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Woman’s Heart Breaks After Realizing Why This Cat Was Lying Helplessly On The Ground

Woman’s Heart Breaks After Realizing Why This Cat Was Lying Helplessly On The Ground

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I am always shocked at stories of gunshots and accidents, but besides all the horrible potential outcomes, I am even more shocked that a cat can even get shot.

What kind of person do you need to be to shoot a helpless animal? This is outrageous! I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if something like this happened to one of my cats. Believe you me, I kissed each and every one of them like crazy after seeing this!

Such a cute cat, helpless, lying on the ground and waiting for a horrible end… until this woman came out of nowhere and gave him another chance!

This woman saw a cat lying in the grass beside the road, and she stopped to see what was happening. 

a sad cat lies down after being hit
Photo from: @SassymediaTV

There he was – injured, scared, and in pain. She didn’t think twice but got a blanket and a cat carrier to take him to the hospital.

the veterinarian examines the affected cat
Photo from: @SassymediaTV

Fortunately, she got there just in time and the cat was saved by a life-changing operation. Check out the video on the link below, because I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face.

As you can see, this woman is a professional when it comes to rescuing animals. She picked him up in just the right way and took him to get help. After the surgery, the cat was taken care of and trained to walk again. 

the cat is standing on the lawn with no hair on one part of its back
Photo from: @SassymediaTV

And here we see him three months later…

a sad cat lies under the armchair
Photo from: @SassymediaTV

As you can see, “Mr. Meow” is now a healthy, happy, and incredibly playful cat. I love it when things work out in the end. 

I always try to emphasize the positive, and it is truly amazing to me how many people are doing the best they can to help abandoned, injured, and stray cats, and animals in general. 

I’m just glad that this woman saw this poor cat that day and that everything turned out well. However, this unfortunate story (with a happy ending) got me thinking…

How can a cat get shot? What is going on in our country that I might one day stumble upon a cat lying on the ground having been shot?

Shocking Research

According to the research carried out by Cats Protection, there is an increase in the number of air gun attacks on cats in spring and summer. An increase?! Here’s what they wrote in 2021:

“Our research shows an increase of nearly 50% in the number of air gun attacks on cats in the spring and summer compared to the rest of the year.”

Honestly, I was not aware that this was even happening, let alone that it was such a big problem. This research was done in the UK, but based on the poor cat I saw in this video, these horrific incidents are happening on our doorstep as well. 

I really hope that things like this won’t happen again. There are some folks who claim that shooting cats is the right thing to do to stop overpopulation. I disagree. We can’t just go around shooting cats, that is absurd. Plus, it’s inhumane!There’s a solution to every problem, so there is a humane solution to the overpopulation of cats.

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