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7 Cat Life Jackets That Will Suit Your Feline Perfectly 

7 Cat Life Jackets That Will Suit Your Feline Perfectly 

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Most people think that cats are very boring pets, but they’d be surprised to see how interesting they can be.

The truth is there are different types of cat breeds. Some are calm and prefer cuddling, but on the other hand, some cat breeds can be real adventurers.

Believe it or not, cats can swim when they have to, and some cat breeds are great swimmers and adore other water activities. Some of these cats are the Turkish Angora, Maine Coon, Bengal, Turkish Van, and similar breeds.

If you have a kitty that is crazy about swimming and water adventures, you should know that safety comes first. Because of that, this article provides you with the best cat life jackets for your furry friend and additional information that you should pay attention to.

How To Choose A Perfect Cat Life Jacket For Your Kitty?

a beautiful cat in a life jacket
Photo from: @kayakingkimusen1

Some people may find cat life jackets funny or unnecessary, but a responsible pet parent knows that safety always comes first and that precautionary measures are always a good thing.

This is why every pet that goes on water and swimming adventures should have a pet life jacket or a buoyancy aid, just in case. 

When swimming in deep water, our cats can easily get exhausted, which may lead to bad things happening. With a life jacket, your feline friend will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Choosing the perfect life jacket for your kitty is of great importance, but worry not, as this article will provide you with tips that can help you a lot!

Ensure That The Life Jacket Fits Your Cat Perfectly

The most important thing when choosing a life jacket for your cat is to check out the size guide and choose the right one. 

However, there may be a problem as life jackets for cats are very rare. Luckily, there are many dog life jackets in small sizes, even in xx-small, that may fit our cat’s weight perfectly.

So, the life jacket needs to fit our cats well because if it’s too loose, the cat may slip out of it, and if that happens, it may be a problem. On the other hand, the life jacket shouldn’t be tight either, as cats may feel uncomfortable or may refuse to wear it.

Now that we know the right fit, let’s see how you should measure the cat!

It’s important that you check the size chart of the specific product and ensure you measure your kitty while it’s dry. 

Moreover, you can also visit the pet store along with your cat and try the jacket on it so that you can be completely sure.

All in all, the most important thing is that the life jacket fits your cat perfectly and that it is comfortable and light so that your cat wouldn’t refuse to use it.

Life Jackets With A Neck Float Are A Great Choice

Most cats can handle their body being soaked in water, but touch their head, and you’re dead. This may be familiar to you from bathing sessions. 

Just like that, when our cats are swimming, you should pay attention that their heads are above the water.

If you get a life preserver jacket with a neck float or chin pad, your kitty won’t get its head wet, and it will be able to enjoy swimming. A life jacket with this addition isn’t obligatory, but it’s helpful for your cat, although it may seem bulky.

Pay Attention To Handles And Straps

While the neck float addition isn’t essential, a handle between the shoulder blades of the life jacket is a must-have. The handle can be useful in emergency situations, such as a cat falling into the water or similar. 

With a grab-handle, you can quickly react and pull your cat out of the water easily. Moreover, some life jackets also have a D-ring where you can attach a leash to have control over your feline friend.

On the other hand, straps and buckles are helpful, but you need to pay special attention to them. If they loosen, they can trip your cat, therefore, you need to ensure that all the straps are secured while your kitty is wearing the jacket.

Choose A Color That Stands Out

This is not obligatory, but it’s useful and preferable. So, you can choose any color you want, but I would suggest you use some fluorescent colors that will stand out. 

That way, you will easily notice if your kitty accidentally falls in the water and you can easily keep an eye on the cat. 

Maybe you should avoid using dark colors such as blue, black, green, and similar shades, as you might have trouble detecting your cat.

7 Best Cat Life Jackets

So, if your kitty follows you on your adventures, you should provide it with a cat life jacket in order to keep it safe. 

The only problem is that life jackets for cats are very rare, but luckily, there are life jackets for small dogs that may perfectly fit your feline friend.

So, check out some of the best life jackets and ensure you provide your cat with the best one!

#1 Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Life Jacket

Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Life Jacket
Key benefits:
  • Adjustable fit
  • Chin pad
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts

Product Info

This life jacket by Top Paw is actually intended for dogs. As there are no good cat life jackets, the alternative option is to use dog life jackets in extra small sizes that will perfectly fit your cat.

