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Woman Pets A Lonely Stray Cat After 2 Years Of Trying But Instantly Breaks Down In Tears

Woman Pets A Lonely Stray Cat After 2 Years Of Trying But Instantly Breaks Down In Tears

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If you see a woman crying after just petting a poor cat, imagine how emotional she got and how she feels sorry for that kitty.

That’s exactly what happened to Amber. After everything that happened, she decided to share Kiki’s story hoping that it would help many other cats to get the chance they deserve. Amber said:

“It breaks my heart to know she’s been alone 10 years without knowing what it’s like to be touched and loved.”

It all started when Amber’s neighbor moved to Texas. Before she left, she told Amber that there was a stray cat that she had been feeding every day, and she hoped that Amber would take over the feeding for her.

cat with black face
Credit: YouTube

Obviously, the neighbor had confidence in Amber, which is why she decided to ask her to take over the feeding. However, little did they know what would happen…

The neighbor first saw this cat when she was just a kitten, and she fed her every night for years. Unfortunately, she never gained her complete trust and couldn’t approach her.

Amber gladly accepted this mission and took it very seriously. She started putting the food out for the cat, but that first shot wasn’t very successful. The cat didn’t want to come anywhere near Amber. 

Kiki was super fearful of humans for some reason. She would notice Amber on her patio and she would just look at her. Amber says that it was clear that Kiki was very nervous and not comfortable at all.

cat looking straight
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, Amber didn’t even think about giving up on this poor feline. She kept leaving the food for her, and every time she did, she would also talk to her. 

Apparently that was of great help; the cat would start meowing and jumping on the wall every time Amber called her. However, it wasn’t very easy to accomplish even this; it took months for Kiki to start feeling more comfortable around Amber. 

cat sitting outdoor
Credit: YouTube

After accomplishing that one step, there was something else that worried Amber, and it was Kiki’s safety. She finally succeeded in trapping her, but was that a smart thing to do? Not really, and Amber realized that later on. 

“I brought her into the barn. After about eight weeks, she found the tiniest crack under the gate, and she was gone…”

cat in thoughts
Credit: YouTube

That made Amber incredibly sad, and she was worried that she pushed it too hard to the point where she ruined all her hard work and effort. Amber added:

“My husband told me, you know, she doesn’t want to be trapped. She’s been living this life for over 10 years. She’s obviously keeping herself safe, just earn her trust.”

cat walking on the wall
Credit: YouTube

So, Amber decided to start all over again, but this time she hoped that she would actually earn Kiki’s trust. She just started sitting far away from her while she was eating, so that she would feel comfortable. She also said:

“I would spend about an hour a day dedicated to just earning her trust. And I slowly started to move closer. I never thought that I would be able to pet her, but it was a goal of mine.”

cat on the table
Credit: YouTube

Amber was dedicated to her goal for about two years until one day, the best thing happened – Kiki finally approached Amber, and she was able to actually pet her for the first time. She said:

“I know it sounds silly, but I started to cry!”

woman petting cat
Credit: YouTube

Amber was sure that Kiki had never had such an interaction with a human before, and she felt so sorry for her. Still, she was happy about the process and how Kiki finally accepted her. 

“The first time I pet her, she was purring and drooling – the best sign of the ultimate affection.”

Apparently, Kiki was never angry or aggressive, she was only scared. But, after interacting with Amber and seeing that she won’t harm her, she completely relaxed herself and went all in. 

big cat
Credit: YouTube

Kiki started to feel so comfortable with Amber that she even started lying on her lap or allowing her to pick her up. She even asked her dad to help her build a house just for Kiki, where she can get in or out whenever she wants. 

serious cat looking straight
Credit: YouTube

They bonded so much, and after all that time, I think it’s actually amazing! Some cats need more time to adjust to new people, and some need less. My young kitty Loo adapted very quickly, but Kiki just needed some more time. Amber also said:

“It breaks my heart knowing that so many of the animals out there are going just a day, let alone 10 years, without knowing what it’s like to be touched and loved and have affection.”

Kiki has definitely chosen Amber to be her person, and Amber is just proud of how she earned Kiki’s trust. She says that it has been one of the most rewarding animal relationships.

strange cat outdoor
Credit: YouTube

What both Amber and I hope is that this inspirational story full of love and commitment will encourage people to help more cats and other abandoned animals and give them the chance they deserve!

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