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14 Cat Breeds With Round Eyes

14 Cat Breeds With Round Eyes

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When you dig into the world of cats, you will notice that there are many different cat breeds that differ in their size, coat length, body, ear, and eye shape. 

Each breed of cat is beautiful and special in its own way, but this article is dedicated to cats with round eyes.

Cats may have different eye shapes, such as almond, oval, walnut, round, and similar variations. Cats with round eyes have quite an interesting appearance as their eyes appear even bigger. 

So, if you want to know which breed of cat can have this round eye shape, then keep reading and find out, as you may find yourself a perfect furry friend right here in this article.

14 Cats With Round Eyes

Cats may have different eye shapes, and round is one of them. Before we start, it’s important to differentiate eye shape and pupil shape. The cat’s eye shape is constant, but its pupils may vary in shape and size. 

The main reason for that is that cats’ pupils serve to control the amount of light they let into their eyes in order to see better, and they can also show us how our kitties feel. 

For example, a cat’s pupils may be vertical and shaped like slits, but they may also be dilated and round. I’m going to discuss this more later in the article, after I introduce you to cats with round eyes.

#1 Exotic Shorthair Cat

portrait of Brown Exotic shorthair cat look at camera and sit on wooden floor

Exotic Shorthair cats are medium-sized cats who have, as their name suggests, short hair. These cats really do have an unusual appearance. They are characterized by flat-face features, similar to Persian cats. 

On that unique head, you will also notice small ears rounded on the tip and large round eyes. Another interesting fact about their eyes is that they can appear in different colors, such as green, blue, copper, golden, and similar. 

Exotic Shorthair cats have an easy-going personality, but they have a high energy level. When it comes to grooming, they’re perfect pets as their coat doesn’t require a lot of grooming. 

The only problem is that these cats might suffer from several health issues, including respiratory issues, due to their face shape.

#2 Russian Blue Cat

Portrait of a Russian Ble Cat on Lambskin in Wicker Basket

Considered one of the most beautiful cat breeds, Russian Blue cats continue to surprise us. These unique-looking cats are medium-sized felines with a short double coat in a striking dark gray color. 

They don’t shed much and are very easy to maintain. Due to their low shedding, they are often considered a hypoallergenic cat breed

They have triangular-shaped faces, but big round eyes. When they’re born, they have blue or yellow eyes, and as they age, their eyes change color to green. So, Russian Blue cats are usually characterized by big emerald green eyes.

As well as their lovely appearance, they also have lovely personalities, so if you choose this breed of cat to be your pet, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with your furry friend.

#3 Persian Cat

white persian cat with orange eyes on dark background

Persian cats are one of the most recognizable cat breeds. The famous distinctive feature of these cats is their flat face. Although this feature has brought them a lot of popularity, it has also brought them a lot of health issues.

Persian felines are characterized by long, thick hair and big, round eyes that may appear in different colors such as blue, copper, green, and variations of these colors.

These cats may have many respiratory issues due to flat-face features, but they may also suffer from different eye problems, which is why they require proper care. The cost of owning a Persian may often depend on the cat’s condition. 

If you choose this breed of cat to be your best furry friend, you should clean their faces every day in order to avoid possible issues. Persian cats also require a lot of grooming due to their long coat. 

However, despite all of that, these cats are exceptionally sweet and friendly and adore cuddling most of the time. So, if you’re an easy-going person, you two will be able to spend a lot of time together.

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#4 Burmese Cat

burmese cat with round eyes standing under a cat tree

The Burmese cat is a medium-sized feline with many interesting features. They are characterized by strong, well-developed bodies, with a round head. 

Besides their head, they also have big rounded eyes that are set far apart, and ears that are slightly rounded at the tips. 

They have short coats that can appear in several colors, including sable, blue, champagne, and platinum. In addition, the big eyes of a Burmese cat may be green or golden in color, depending on the coat color.

Besides their amazing appearance, these cats also have interesting personalities. They’re playful, energetic, intelligent, and extremely loyal to their owners. 

As much as they like enjoying being the center of attention, they also adore showing you their love. I believe that Burmese cat parents can confirm that you simply cannot get bored with these loveable felines.

#5 Scottish Fold Cat

portrait of a tabby scottish fold cat with round eyes

The Scottish Fold breed of cat is another adorable breed that is characterized by big round eyes that can be blue, copper, gold, or green in color. It’s interesting that their eye color mostly depends on their coat color.

Besides their huge eyes that add to the cat’s appearance, they’re famous for their small, flat ears, which make them completely different from other cat breeds

Despite some minor health issues that these cats are prone to, they can be great pet cats. 

They’re friendly, playful, intelligent, and like to be the center of attention. Furthermore, they get along very well with children and other pets, which is a great thing for families who are looking for a new feline friend.

#6 Pallas

pallas cat  (Otocolobus manul) with large round eyes

The Pallas is a wild cat that made it to this list because of its round eye shape. They are small but strong and well-developed wild cats that live in the wild and aren’t adjusted to people. 

Besides round eyes, these cats are also characterized by round and flattened ears that are set wide apart.

