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Chicago Woman Shocked To Discover What Was Left Inside A Box On Her Porch

Chicago Woman Shocked To Discover What Was Left Inside A Box On Her Porch

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One day, Elise Hall, a girl from the Chicago Suburbs, noticed a box left on her front porch. Curiosity piqued, she opened the box and found a tiny kitten inside.

Concerned for the kitten’s well-being, Elise hurried to a veterinary clinic. The poor little one needed immediate care due to a large neck wound, which required stitches at the emergency room.

The next day, Elise took the kitten for a thorough examination at the vet’s office. 

“He was so unusual and I just adored his feisty spirit. I described him as 1.3 pounds of eyeballs and sass.”

Throughout this process, the adorable kitten with big, shiny eyes had already captured Elise’s heart, occupying her thoughts constantly.

When the time came to leave the vet and take the kitten to a foster home, it was clear that Elise was the perfect person for the task. 

“It was suggested that I foster him until he was healthy and oversee his recovery, how could I say no?” 

Thus, the little bundle of joy was named Porg, after the cute creature from the Star Wars franchise.

Initially, everyone thought Porg’s distinctive feature was his large eyes, but they soon discovered he also had a rare genetic condition. A skin biopsy confirmed that Porg suffered from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a hereditary collagen defect.

“By this time it was clear, Porg was a permanent member of our family.”

Despite the challenges, Elise felt an instant connection with Porg and already loved him deeply. He became a cherished part of her life, and she couldn’t imagine being without him. 

“It has been quite the difficult learning process finding what has helped keep his skin healthy and safe, but we now have our routine down, and he has been doing great.”

“Clothing has been incredibly important in protecting his skin, so we are always looking for outfits that fit the best and provide the most coverage, while ensuring he is comfortable.”

“He also suffers from some eye disorders, which goes along with his Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but this too is well controlled at the moment with daily eye drops.”

Porg is just a sweet little kitty, unique inside and out. 

Porg, a sweet and unique little kitty, had a hearty appetite and enjoyed all kinds of treats. Just the sound of a snack bag being rustled would make him come running.

“Sometimes we kid he was born to be the head Tom cat on the block because his personality is so big, and he is such a free spirit.”

“He can also be the cuddliest muffin maker and the loudest purrer once he’s met his play quota for the day.”

“We just love him to pieces and hope he brings as much joy to others as he does to our home. He certainly is a special feline!”

As Porg’s online following grew, people became enamored with his adorable face. Thousands of followers shared the joy of seeing Porg’s pictures and updates.

Update: Sadly, after a life filled with battles, Porg passed away. 

His owners shared a heartfelt goodbye note with their followers on Instagram, cherishing the memories they had with him.

“Everyone, it is complete sadness and devastation that we write Porg has passed. It looks like he suffered a catastrophic breathing issue and or clot to his neck, and he was found passed. We knew he was a special boy with many health issues he had faced in his short life, but nothing can prepare us for this moment. We hope you all remember Porg as a full-of-life fellow who never let his illness get him down, and we hope someday there will be a cure for this condition.”

Despite the loss, Elise and Clare, Porg’s owners, continued to share memories of him and raise awareness about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. They wanted to prevent other cats from experiencing such a short life due to the condition.

“Porg was found abandoned and injured in a cardboard box last Fall, we were able to provide him with a safe foster home while he recovered, but it soon became apparent he suffered from a genetic medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.”

EDS can affect animals as well as people and is caused by defective collagen, which is an important structural protein in connective tissues throughout the body.

Elise and Clare welcomed two other cats into their home, cherishing the memories of sweet Porg while also striving to spread awareness about EDS. They hoped to prevent other cats from passing away at a young age.

They wrote in one of their recent posts:

“PS: don’t be sad! Porg was happy and loved while he was here, and we made each day special. He would want everyone to smile and send happy thoughts to him wherever he is.” 

While it was saddening that Porg crossed the rainbow bridge so soon, his owners found solace in the fact that he lived a life filled with happiness. 

They made sure he had all the treats and playtime he desired, and his unique personality truly shone through.

Now, when stumbling upon Porg’s photos online, the sadness is replaced with a sense of peace. Knowing that he enjoyed all the treats and playtime he desired, it’s hoped that he is in a better place, pain-free and happy.

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