This beautiful life jacket is available in x-small size, and it has adjustable chest straps that could be perfect for your cat. It also has two handles, making it easier for you to control your cat’s movements.

Moreover, this product also contains a chin pad for head support, meaning that cats will be able to swim normally without getting their head wet. This jacket is made of Neoprene material which is very comfortable for our pets.

Another benefit of this life jacket is that it’s available in bright colors that are easier to notice and reflective strips which allow better visibility, even in the dark. 

So, if you’re looking for a perfect cat life jacket, then you should definitely check this one out!

#2 Outward Hound Dawson Life Jacket

Outward Hound Dawson Life Jacket
Key benefits:
  • Available in several colors
  • Handle design available
  • Three different styles

Product Info

The Outward Hound Dawson Life Jacket is another dog life vest. Luckily, it is available in several sizes, which means that you can find it in small sizes that will perfectly fit your feline friend. 

Besides that, you can also choose this product in three different styles; sport, flotation, and warmth based on your preferences.

The life jacket by outward hound also comes with adjustable straps so that you can secure your pet and prepare it properly for any swimming activity. 

It will definitely provide your kitty with comfort and allow it to enjoy its adventure because it’s made of high-quality neoprene material. 

This product also has a safety handle which is beneficial for both you and your cat because you can easily take your kitty out of the water. 

The neck float option makes them even more comfortable because it helps your kitty keep its head above the water.

Not only does this product come in several styles and sizes, but it also comes in several color options. However, it would be best to choose the brightest one so that you can easily spot your kitty wherever it is.

Even if you provide your kitty with this life jacket, ensure you don’t leave it without supervision and ensure you only use it in calm waters in order to avoid potential accidents.

All in all, this is another perfect life jacket that can be great for cats, and you can get it now on Amazon at an affordable price too!

#3 Paws Aboard Neoprene Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Neoprene Life Jacket
Key benefits:
  • Made from quality materials
  • Available in several different colors
  • Advanced design features

Product Info

Life jacket by Paws Aboard is another one that is intended for dogs but, considering that it’s available in small sizes, it may also be a perfect fit for our feline friends.

This life jacket is made of high-quality materials that make it lightweight and flexible. Another great feature of this life jacket is that it’s made of neoprene which is breathable, quick-dry, and very comfortable for our furry friends.

The thing about this life jacket is that you need to choose the right size, and the best way to do that is to measure the cat carefully rather than just guess the size. 

One of my cats is a Turkish Van who is known to be an extreme water lover. When I take him swimming or any other water activity, I always make sure that he’s wearing a life jacket.

One of the first jackets I provided my cat with was this by Paws Abroad. I was satisfied, and so was my kitty.

This jacket has safety straps that allow you to secure your cat completely and prevent it from slipping out of the jacket. 

Moreover, it has a handle that allows you to easily handle your kitty. It comes in several different colors, along with reflective strips, which will help you notice your feline friend anywhere, especially in the dark.

The thing that amazed me the most is that this life jacket has advanced design features. This refers to the fact that the jacket has a breathable mesh under the cat’s belly that provides it with better comfort. 

So, if you’re looking for a perfect cat life jacket, you won’t regret buying this one!

#4 RUFFWEAR Float Coat Pet Life Jacket

RUFFWEAR Float Coat Pet Life Jacket
Key benefits:
  • Adjustable neck
  • Reflective accents
  • Firm straps and firm handle

Product Info

This is another life jacket that can be used for cats too, and it has gained a lot of popularity.

Even though it is made to keep dogs safe, if you choose the small size, it may perfectly fit your kitty too. The thing with this life jacket is that it has firm straps that allow you to secure your pet. 

It is designed and made from quality materials that are intended for water activities meaning that they won’t loosen or stretch in the water, but the jacket will keep its original look.

The jacket is lightweight and very comfortable, which is great for cats, especially those who are still getting used to it.

Another great feature about this jacket is the strong but low-profile handle which allows you to help your pet friend to get out of the water more easily.

As the color is important in this case, this brand offers you three different bright colors, which are great as they allow you to easily see your cat. However, the jacket also has reflective accents, which means it has improved visibility in the dark.

This life jacket can be a perfect fit for your feline friend and know that it will keep it safe during many different water activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, rafting, boating, and similar.

