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List Of 18 Long-Haired Grey Cat Breeds

List Of 18 Long-Haired Grey Cat Breeds

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Cats with grey coats really are beautiful, whether they are short-haired cats or long haired cats. For now, let’s focus on long haired cat breeds with a grey coat color.

I know that all you cat lovers will say that all cats are beautiful, but let’s just give the grey long haired cats the spotlight for a while (they really deserve it)!

A gray coat color is not a very rare sight, but it sure is a beautiful one. Some of the most popular cat breeds display this lovely blue-grey color.

Their coats can be of solid grey, but often they have a tabby or color-point pattern! Long, fluffy grey coats are hard to resist.

If you’re interested in seeing a list of the most beautiful grey, long-haired cats then you’ve come to the right spot!

Continue reading to find out which cat breeds can have grey coats, and learn a little bit more about each one of them (maybe even choose your favorite if you are looking for a new feline friend).

A Little Bit About Long Haired Cat Breeds (Grey Edition)

Grey coats have an interesting background that you might not be aware of!

In genetics, the dilution genes are responsible for lighter shades of the dominant cat colors (black, chocolate, and orange).

These dilution genes are the reason why cats are sometimes shades of grey, lilac, and cream. The grey coat (otherwise known as a blue coat) is a diluted form of the dominant black coat color.

Even though grey cats are just as likely to be a short haired cat breed as they are to be a long haired cat breed, in this article we are focusing on longhaired cat breeds only!

My personal top 5 picks of the most beautiful grey longhaired cats are:

1. Nebelung Cat Breed

2. Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

3. Maine Coon Cat Breed

4. Persian Cat Breed

5. Ragdoll Cat Breed

Let’s continue with the top 18 most beautiful cat breeds with long and grey coats that you will want to pet for hours!

Top 18 Grey Long Haired Cat Breeds

1. Grey Nebelung Cat

grey nebelung cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight7-14 lbs
Physical CharacteristicsLong, muscular body, large ears
Personality Gentle and shy
Origin United States
Lifespan 11-16 years

More About This Cat Breed

The Nebelung is a very rare cat breed that you might not have heard of. In Germany (their country of origin), their name translates to “creature of the mist”.

Nebelung cats are very interesting as they only come in grey! Because of this, it is said that they are the long-haired version of a very famous short haired cat breed that also comes in grey – the Russian Blue.

Nebelung cats are long-bodied and muscular, with broad green eyes, large ears, and calm personalities. With its long, dense fur, this cat has a cuddly, fluffy appearance. The neck is round, and the tail is plumped.

This cat breed may initially come across as rather timid, but after you start interacting with them, you’ll see that they are actually rather sociable and friendly.

Nebelung cats are also very playful and clever; they are considered to be more intelligent than most other cat breeds!

Nebelung cats are great family pets, as they often form close relationships with a small number of people and remain loyal and loving throughout their lives.

They have excellent communication skills and will clearly alert their owners to any problems that they encounter.

Nebelungs can be highly particular about things like food quality and litter cleanliness, so this cat-owner communication can occur very frequently.

2. Grey Norwegian Forest Cat

Grey Norwegian Forest Cat

Size Large-sized cat
Average Weight 9-16 lbs
Physical Characteristics Athletic, muscular body; long, bushy tail
Personality Intelligent and curious
Origin Norway
Lifespan 12-16 years

More About This Cat Breed

The Norwegian forest cat has its origin in, you guessed it, the forests of Norway!

These cats have extremely dense double coats, which makes them perfectly suited to the harsh winters of the north. One of the layers of their coat is actually completely water-resistant, while the second layer provides warmth.

The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed is a larger-than-average feline. Their bushy tails (which are frequently as long as their bodies) are very long and this is one of their most prominent characteristics.

These cats get along well with people and are intelligent and kind. The energy level of the Norwegian Forest cat is high, so you can expect them to be very playful!

They are beautiful to behold once their coat has fully developed. As adults, they have a full mane, a fluffy chest, fuzzy legs, and even little tufts of fur between their toes.

As a result, these affectionate cats do need grooming every day.

3. Grey Maine Coon Cat

grey maine coon

Size Large-sized cat
Average Weight 8-25 lbs
Physical Characteristics Very large body, large paws, bushy tail
Personality Gentle and intelligent
Origin United States
Lifespan 12-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

Did you know that the only longhair breed said to be native to the United States is the Maine Coon cat?!

