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Why Is My Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? Reasons & Solutions

Why Is My Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? Reasons & Solutions

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Once your feline friend is trained to use the litter box properly, they shouldn’t leave their mess anywhere but the litter box, unless something is wrong.

As every cat owner knows, cats communicate with us through their body language and behavior; if a cat starts doing something unusual, they’re usually trying to tell us something.

If you notice your cat pooping on the floor all of a sudden, you won’t be very happy with them. However, there may be reasons for this particular behavior that require your attention, such as litter box issues, medical problems, and other behavioral issues.

If you want to find out more about why your cat might be randomly pooping on the floor, check out these possible reasons and see what you can do about it!

Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly – 5 Possible Reasons

kitten poops in the sand

Of course you won’t be happy to see your cat pooping outside the litter box, but perhaps your cat isn’t happy either, and this is why they’re doing it! Unusual behavior usually means that something’s wrong with your cat.

Don’t panic! The common reasons for this behavior may vary from minor litter box problems to some behavior issues or health problems. Once you find the cause, you can help rectify the problem.

So, to find out the reason for your cat pooping on the floor, read on and as we investigate potential reasons for this odd behavior and identify possible solutions to the problem.

Litter Box Issues

There is more than one possible litter box problem that can causes cats to poop outside of the litter box. Cats can be very picky and sometimes they just won’t stop causing problems until they’re completely satisfied that things are just how they want them.

Let’s look at some of the specific issues that your cat might be having with its cat litter and litter box that may cause a rebellion!

Litter Box Size Matters

The size of the cat litter box is very important, especially if you have a bigger cat. Cats like bigger litter boxes because they have more space and they feel more comfortable there, especially when burying their mess.

When choosing the right litter box for your feline friend, the best thing to do is to select a litter box that is 1.5 times bigger than the cat’s body. That litter box will be the perfect size for your furbaby.

As well as the size, make sure that the sides of the litter box are neither too low nor too high. It should be easy for your cat to climb in, but the sides should be high enough to give a good depth of litter and stop spillages.

The Location Of The Litter Box

Another reason for your cat pooping on the floor randomly may be because of the litter box location. If the litter box is not in an appropriate place, your cat may reject it.

You should place your cat’s litter box in a calm, quiet place where your feline will feel safe. Cats need privacy, so make sure that there are no potential stressors near the litter box, such as loud noises, or where groups of people tend to sit.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t put the litter box near the cat food, as it may cause your cat to reject its food due to the odors coming from the litter box, especially if your cat’s poop has a really bad smell.

Furthermore, the litter box should be located in a place that has easy access at all times, because if it’s not, that may be one of the reasons why your cat is pooping and even urinating outside the litter box.

If you want to avoid this problem, make sure to avoid places where your cat may be disturbed and instead, provide your feline with a calm and quiet corner so they can do their business in privacy.

A Dirty Litter Box

the cat watches as the woman cleans the shed

Pooping outside the litter box may also happen if your cat has a dirty litter box. If you’re a cat parent, then you probably know that cats are very clean animals, and they like their things to be clean too.

If your cat’s litter box is dirty, they probably won’t use it because of the unpleasant odors, or because they cannot bury their mess properly.

That is why it’s highly important to clean the cat’s litter box frequently and put clean litter in it as soon as it is needed. There are some scented litter brands, which your cat may not like, therefore you might also think about changing the cat litter brand to find a better alternative.

If you cannot change the cat litter often, or if you don’t want any pooping accidents to happen outside the litter box, there is a solution for that too! Today there are a lot of self-cleaning litter boxes, such as the CatGenie litter box.

Not Enough Litter Boxes

If you live in a multi-cat household, that may be another reason for this particular problem, so you’re probably going to be looking for a multi cat litter box solution. You cannot simply provide just one or two litter boxes for a big number of cats.

Cats don’t really like to share their litter boxes and if they do, it may lead to certain behavioral issues, especially because of the other cat’s scent.

So, the best solution is to provide each cat with one litter box and then have another extra one; the formula for how many litter boxes you should have is one for each cat +1. So if you have three cats, you should have four litter boxes. Let each cat have their own box in a quiet location where they can have their privacy.

The Cat Doesn’t Like The Litter

A common reason for cats refusing to use the litter box may be due to the type of litter. Cats usually like clumping, soft litters that are unscented. Luckily, this type is also one of the easiest types to maintain.

However, not every cat is the same. Therefore, if you suspect that the type of litter you’re currently using doesn’t suit your cat, try buying a few different litters until you find out which one your feline likes the best.

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Older Cats And Agility Problems

cat at the vet for an examination

If you have an older cat pooping on the floor randomly, don’t blame her, but try to help her as it probably isn’t on purpose.

