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Texas Woman Stunned To See Her Neighbors Move Out And Leave Their Seven-Year-Old Cat Behind

Texas Woman Stunned To See Her Neighbors Move Out And Leave Their Seven-Year-Old Cat Behind

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Imagine this: You’re peering through your window and see your neighbors petting their cat one last time before leaving for good.

Well, the woman whose story we’re covering today didn’t have to imagine it – she actually witnessed it!

cat sitting alone
Credit:  mariamontes862

Maria Montes couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her neighbors were moving away from their Texas home and leaving their 7-year-old cat behind

At first, she assumed they would return for the cat once they settled in their new home. However, as days went by, no one came to claim the poor kitty.

All that time, the cat patiently awaited their return, rain or shine, watching the passing cars, hoping one of them belonged to his beloved owners.

Maria shared everything with her TikTok audience:

The people in the comment section were aghast. One person said: 

“I will never understand how someone could do this.”

Another person reflected on their own experience by saying:

“This really breaks my heart, my cat disappeared 3 weeks ago, and I would do anything to see him again… I don’t know how people can just leave their pets.”

During this time, Maria wasn’t just a window observer. She visited her former neighbors’ house daily, bringing food and water for the forsaken feline. 

Her goal was to gain his trust and eventually adopt him. However, the cat was very skittish and kept his distance.

white and black cat
Credit:  mariamontes862

Maria, undeterred, persisted in her efforts. She kept showing up, making slow but steady progress each day.

Despite regular meals, Maria noticed the cat had lost a lot of weight, a result of the stress and anxiety stemming from being abandoned.

cat walking around the house
Credit:  mariamontes862

Thanks to the power of TikTok, the cat’s old owners got in touch with Maria, saying they were willing to come and grab him for her

They never explained why they abandoned him, just informed her that his name was Rolo and that she could keep him if she wanted to. 

cat on the couch
Credit:  mariamontes862

Rolo needed some time to adjust to his new owner. He struggled to get used to Maria’s home and preferred to stay outside. 

However, Maria never gave up on him. She was determined in her mission to provide the care and love he deserved, and a part of that was a vet visit.

Rolo spent four days at the vet, undergoing tests and receiving necessary shots. While he seemed a bit better upon his return, the test results weren’t as hopeful as Maria had wished.

cat on the vet table
Credit:  mariamontes862

He tested positive for FELV/FIV, which meant he had roughly 6 months to live. The vet proposed an option of putting him down, which Maria declined. As she said on her TikTok:

“He is still eating, and playing, and being Rolo, so… As long as he’s fighting, I’m gonna keep fighting.”

And fight they did! With Maria’s unwavering support, Rolo exceeded his six-month prognosis, overcame his abandonment issues, and blossomed into a spirited, loving, and playful cat! Just look at him!

He got his own room he could come in and out of whenever he wanted to, his catio, and toys galore! But most importantly, he finally had an abundance of love he so rightly deserved!

cat playing with toys and human
Credit:  mariamontes862

Rolo lived a wonderful life with Maria. With his feline resilience and courage, he defied the vet’s expectations by staying around for an extra two years before he sadly crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  

By saving Rolo, Maria had given him a second chance at love. Yet, as she said in one of her videos on TikTok, she often felt like he was the one who saved her

I’m so happy Rolo had such a wonderful neighbor who was brave enough to take him in during the worst time of his life.

I just hope he knew he was loved and appreciated, and that by the end of his pawesome life, all the bad memories were long gone. 

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