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This Sphynx Cat Is Obsessed With Water And He Can’t Resist A Splash

This Sphynx Cat Is Obsessed With Water And He Can’t Resist A Splash

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Most people think cats hate water, from sipping from their water bowls to taking a bath or going for a swim. But, let me tell you, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Cats love drinking water, and they can swim if they need to. The real reason they avoid swimming is that getting their fur wet isn’t their idea of a good time, and they feel much safer on dry land.

Now, when it comes to bathing cats, the secret lies in introducing them to it from a young age. Get that right, and you’ll seldom have any bathtub nightmares.

photo of a sphynx cat
Credit: YouTube

However, when it comes to Cooper, a gorgeous black and white Sphynx cat, water is not a problem at all. 

In fact, it’s more like a passion. His owner, Niklas, said for The Dodo:

“I thought all cats hated water, but instead of escaping from water, he was always searching for water.”

Cooper is so water-obsessed that if he’s missing, all you need to do is follow the wet trail. 

sphynx cat in a sink
Credit: YouTube

Whenever Niklas is dealing with water, whether it’s watering plants or washing dishes, Cooper is right there, trying to sneak a drop or two for himself. Niklas humorously said:

“I can’t even brush my teeth without him playing with the water in the sink.”

Well, I can relate to this because my grandma’s cat used to drink water from the sink. However, she gave up the habit after a few months. 

Cooper, on the other hand, doesn’t look like giving up on water. Niklas remembered the first time Cooper showed interest in water:

“The first time I noticed that Cooper was interested in water was when I took a bath. He started splashing from the edge of the tub. When he hears the water, comes running like a rocket.”

Sphynx cats are nearly hairless felines, and their skin is so sensitive that they require special care. As a result, they need more frequent baths than their furry counterparts.

cat wearing pink life vest
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, Cooper is not one to shy away from bath time; in fact, he welcomes it with open paws. Niklas said:

“When he wants a bath, he always sits near the bathtub and starts talking. It’s like every day.”

Cooper takes a bath twice a month, not because he’s dirty, but simply because he loves it so much.

Besides bathing and water, Cooper also loves bubbles. He’s so excited when he sees bubbles that he won’t take a bath without them.

This water-loving kitty is not just friendly; he’s a bundle of joy, especially when he’s around his beloved water. 

His enthusiasm for aquatic adventures is so infectious that Niklas even got him a life jacket. Why? Well, because Cooper used to escape right into the neighbors’ swimming pools.

Recognizing just how much Cooper adores water, Niklas takes him to the beach during the summer. 

While they might live in Sweden, where the water is far too chilly for a swim, Cooper still revels in the sights and the sensation of playing in the sand. 

Niklas lovingly added:

“He’s the world’s happiest cat when he is in the water.”

If you liked this story as much as I did, share it with your friends and follow Cooper on Instagram for more water adventures.

After all, it’s not every day you come across a cat who’s head over paws for water!

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