Every cat parent needs to understand that their older cat friends aren’t as flexible or agile as they once were and that it may be that the type of the litter box they have simply doesn’t suit them anymore.

Sometimes, cats have difficulties stepping in or out of the litter box, so it’s easier for them to do their business outside of it.

Luckily, today there are many different litter box types suitable for every cat. So, if you’re dealing with this problem then the best thing would be to provide your feline with a low entry litter box so that your cat has easy access to its litter box.

Medical Issues

Of course, the reason for the cat pooping on the floor randomly may also be due to certain medical problems. Cats that are in pain tend to defecate somewhere inappropriate rather than in the litter box because it’s much easier for them.

If you notice this, and any accompanying symptoms such as lethargy and weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and similar, it is best to contact your vet and take your feline friend for a check up.

The vet will probably run some tests, including X-rays if necessary, in order to find the underlying cause for the cat’s condition, so that it can be treated properly.

If your cat suffers from diarrhea, it’s more likely to poop somewhere on the floor as it couldn’t make it on time to the litter box. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to take the cat to the vet and to treat the problem before it becomes worse.

Your cat may be in pain due to arthritis or something similar which makes it difficult for the cat to get into a litter box, so instead she leaves the mess on the floor.

Unfortunately, some older cats may suffer from dementia, which means that all those years of litter training are now useless, because the poor feline has forgotten how to use the litter box.

Other medical issues that can cause inappropriate litter box issues include constipation, urinary issues, intestinal problems, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, and thyroid issues.

Behavioral Issues

Behavior issues in cats usually happen when cats aren’t satisfied with something or when something’s wrong. This may happen due to certain changes that cats don’t like. Therefore, a cat may poop outside the litter box as a way of telling you that she’s upset by changes.

For example, if you moved to a new house, this can upset the cat as she’s not familiar with the environment and she doesn’t feel safe there yet.

If you got another pet or welcomed an unknown person (or a new baby) into your home, your cat may poop or urinate outside the litter box as a way of marking its territory, because she feels threatened and she wants to protect her environment.

Cats are creatures of habit which means that they can develop behavior issues because of the slightest changes in your home; unfortunately this can lead to pooping on the floor.

When it comes to behavioral issues, a cat may develop a thing called substrate preference. That means that cats choose the place for their toilet based on the surface. So, they may choose between a soft surface or a hard surface.

It’s helpful if you adjust your chosen litter type according to the cat’s preferences. So, if your cat prefers to poop on soft surfaces, then you should provide her with a softer litter. 

On the contrary, if your feline prefers hard surfaces, such as carpets and similar, then you can use a small piece of that carpet and put it into the litter box.

Make sure that you cover the piece of carpet with a small amount of litter, and every day add a little more litter. Eventually, you can remove the carpet completely, and your feline should continue to poop in the litter box.

Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and stress are some of the main symptoms of trauma in cats. If your cat is pooping on the floor randomly due to stress or anxiety, it’s probably because your feline friend is suffering from a trauma. There are many traumatic events that can cause this type of cat behavior.

Besides environmental stresses such as loud noises, crowds and similar, a cat may be stressed due to certain changes in her environment such as rearranged furniture, unknown guests, a new home, new pets, litter box issues, and similar.

All of these things may cause stress and anxiety to the cat leading her to defecate around the house.

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How To Prevent A Cat Pooping On The Floor?

a man cleans the sand

It may be difficult to stop a cat pooping on the floor if it has already become used to it. However, now we know what the main reasons for that behavior are, we should find the exact thing that causes it in order to stop it.

Here are some additional things that can be helpful in putting a stop to this challenging cat behavior.

Clean The Mess

In order to stop the cat from pooping in specific places on your floors, you should clean the mess thoroughly. If you don’t clean it carefully, the cat will still be able to smell the scent of feces and she’ll do it again in the same spot.

If you cannot clean it, put the item in the washing machine if it’s washable. If it’s not, high-quality enzymatic cleaners may help you to get rid of the cat’s mess and scent completely.

Provide The Cat With New Litter

Most cats prefer scent-free clumping litter. Therefore, if you’re using scented litter, try switching to scent-free and see if that solves the problem.

Unscented litter may start smelling, but if your cat prefers it to the scented one, don’t worry because there are a lot of ways to get rid of cat litter smell in your apartment.

Perhaps your cat does not like the litter at all; try a new type of litter and put it in the other litter box and see which one suits your cat best.

If you don’t want to use clay litters, you can check some alternative cat litters that are eco-friendly and also very good for cats.

