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Woman Follows Soft, Squeaky Meows And Gets Ambushed By A Tiny Kitten

Woman Follows Soft, Squeaky Meows And Gets Ambushed By A Tiny Kitten

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While out in nature, you’re constantly exposed to all sorts of unexpected things, some of which are quite treacherous. For instance, you could be ambushed by a tiny kitten and before you know it, you’ve gained a new family member!

photo of tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

That’s exactly what happened to a woman named Cassie. Intrigued by a tiny, squeaky noise coming from the bushes, Cassie felt compelled to investigate further. The high-pitched sound resembled a cry for help, one she couldn’t simply ignore.

As she approached step by step, a dangerous predator jumped out of the ambush and attacked her with the most lethal weapon – cuteness! A tiny kitten, not weighing more than 2 pounds, ran right into Cassie’s arms, meowing with an endearing urgency. 

close-up photo of the kitten
Credit: YouTube

Cassie’s first instinct was to scoop the tiny kitten up and place her somewhere safe. Kitten, obviously eager to be rescued, cooperated from the get-go. As Cassie says in the video:

“She hisses at me at first, and then I pick her up and she melts. And she’s just like “Ugh, finally, thank you! I’ve been out here screaming forever!”

The sweet trap worked perfectly. Cassie, being a mom to several furry companions, was well prepared for such situations and had canned cat food with her!

kitten eating
Credit: YouTube

But for the plan to be fully successful, the kitten had to ensure Cassie didn’t leave her behind. She attacked with full force, following Cassie everywhere and meowing in the cutest and softest way possible. 

Cassie didn’t have a chance against this marvelously executed operation. As she says:

“And the second she runs to me, I knew automatically she was going to stay with me forever.”

tiny kitten lying on couch
Credit: Instagram

Shortly after, the kitten was on her way to a new home, where the rest of the furry family awaited. Meeting a new family would be a stressful thing for someone else, but not for this little girl.

She confidently walked in and lovingly but firmly greeted her siblings, establishing dominance from the first moment. She was ready to throw paws any moment, which she did quite often.

“She’s a character.”

photo of rescued cat
Credit: Instagram

Her charming personality began to shine through and blossomed more each day. With her feisty character, Charm became the source of amusement and joy for her family. Though she arrived so unexpectedly, she brought much happiness.

“I just think that was pure luck of being at the right place at the right time.”

Let this story inspire you to open your heart to love that could come in unexpected ways. And keep a can of cat food with you, just in case.

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