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Woman Shocked After Discovering An Entire Furry Family Trapped Inside Her Wall

Woman Shocked After Discovering An Entire Furry Family Trapped Inside Her Wall

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This woman with a heart of gold, heard a meow and had to act on it! She always went above and beyond for animals, ensuring that they were safe and cared for. 

One day she heard constant meowing coming from the wall and she simply knew that she had to act fast. She had to rescue the poor kitten that was trapped inside.

the cute rescued kitten looks around
Source: Facebook

Even though wall damage was inevitable, she didn’t hesitate to tear it down. The woman was determined to save the kitten that was meowing for help. 

She started destroying the wall and tore it down piece by piece until she could reach the tiny kitten. She pulled him out slowly and carefully, realizing that he was only a few days old, and that his paws were gifted with an extra toe.

rescued kitten in owner's hands
Source: Facebook

The kitten needed care immediately, but the shelter was closed at the time, so she took him to the local pet shop where she knew the store manager. 

She named this cute polydactyl kitten Wally, due to the circumstances in which they met.

It was love at first sight for this woman, and for Wally as well.

kitten with open eyes in owner's hands
Source: Facebook

She was amazed at his polydactyl paws, which only add to his cuteness. She left Wally with the pet store manager, Bobby, since she knew he would foster and take great care of the kitten while she figured things out…

a man caresses a rescued kitten
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The kitten received all the care he needed, while the woman prepared her home to take him in. Meanwhile, she discovered four more white-ginger kittens with polydactyl paws as well, only this time, they were in her garage.

She brought them to Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley, who provided them with immediate care and attention. The woman was determined to find their mother, but she was nowhere to be found…

cute rescued kittens on a blanket
Source: Facebook

However, the woman did not stop until she successfully found the mother cat. It wasn’t hard recognizing her, since she too had polydactyl paws. She was reunited with her kittens, and they were all loved and cared for.

Pets Lifeline ensured that the kittens get quality life. Wally, on the other hand, had it great with his new human mom. He turned out to be extremely affectionate, and playful, and the other cat accepted him instantly. 

a yellow and white cat with her kittens
Source: Facebook

Wally, the tiny polydactyl kitten had no trouble socializing with people and animals. The woman hoped that all his siblings would get so lucky and find loving homes. She loves her little Wally and enjoys his company.

Her heart is simply full of love and care for all animals, especially for her new little furbaby with some extra toes to snuggle and play with.

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