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Video Of A Cat Getting Knocked Down By A Dog Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

Video Of A Cat Getting Knocked Down By A Dog Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

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Cats can be pretty crazy at times, especially when they get the zoomies! But there are cats who are just a little bit quirky and brave in their own way, just like the cat in this video who keeps playfully pawing at the dog, “her worst enemy!”

Cat hitting dog

In a video titled posted by @allaroundave, we can see the cat persistently pawing at the dog, and then everything suddenly stops, and it’s like the dog’s thinking: “Watch this!”

Dog prepearing for his final move

The cat did not see it coming!


😂 Feline Fury: Watch the Dog Sucker Punch the Cat

♬ original sound – All-Around Avenue

This hilarious video quickly gained over 1 million views in just a week. Don’t worry, both the dog and the cat are purrfectly fine. It’s just a playful moment gone slightly wrong. 

Dog hitting cat

And of course, the comments started pouring in…

One user named elleoneder wrote:

“The cat is not going to forget that. Probably sharpening its claws as I type…”

Another user, loureiruwu, wrote: 

“Lmao! He ‘Sparta kicked’ him for views.”


But some viewers noticed the dog’s reaction after the little punch. As one user commented: 

“Dog got scared after knocking him over thought; I should run now” 

Hahaha, I had the same thought! The dog has no clue about the trouble he’s gotten himself into!

As snowy.owl.studios said:

“Cats hold grudges. This isn’t over.”

Absolutely! Hahaha, that dog better be prepared for a rematch very soon. 

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