Maine Coons began life as an outdoor cat before evolving into a working breed that kept rats and other vermin out of homes and stables. Now, it’s everyone’s favorite pet!

These cats have enormous, tufted paws and incredibly dense, long, water-resistant coats. They also have impressively large, bushy tails.

Their thick, silky coat has an intriguing feature; it is shorter over the shoulders but hangs longer on the stomach and behind the legs.

These cats may have various coat colors and patterns, so it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see two identical Maine Coons!

Maine Coons cats need to have regular physical exercise! If not closely watched, this breed has a propensity to become overweight. The coat of the Maine Coon requires daily maintenance!

These cats should be combed to make their coats smooth, and brushed to make sure their fur doesn’t tangle.

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4. Grey Persian Cat

grey persian cat

Size Medium to large-sized cat
Average Weight 9-13 lbs
Physical Characteristics Short, thick neck; muscular body
Personality Gentle and quiet
Origin Iran (Persia)
Lifespan 14-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

Persian cats were brought from Persia to Italy for the first time around 1620. This is why they’re named Persian cats – Persia (now Iran) is where they originate from.

Persian cats have short legs and short bushy tails. Their broad, round heads have wide-set ears and huge, round eyes. Perhaps the most distinctive features of Persians are their long, luxurious coats, their “smushed” faces, and their bright eyes.

As well as their good looks, people adore these kitties for their lovable personalities.

They are extremely quiet and loving, but generally fairly sedentary because they were created to be cuddlers (they’re the perfect lap cats!). They simply enjoy lounging about while appearing lovely.

While selective breeding has produced a wide range of coat colors, it has also resulted in the development of increasingly flat-faced Persian cats. This head shape, which is preferred by cat fanciers, can actually cause a variety of health issues.

Persians are high maintenance when it comes to grooming. If not brushed every day, their hair can quickly get matted and tangled.

5. Grey Ragdoll Cat

gray ragdoll cat

Size Large-sized cat breed
Average Weight10-20 lbs
Physical CharacteristicsMuscular, long body with a plush coat
Personality Gentle and friendly
Origin United States
Lifespan 12-17 years

More About This Cat Breed

Ragdoll cats are famous for their blue eyes and colorpoint coats.

They are also famous for their huge, heavy body build. In the 1960s, American breeder Ann Baker began producing Ragdoll cats, and the story of the origin of this cat breed is one of the most interesting ones in the cat world.

Ragdoll cats have a medium-to-long, silky single coat. Even though they have no undercoat, this breed still needs to be brushed at least twice a week to prevent matting.

The Ragdoll cat is well-known for being an entertaining pet. It is playful and kind and has gorgeous blue eyes.

Their propensity to lie limp when picked up is their most intriguing trait (as opposed to most cats, who will often squirm out of your hold).

Ragdoll cats are devoted to their owners and frequently meet them at the door. They are ideal for families because they get along well with kids and dogs.

They have a pleasant and kind demeanor, and are incredibly calm around strangers. Because of this, they’re often called “puppy-cats”!

6. Grey Turkish Angora Cat

Grey Turkish Angora Cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight 6-12 lbs
Physical Characteristics Long, slim body with large, pointed ears
Personality Clever and playful
Origin Turkey
Lifespan 15-18 years

More About This Cat Breed

Turkish Angoras, which originated in central Anatolia (now the Ankara region), are one of the oldest natural cat breeds, dating back to the 15th century.

Turkish Angoras were formerly thought to be exclusively white cats with blue or green eyes.

For a long time, all long-haired cats were referred to as Angoras! Now, it is acknowledged that Turkish Angoras can have a range of coat colors and patterns.

The majority of Turkish Angoras are white. If you are very lucky – you might discover a grey Turkish Angora!

Turkish Angoras are active, playful, smart, and athletic.

They form bonds with everyone in the household, but frequently choose a specific family member to be their constant companion; they can be fiercely protective over their chosen person.

There’s no denying that this grey cat with its lengthy fur is very attractive. The coat of these cats is long, silky, and very nice to touch.

This cat breed will need a lot of upkeep to stay beautiful, but nothing a bath and grooming brush can’t handle!