Their body is covered with thick and long hair in some gray shade that allows them to camouflage with the environment and survive and escape from predators.

So, unlike other cat breeds on this list, Pallas cats aren’t friendly nor meant to be house cats or family pets, but you have to admit that they have an amazing appearance.

#7 British Shorthair Cat

grey british shorthair cat with large round eyes covered with a blanket

The British Shorthair cat is a medium-sized feline characterized by a short coat that can appear in any color and pattern combination. 

They’re also characterized by a big round head on top of which you can easily notice round eyes, wide open. Their big eyes may appear in several colors, which mostly depend on the coat color.

Another thing that fits perfectly with their big, round head is their ears which are rounded at the tips. These cats don’t require a lot of grooming care, and when it comes to their personality, they’re not demanding either. 

These are easy-going felines who are quiet, affectionate and calm most of the time. So, if you’re looking for a perfect and calm feline companion, this kitty has both looks and a lovely temperament.

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#8 Chartreux Cat

Closeup of beautiful Chartreux cat looking up in the nature

This beautiful shorthair cat of French origin is famous for its history, appearance, and personality. They are so interesting that you’ll never get bored with them. 

To me, they look similar to Russian Blue cats; there are several similarities in both looks and temperament.

This short-hair cat has a big and round head along with full cheeks and round wide-open eyes. Unlike Russian Blue cats that are characterized by their green eyes, these kitties usually have copper, gold, or orange eyes, which is the most preferable shade.

Not only are these cats beautiful, they’re also great pets because of their loyal, friendly, and loving personality. The balance between their energy level and being affectionate is lovely because they are great as both active cats and cuddly cats.

Moreover, they’re extremely intelligent, which helps them with learning different tricks very quickly. If you choose this kitty to be your furry friend, just do your best, and your loyal friend won’t disappoint you.

#9 Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese bobtail domestic cat looks into camera lens. Tortoise cat with green eyes

The Japanese Bobtail is an amazing breed of cat whose origin is not known for sure. Despite that, these cats don’t stop to surprise us with their overall beauty. This is a medium-sized breed of cat that has a strong and well-developed body. 

On top of their body, there’s a long head in an equilateral triangle shape, along with high cheekbones and emphasized whiskers. 

Moreover, the Japanese Bobtail is characterized by round or oval eyes, and as it’s not a big difference, it’s completely okay for this breed to be on this list. They also have large ears that are set wide apart. 

The most distinctive feature of the Japanese Bobtail cat, as in other Bobtails, is, of course, its tail. It must be visible, and it’s usually composed of one or more angles, curves, and similar, but the main thing is that the tail bone extension shouldn’t be longer than three inches.

These cats are amazing for overall appearance, especially because they may appear in any color and pattern combination, including blue and odd eyes. 

But what about Japanese Bobtails as pets? These felines are extremely intelligent and energetic and adore being the center of attention. Still, they’re also adjustable, friendly, and affectionate, which also makes them so great that you won’t regret adopting one.

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#10 American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair with large round eyes poses a curious glance in brown background

The American Shorthair breed of cat is similar to the British one, but there are slight differences in their appearance and personality.

These cats have medium-sized, strong, and muscular bodies and are described as extraordinary hunters, especially in the past.

On top of that strong body, you can see a large head with big cheeks. Their ears are medium-sized but slightly rounded at the tips, but their most noticeable feature is large round eyes whose color usually depends on the coat colors.

When talking about coats, these cats have short hair, as their name suggests, which means that they don’t require a lot of grooming, but the beauty of their coat is that they can appear in many different color and pattern combinations. 

Just like British Shorthair cats, Americans are calm and affectionate, but they’re also playful, intelligent cats who make perfect pets for families with children or other pets.

#11 Bombay Cat

black bombay cat with round eyes

The Bombay cat is another fascinating breed that deserves the place on this list, not only because of their eye shape but also because of their beauty in general. Bombays are medium-sized cats with muscular bodies and fine, short hair. 

Their beautiful coat appears only in black, which is pretty fascinating; however, that may lead to confusion as many people think all black cats are Bombay. That’s not true, but every Bombay is black!

They’re characterized by big round eyes that can appear in colors from golden to copper. When it comes to their personality, these cats are simply amazing. 

Bombays are lovely, friendly, playful, intelligent, and affectionate which makes them perfect family pets, even though they may be chatty sometimes. 

This is a great family pet, and when I say this, I mean it because these cats usually bond with the whole family rather than just with one owner.

#12 Siberian Cat

Close up picture of Siberian cat with big round green-yellow eyes looking on the top somewhere with white whiskers and a black nose

This cat, native to Russia, is one of the biggest breeds of cats and it has both looks and personality. The Siberian cat has a muscular body structure, but that is not very noticeable due to its long, triple coat. 

Their thick fur is water resistant, and it also allows them to survive extremely low temperatures, but the real beauty of their coat is in the color. Their coat may appear in almost every color and pattern combination.

The most important thing is that these cats have large heads, with big round eyes that are slightly wide at the base, and they can appear in different colors. 

Their eyes may appear in green, copper, golden, and similar shades, and the eye color isn’t based on the coat color. 