#5 ZippyPaws Adventure Life Jacket

ZippyPaws Adventure Life Jacket
Key benefits:
  • Reflective design
  • Foam panels
  • Comfortable design

Product Info

Zippy Paws is another brand that makes an excellent life jacket for our pets. Thanks to the variety of sizes, you can also find one that will fit your cat. 

This life jacket is lightweight with a comfortable design that will allow your cat to move safely and normally in the water or ground. It’s intended for different water activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, and similar.

With this life jacket, you can be sure that your kitty is completely safe and secured, mostly because it has firm and strong straps that allow you to protect your feline properly. 

The jacket also has a firm padded handle that allows you to easily take your cat out of water or similar. The thing I like about this product the most is that it has a chin pad that allows the cat’s head to stay above water, and it’s made from foam panels that help the cat stay afloat.

This life jacket comes in pink color only; however, it has reflective straps that allow you to easily notice your cat, especially in the dark.

Moreover, the ZippyPaws life jacket has an interesting design. Still, it’s also useful as it allows you and your cat to relax and enjoy the water activities with a peaceful mind.

#6 Coleman Pet Flotation Vest

Coleman Pet Flotation Vest
Key benefits:
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Reflective strips

Product Info

This life jacket for our pets is by the Coleman brand. This pet flotation vest is intended for smaller dog breeds or cats, and it’s available in three different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your pet’s size.

The Coleman’s life jacket has a durable and sturdy design which is very comfortable for our pets to wear and allows them to enjoy different water activities safely.

The jacket also has adjustable straps, which allow you to secure your cat so that the jacket will fit it better. 

The good thing about this life jacket is that it dries quickly, it has a firm lift handle allowing you to control your cat’s movement, and it also has reflective stripes for high visibility so that you can easily notice your cat anywhere.

Moreover, this pet life vest is easy to clean and maintain, it’s lightweight and very comfortable. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a chin pad to keep the cat’s head above the water, and because of that, this life jacket may be better for cats who are experts in swimming rather than for beginners.

Still, there’s no doubt that this life jacket will suit your cat perfectly. You just have to pick the right size, and your kitty can safely enjoy its favorite water sport.

#7 GILI Ripstop Pet Life Jacket Flotation Device

GILI Ripstop Pet Life Jacket Flotation Device
Key benefits:
  • Handle with D-ring
  • Reflective piping
  • Suitable for beginners and experts

Product Info

Another great life jacket that can be used for cats is this one by GILI. It comes in several different sizes, suitable for both small and large dogs. But, as the jacket is available in small sizes, it may also be good for adventurous cats. 

Additionally, the jacket contains adjustable straps so that you can fully secure your cat. The jacket also has a handle that allows you to easier control the cat’s movement, and the best thing is that it also has a D-ring so that you can attach your leash.

The GILI Ripstop pet life jacket has reflective piping, which allows you to see better in low light. That way, you can easily spot your feline friend wherever it may be.

This is a quality life jacket because it’s made from durable, buoyant material, and filled with thick foam inside the paneling.

All in all, this life jacket is perfect for all kinds of pets; both beginners and expert swimmers. You can use this jacket to adjust your pet by putting it on for a short period of time until the cat gets used to it.

Benefits Of Cats Wearing A Life Jacket

the cat sleeps with a life jacket
Photo from: @lakehomesrealty

If your feline friend is an adventurer just like you are, then you two are a perfect duo. But, special attention is required when it comes to different activities. 

Just like that, a cat should wear a cat life jacket during water activities because it provides them with many benefits, and reduces the risk of injuries or accidents. 

However, if you refuse to use the safety equipment, the risk is, of course, higher. Because of that, it’s important to get your kitty used to a cat life jacket, water, boat, kayaks, and similar things that you’re about to use.

Some of the best benefits that a life jacket can offer our cats are:

• Your kitty will be easily noticed when in water, especially if the life jacket is a bright or fluorescent color.

Cats are able to swim thanks to their survival instinct, but they’re not experts and can get tired very quickly. Because of that, if your cat wears a life jacket, it can swim without the risk of getting tired.

• If the life jacket has a chin pad, it will keep the cat’s head out of the water, making it more comfortable to swim.

Accidents can happen all the time; therefore, it’s better to be prepared than to face the consequences later.

• If the cat is wearing a life jacket, especially if it has a handle, you can easily take your cat out of the water if it falls in accidentally or similar.

• Another benefit of wearing a cat life jacket is that it will keep your kitty warm.

Will Your Cat Want To Wear A Life Jacket?

