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Woman Left Surprised After Discovering Who Was Bringing Her Pink Flowers Every Day

Woman Left Surprised After Discovering Who Was Bringing Her Pink Flowers Every Day

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Our feline friends are cute, but some of their behaviors are very strange and don’t make sense to us humans.

For example, cats are known to be remarkable hunters. When they hunt prey, they’ll usually leave it right in front of the door as a gift and a sign of gratitude to you.

cat on patio with flowers

However, this long-haired tabby kitty is one of a kind. 

The friendly cat named Willow loves her neighborhood and makes sure that everyone there is happy. 

cat lying on couch

She loves spending time with her neighbors and usually sleeps at their houses. However, there’s more… 

Willow the cat brings flowers from the garden to her neighbors every day.

photo of cat lying by the window and looking outside

The whole flower thing started when a woman named Rosie moved into the neighborhood.

Everyone in the neighborhood is used to Willow. She comes in front of their doors, meows, and they let her in their house. Most neighbors leave food and water for her too. 

photo of cat called willow

However, Rosie knew nothing about that and was shocked when Willow appeared in front of her house out of nowhere and tried to get in.

cat willow in a card board box

Rosie quickly adjusted to Willow, but right after that, when spring came, Rosie noticed pink flowers all over her garden.

photo of back yard and patio

At first, she thought that the wind had blown them in, but then one of Rosie’s housemates revealed who was behind the pink flower situation. Of course, it was Willow.

cat willow walking up to the patio with flowers

Rosie’s housemate actually saw Willow picking up flowers from the garden and bringing them in front of Rosie’s doors. 

I’m not sure what Rosie did to Willow, but Willow’s acts show how much she loves her.

cat willow with flower in her mouth

Rosie should be grateful for flowers because most cat parents usually receive rodents and dead leaves as gifts in front of our doors. I even got a dead snake several times, so pink flowers are perfect gifts.

flowers on the patio

What’s even better, Rosie’s home looked even more romantic with the pink flowers around it.

Rosie couldn’t imagine a better and warmer welcome to the neighborhood. I believe that thanks to sweet and thoughtful Willow, she quickly adjusted to her new neighborhood.

cat willow bringing flower to neighbor

Willow is so friendly and sweet that she should be kept at all costs. I wish you all had a thoughtful cat like her that brings more flowers and fewer rodents, haha!

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