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Woman Was Both Shocked And Amused When She Woke Up To A Random Cat Lying In Her Bed

Woman Was Both Shocked And Amused When She Woke Up To A Random Cat Lying In Her Bed

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Our feline pals are always up for some mischief, ready to spring a surprise or two and dazzle us with their quirky behavior. 

Today’s star cat could easily take the crown for top prankster in the cat universe. 

And why’s that? This clever tomcat has casually strolled into his neighbor’s apartment and claimed her bed as his own, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world!

black and white cat lying in bed
Credit: Jacey Jonnson

Jacey Johnson, a devoted cat mom to one furry friend and foster parent to two more, thought nothing of waking up with a black and white cat by her side – after all, two of her cats sport the same colors. 

But as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she realized the cat cozied up next to her wasn’t one of hers. Instead, a bold feline gatecrasher had made himself right at home in her bed.  

In an interview with Kent Online, Jacey described the whole scene, saying:

“I rolled over at about 8.30 am thinking alright, time to get up and see what the day brings. And he was just sitting there looking at me, with his head on the pillow. It was quite human.”

Jacey was stunned yet found the situation hilarious! Meanwhile, the intruder cat seemed utterly at ease, as if breaking and entering into a stranger’s bed was just part of a normal day’s work.

cat cleaning itself in bed
Credit: Jacey Jonnson

Initially, Jacey was puzzled. She couldn’t place the identity of the uninvited guest but felt a spark of recognition. 

After a moment, it clicked: She had seen this adventurous cat loitering around her apartment complex on multiple occasions. His name was Felix, a local charmer with a reputation for casually inviting himself into neighbors’ homes. 

Once Jacey connected the dots, she gently escorted Felix, whom she affectionately nicknamed Flearoy, back outside.

Felix, however, was not one to give up easily. He continued to sneak back into Jacey’s apartment through the cat flap she had installed for her own pets. Seemingly content in his new-found hideaway, Felix showed no signs of wanting to leave. 

In an attempt to locate his family, Jacey turned to Facebook, posting a photo of the cheeky intruder. Felix’s picture quickly became a hit, garnering likes and shares from many who found his escapades both cute and comical. 

Fortunately, among the many fans of Felix’s adventure were his actual owners.

cat drinking from toilet
Credit: Jacey Jonnson

Soon after the little incident, Felix’s actual owners showed up at Jacey’s doorstep to retrieve their adventurous feline. 

But before they arrived, Felix had fully embraced his temporary residence. He made himself comfortable on Jacey’s couch, helped himself to her cats’ food, and even indulged in a drink from the toilet. 

Upon their arrival, Felix’s owners confessed that both Felix and his brother were seasoned explorers, famous for their daring escapades. Clearly, this wasn’t Felix’s first rodeo in the world of adventure.

To add to the humor, Felix wasn’t the first unexpected visitor to find their way into Jacey’s home. 

Can you believe it? At one point, she unknowingly hosted six cats who strolled in through the cat flap. Jacey mentioned that when it rains, her place becomes a refuge for many cats seeking shelter.

All these surprise visits got her thinking about upgrading to a microchip-sensitive cat flap. That way, she could finally bid farewell to uninvited feline guests once and for all.

What would you do if you were in her shoes? Would you let these curious kitties roam freely, or would you consider taking the same step Jacey is contemplating? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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