Source: fosteringcats

Brittany welcomed the tabby kitten with open arms and named him Seymour, due to his unusual rescue mission. 

Seymour was in a completely good condition but had to stay in quarantine for safety reasons. 

Seymour Goes Wild

sweet tabby
Source: fosteringcats

As he settled in, Seymour quickly showed a wild and playful side. But, there was one problem.

As he was in quarantine, he couldn’t play with other feline friends, so the only play buddy he had was Brittany’s hand.

The minute Seymour saw Brittany’s hand, he would puff up, spit, and arch his back playfully. He couldn’t stop playing, not even when he would cross into the “Ouch!” territory. 

angry kitten
Source: fosteringcats

Brittany explained his behavior and highlighted the importance of kittens having feline companions:

“The kitten dumped at Petsmart is a prime example of why kittens need other kittens to play with. He’s very sweet, but he wants to play with me like I’m a kitten.”

However, Seymour isn’t only wild. He also has a gentle side, which he shows when choosing cuddling over playing. Brittany added:

“He makes me laugh every day and is the sweetest, feisty little guy. When he’s not acting (crazy) he’s cuddling in my lap.”

Being so playful, Brittany decided to give Seymour a fish toy, and it turned out to be purrfect. He instantly fell in love with his fish toy and played with it day and night.

Seymour Earns Himself A Fur-Ever Home

confused tabby
Source: fosteringcats

Seymour was so energetic that it was always surprising when he chose to cuddle over playtime or just sit calmly. These moments were extremely rare but certainly precious, which is why Brittany shared:

“Today is a cool rainy day in bed, These are the pictures of Seymour looking calm, but he spent most of the time attacking everything and playing. He is a fluffy ball of pure energy.”

tabby on a bed
Source: fosteringcats

Brittany helped Seymour grow into a wonderful feline companion who later captured the heart of a woman named Heather.

She instantly fell head over heels for this tabby furball, determined to give him a forever home filled with different adventures to keep his playful side satisfied.

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