Provide The Cat With New Litter Box

Provide the cat with a bigger litter box that has enough space for her needs. You can experiment with open and covered boxes to see which one your feline prefers.

Most importantly, make sure that you clean the litter box thoroughly and change the litter regularly, to keep your fussy cat happy and satisfied.

You can also get an extra litter box and place it near the spot where your cat has been pooping. If you want to prevent the cat pooping on the floor randomly, provide each cat with its own litter box if you live in a multi-cat household and have an extra one too.

Reduce The Stress In The Environment

kitten in a sand bowl

If this behavior happens due to stress and trauma, make sure that you eliminate all the stressors in your environment that you can find. Try to identify the trigger for your cat’s anxiety. If you recently moved houses, be patient, and give the cat some time to get used to its new environment.

The cat is probably confused by the new environment and needs some time to explore it as well as to realize that she’s safe there. Of course, you should help the cat with that, by rewarding her every time she does something positive, giving her plenty of play time, and reassuring her.

If the stress is caused by the introduction of a new cat, then you have to slow down the process of integrating the new pet into the household. Cat introduction shouldn’t be a quick process; it is better to take it slowly and safely. You should work on a step by step introduction with lots of treats and reassurance.

You should also look for warning signs during the cat introduction to ensure the process is going well, or identify when you have to separate the cats in order to prevent cat fights or anxiety.

It is so important to be there for your cat to let her know that everything’s okay and that she’s not in danger.

Train Your Cat

If your cat gets used to pooping outside the litter box, you have to start with litter box training all over again. Read on to find out later in the article how to do it properly!

Daily Playtime

Increase the period of time you spend playing with your cat. Make sure that you spare some free time to play with your cat every day so that she doesn;t become bored.

You can provide your feline with interesting toys that will keep her busy while you’re not there, as well as scratching posts, and cat trees for climbing.

Patience And Consistency Are The Key

You have to be patient, and more importantly consistent, in what you’re trying to teach your furbaby. Positive change won’t happen overnight. Your cat needs time to understand and learn how to use the litter box again.

In the meantime, you should be consistent in cleaning the cat litter box and changing the litter, to keep the environment safe and comfortable for your feline friend!

Consult With A Vet Or Behaviorist

If you have difficulties teaching your cat how to use the litter box, or you don’t see any progress, then you can consult with your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist.

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How Can I Train My Cat To Poop In The Litter Box?

the woman puts the kitten in the sand with the bowl

How fast your cat will learn how to use a litter box depends on the individual cat. This process requires patience and consistency; if you want to teach your cat properly then you should follow these steps:

• Show the cat the litter box, and let her come close to it, to explore it.

• When she’s done with exploring the area around the litter box, put the cat in it and let her sniff and explore it.

• Put your cat in the litter box immediately after a meal,or when you notice them looking for a toilet spot.

• Every time the cat uses the litter box, don’t forget to reward that behavior.

If it happens that your cat pees or poops on the floor, don’t punish her; this will only upset her and potentially cause her trauma which may compound the problem.


Do Cats Poop On the Floor When They’re Mad?

Cats do express their feelings through their behavior, so yes, sometimes cats poop on the floor just because they’re mad. They will pass by the clean litter box and leave their mess in an inappropriate place just to show you that they’re upset.

Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor But Peeing In The Litter Box?

The reason for a cat pooping on the floor but peeing in the litter box may be because cats like to bury their mess. Therefore, if their litter box is too dirty, they cannot bury their mess and decide to poop on the floor rather than in the litter box.

How Can I Get My Cat To Stop Pooping On The Floor?

The most important thing to do if you want to stop your cat from pooping on the floor is to clean that area thoroughly. You can use an enzymatic cleaner in order to eliminate the cat’s scent so that the accident won’t occur again.

It is also important to find the reason for this behavior and then use that knowledge to find the right solution.

In Conclusion

If you’re dealing with a cat pooping on the floor randomly, then this article is for you. This article gives you 5 possible reasons for this particular behavior as well as lots of solutions to help overcome the problem.

A cat pooping and peeing over the edge of a litter box or elsewhere means that something’s wrong. It may be the way your cat shows you she is not satisfied in some way. Your job is to find the reason for that behavior and treat it properly.

This behavior of cat pooping on floor randomly usually occurs when there are issues with the cat’s litter box, however, it may also occur if a cat has certain behavior or medical issues.

If you want your cat to start using the litter box again then you need to go back to basics and teach the cat how to use the litter box step by step. 

More importantly, it’s necessary to know how to prevent pooping outside the litter box so that that behavior wouldn’t repeat again. Remember, always reward your cat when they get things right as this is much more effective than punishing them for getting things wrong.

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