However, the exception is when it comes to the point pattern, as cats with that pattern will always have blue eyes, while solid white cats usually have blue or odd colored eyes.

Besides their appearance, these cats are very intelligent and playful. They adore climbing and jumping, and another fascinating thing is that these cats adore water. 

Siberian cats are a bit talkative but also extremely friendly and affectionate. They will enjoy your company most of the time.

#13 Turkish Van

white turkish van cat with round eyes photographed on the street

The brilliant Turkish Van cat breed is famous for many things. First of all, they’re characterized by long and muscular body structures with deep chests. 

On top of that body, you can notice a broad wedge-shaped head, along with large ears slightly rounded at the tips, and large eyes as well that are slightly drawn out at the corners. 

These kitties are characterized by medium-long hair with no undercoat, but their fur is extremely soft. Additionally, the coat may appear in different color and pattern combinations, including torbie, tortie, and tabby.

The Turkish Van cat has a really adventurous personality. They’re energetic, playful, intelligent, and may even learn some tricks. One thing that may surprise you the most is that the Turkish Van is one of the cats who adore swimming and water.

These cats are a bit talkative and may seek your attention most of the time, so if you’re a busy person, then this kitty may not be the best choice for you.

They really bond with their owners but may have difficulties with changes in their environment and routine. If you choose this kitty, not only will you get yourself a new furry best friend, but you will also finally enjoy your cat’s bathing time!

#14 Snowshoe Cat

Domestic snowshoe cat with round blue eyes

The Snowshoe cats are great cats with outgoing personalities. They’re characterized by a well-built body structure along with a modified wedge-shaped head and high-set cheekbones. 

When talking about head features, it’s important to mention that they have medium-sized ears, wide at the base and slightly rounded at the tips. However, the most important feature is their striking eyes. 

The eyes of a Snowshoe cat are large,rounded oval in shape, and usually different shades of blue in color.

Besides the body features, these cats are highly popular for their short, dense coat that usually appears in bicolor and mitted patterns.

If you wish to adopt this cat, you should know that they’re very funny and entertaining, as well as being loyal to their owners.

Snowshoe cats are intelligent and can even learn some tricks, but cuddling is one of their favorite activities too. 

With this cat, you can get an ideal furry companion who will be loyal to you, play with you, and even spend some quality time with you.

Other Cat Eye Shapes

face portrait of an ocicat with almond shaped eyes

Besides the round shape, there are two other common shapes for a cat’s eyes: almond shape and oval shape. So, read on and check out some of the cat breeds with these eye shapes.

Cats With Almond-Shaped Eyes

• Abyssinian cat

• Singapura cat

• Tonkinese cat

• Siamese cat

• Ocicat

Cats With Oval-Shaped Eyes

• Sphynx cat

• Ragamuffin

• Ragdoll

• Cornish Rex cat

• Devon Rex cat

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Interesting Facts About Cat’s Pupils

cat with large round green eyes

Cat’s pupil size and shape have nothing to do with their eye shape. However, the pupils are very important for both cats and their owners as they may actually help them to understand the cat’s feelings and emotions. 

So, here are some interesting facts about cats’ pupils that will help you better understand their meaning and purpose, as well as how to understand cats just by observing their pupils.

Cat’s eyes are extremely sensitive, especially in young kittens. However, their pupils actually control the amount of light that is necessary for them with the help of the iris, the muscle that surrounds the pupils.

• When a cat’s pupils are vertical like slits, they are letting only a small amount of light into their eyes. That usually happens during the daytime when they can see perfectly what is going on around them.

When a cat’s pupils dilate, that is, widen up in a round shape, it means that they open to receive more light in order to see better. Because of that, you will often see a cat with dilated pupils during the night. Cats cannot see perfectly in complete darkness, which is why they dilate their pupils in order to receive any amount of dim light available.

• When it comes to emotions, when cats have dilated pupils, it’s often a sign of excitement, or that the cat is concentrating on a specific thing during playtime; a favorite treat, hunting prey, or similar.

• Cats may also have dilated pupils when they’re anxious or scared of something, especially if something scares them suddenly, such as loud noises. However, the reason for this may also be because they’re in pain.

Cats usually have vertical, or narrowed, pupils when they feel angry or irritated, or when they’re getting ready for an attack (in order to focus better on the target).

• A cat’s pupils may also be almond-shaped, which is usually a sign that everything is alright. That means your kitty is happy, satisfied, and completely relaxed. When they have almond-shaped pupils, they may also be sleepy, and that is often followed by loud purring, or soft and sweet meowing.

Wrapping It Up

domestic tabby cat with large round eyes

Our feline friends are amazing in many different respects, mostly because there are cats of many different sizes, personalities, shapes, and similar.

This article is dedicated to cats with round eyes. This is one of the several possible eye shapes in cats, including almond, oval, and other variations. Cats’ round eyes appear to be even larger, which definitely adds to the cat’s appearance.

This article provides you with a list of cats with round eyes that will make you fall in love with both their appearance and personality. Also, I hope you like the facts about the cat’s eyes that I provided you with, as every cat parent should know how to understand their feline friend!