At first, your kitty may refuse to wear a life jacket as it’s not a familiar object to it. For that reason, you need to be patient, give your cat some time to explore it, and encourage it to wear it, using the following tips:

It’s essential that you introduce the cat to the life jacket properly. Let the cat sniff the jacket and with every positive step, you can reward your cat by petting it or giving it a favorite treat. 

That way, you’ll create a positive association with the cat life jacket. After the cat explores the jacket, slowly try putting it on the cat using the same steps but without fastening it for the first time. 

Only when the cat realizes that it’s completely okay and safe, can you properly put the life jacket on the cat and reward its good behavior once again.

For the first introduction, it would be better to try this at home in a bathtub, for example, in order to avoid possible accidents or injuries outdoors, but keep in mind that patience and consistency are the key to success.

After you manage to put the life jacket on your cat at home, you can repeat the same process on the boat. At first, your cat may feel uncomfortable wearing it as it seems unnatural to them, which may result in a funny catwalk. However, if the jacket fits your cat perfectly, the cat will get used to it over time.

The final thing to do is to test the life jacket. For the first time, it would be best to test it in shallow water or a small kid pool so that your kitty doesn’t feel shocked the first time. 

Let it explore shallow waters where it can feel safe and comfortable. When cats can touch the floor, they won’t feel vulnerable or frightened as they can react quickly to different things. 

When your kitty starts feeling comfortable in shallow water, you can gently put them in deeper waters and slowly transition until the cat relaxes completely. 

Avoid tossing your cat into the water, as it may lead to the cat being traumatized. So, as with the previous two steps, just be patient and consistent, and don’t push it too far!

Should You Take Your Cat On Boat Adventures?

the cat is sitting on the boat with a life jacket
Photo form: @lakehomesrealty

As there are many cat breeds with different personality types, every cat owner should choose the specific breed of cat that suits their lifestyle the best.

Just like that, if you’re a busy or adventurous person who likes to travel a lot with your feline friend, of course, you will choose a breed of cat that is energetic, active, and playful, rather than the one who prefers to cuddle all day.

So, if you like swimming and boat rides, your kitty should also like water and know how to swim.

As mentioned previously, every cat knows how to swim due to their survival instinct, but not every cat likes to swim. 

So, if your kitty is not one of the breeds that adores swimming, then ensure you adjust the cat to the water and such adventures from a young age.

If your cat is used to these adventures from a young age, you’ll have a furry friend who will follow you everywhere around and who will behave perfectly during these trips.

So, introduce your cat to this life slowly, step by step, and see how it reacts. If the cat doesn’t seem to enjoy it or if it’s not relaxed, give it some time, but if it has difficulties with calming down, maybe that isn’t a perfect adventure for the cat.

Moreover, cats can get seasick too, and if that happens frequently, it would be best to take your cat off the boat.

On the contrary, if your kitty seems to be enjoying boat adventures and swimming, then you’re a lucky person, just ensure you keep the cat safe and provide it with a pet floatation vest anytime you go on such an adventure.

Will A Cat Jump Off The Boat?

Whether a cat will jump off the boat or not depends on many different things. If you plan on taking your kitty everywhere with you, then the cat requires certain training and preparation. 

So, if you take the cat to the boat for the first time without any preparation or anything similar, the cat may jump off the boat out of fear and panic. 

After the cat jumps off the boat, it may get frightened even more due to the water, especially if it is far away from the shore.

However, if you prepare the cat properly for water, swimming, being on a boat, and similar things, and if the cat seems to like it, you shouldn’t have any problems with it as the cat should be calm and relaxed, enjoying a sweet ride with its favorite hooman.

Final Thoughts On Cat Life Jackets

Finally, a cat life vest is something that every adventurous cat should have when it’s near water. You never know what your cat’s next step might be when on a boat or near water, so it’s always better to be prepared in case of an emergency.

However, you should know that not every cat is adventurous or likes water; therefore, you need to choose the right breed for your lifestyle and make sure you introduce your kitty to certain things properly. 

So, to do this right, you need to have a lot of patience and be consistent, introduce the cat to the life jacket and similar items until it realizes that it is completely okay. 

If your kitty is a real adventure seeker, then this article is for you as it provides you with the best pet life jackets that can fit our feline friends perfectly.

Check them out, and may you choose the best one so that you can enjoy time with your furry friend in your water activities with peace of mind.

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