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Cat Earns A Nickname ‘Gangster’ After Helping Test Shelter Dogs Without Any Fear

Cat Earns A Nickname ‘Gangster’ After Helping Test Shelter Dogs Without Any Fear

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Just like humans, every cat has its own unique personality. Some cats are very dependent and can get easily startled, while others are often independent and fearless.

However, this tabby shelter cat named Cactus takes it all to a whole new level. Thanks to her fearless nature, Cactus has earned herself the nickname ‘gangster’ and the reason might surprise you.

cat and dog at shelter
Credit: TikTok

Recently, the Butler County Animal Shelter in Morgantown, Kentucky, shared a TikTok video that instantly went viral. And guess who’s the main star?  None other than Cactus herself.

The video captures Cactus confidently approaching a huge shelter dog without any fear. While most cats are afraid of dogs, Cactus wants to show them who’s the real boss.

Besides just approaching shelter dogs, she helps to cat-test them to determine which households they’d suit the best, as it’s one of the most important things when adopting a shelter animal.

photo of dog and cat
Credit: TikTok

Many people wonder if it’s actually possible to cat-test a dog. Not only does Cactus prove it’s possible, but USA Dog Behavior Specialists confirms it too. According to them, cat testing is very simple.

The process involves placing the cat in a crate near the dog and monitoring the dog’s reactions. At first, you can expect the dog’s reaction to be positive and negative, but after proper training, it’s definitely worth it. 

It helps train dogs and make them more suitable for adoption, since most adopters prefer cat-friendly dogs.

The entire shelter was left speechless when Cactus approached a shelter dog for the first time. However, she proved to everyone that she’s not afraid of anything.

cactus the gangster cat
Credit: TikTok

Now, the shelter is incredibly proud of Cactus, as she helps them define shelter dog’s personalities. When sharing the video, the shelter wrote in the caption:

“No one is more gangster than ‘Cactus,’ our shelter cat that helps us cat test our shelter dogs. We love you Cactus!”

From the video’s caption, it’s clear that this fearless tabby cat plays an important role at the shelter. Her mission is to cat-test every dog that enters the shelter, and besides helping, she also loves it very much. 

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