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The Way This Cat Honors Her Late Owner Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The Way This Cat Honors Her Late Owner Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

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While passing through a graveyard, a man named Keli noticed a tabby cat resting on a grave with the name “Ibu Kundari”, meaning mother Kundari.

photo of a cat at owner's grave
Source: Facebook

Each day, Keli observed the cat faithfully lingering around Kundari’s gravesite. Keli even attempted to bring the cat home, but she insisted on staying by the grave.

sad photo of cat mourning on owner's grave
Source: Facebook

It’s hard to imagine the sorrow the cat must have felt, not knowing what happened to her human companion.

Determined to help, Keli decided to keep a watchful eye on the cat and provide her with daily meals since she refused to move away from the grave. The cat would briefly leave the site, only to eat the food Keli and his family left out for her.

Keli shared the story of this loyal feline on Facebook, and it quickly went viral, touching the hearts of the entire community. Many local people were moved by the cat’s unwavering loyalty and began visiting the graveyard to offer food and water to the cat.

sad photo of a devastated cat mourning on owner's grave
Source: Facebook

The cat still goes to her home every day, where her late owner’s children feed her. However, she returns and spends the majority of her days at the gravesite, honoring her owner’s memory.

heartbroken and loyal cat mourns the death of her owner
Source: Facebook

A lot of people don’t seem to realize how much cats love their owners. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the immense love and loyalty that cats can show toward their owners. They are truly loyal and affectionate companions.

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