7. Grey Siberian Cat Breed

grey siberian

Size Large-sized cat
Average Weight 12-20 lbs
Physical Characteristics Medium length body, muscular with large paws
Personality Intelligent and playful
Origin Russia
Lifespan 12-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

The Siberian is a centuries-old natural domestic cat breed that has just lately been recognized as a breed. It is a forest cat that was originally from icy Russia, where its plush triple coat was necessary to keep it warm.

The Siberian cat is a muscular and powerfully built cat with strong hindquarters, enormous, well-rounded paws, and a long, full tail. They are known to be particularly agile jumpers.

Siberian cats have a high degree of intelligence and are physically very agile, so they can be very active. They are quite daring and enjoy discovering new places.

In general, Siberian cats dislike being left alone for an extended period of time. They are extremely sociable animals who thrive best when they are with their human companions.

These cats can have any color or pattern in their coat. Their coat will be longest and thickest in the winter but they will shed this thick winter coat for a lighter summer one when it gets warm.

Despite the Siberian cat’s long, thick coat, it tends to resist matting and only has to be brushed occasionally.

8. Grey Long Haired Scottish Fold Cat

Grey Long Haired Scottish Fold Cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight 6-13 lbs
Physical Characteristics Round-looking cat with characteristic folded ears
Personality Affectionate and loyal
Origin United Kingdom
Lifespan 11-14 years

More About This Cat Breed

Scottish Fold cats are known for their stunning, yellowish-orange eyes and unusual folded ears.

The folded, flat ears that make the Scottish fold so recognizable are the product of a genetic abnormality.

The mutation results in flexible cartilage, which can also lead to major health problems like arthritis, problems with the tail, and trouble with the knees and ankles.

Although their amusing curled ears may be their most distinctive feature, this breed also has lovely, large, round eyes. Their eyes may have gold, blue, grey, or green hues.

These cats are usually calm and good-natured, and they integrate easily with other animals in a family.

They are highly affectionate by nature, so they have a tendency to develop strong attachments to the people who care for them. They are very intelligent and playful as well!

Scottish Folds appreciate being outside and participating in outdoor activities. They strongly dislike being alone.

This breed has demonstrated over time that they can make a truly wonderful human companion; it likes nothing better than to relax on your lap.

9. Grey Himalayan Cat

grey himalayan cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight 7-14 lbs
Physical CharacteristicsShort body, heavily-boned, thick neck and small ears
Personality Gentle and friendly
Origin United States, UK
Lifespan 9-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

The Himalayan is a big, heavy-boned cat that typically ranges in size from medium to large. These cats can appear rather huge due to their very thick coats! To avoid mats and tangles, these long coats need daily upkeep.

Himalayan cats are a mixture of two well-known cats – the Persian and Siamese cat breeds! The outcome is a stunning cat with the long, silky hair of a Persian and the coat and eye colors of a Siamese.

There are two varieties of Himalayans; the classic (or doll-face) and the peke-faced (just as with Persian cats).

Himalayans are affectionate and very laid-back. They will lie down next to you, sleep in your bed, and, when the mood strikes, even sit on your lap. They are very easy-going and not easily stressed out.

In order to maintain a healthy weight, the Himalayan must have a controlled diet. Due to the breed’s reputation for low levels of exercise, both nutrition and exercise must be taken into consideration to keep this cat healthy.

10. Grey American Curl Cat

grey american curl cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight6-10 lbs
Physical Characteristics Lean body, bushy tail, characteristic curled ears
Personality Interactive and loving
Origin United States
Lifespan 9-13 yrs

More About This Cat Breed

The cat breed known as the American Curl is distinguished by its peculiar ears, which curl back from the face toward the back of the skull.

This cat breed has both short haired and longhaired varieties and they’re both recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Whether it has long hair or short hair, the American Curl typically has a silky coat texture. The coat of the long-haired American Curl is better described as “semi-long” than “long” in length.

Their smooth, silky, coat comes in many different colors and patterns. The coat doesn’t need an excessive amount of upkeep, but a sensible owner would give his American Curl at least one weekly brushing.

The American Curl cat has a vibrant personality! She gets along well with her pet parents and has a strong interest in people.

Although not really a “lap cat,” the Curl does enjoy being close to humans. It could be said these cats like simple companionship rather than cuddles.

11. Grey Birman Cat

Grey Birman Cat

Size Medium to large-sized cat
Average Weight 6-15 lbs
Physical Characteristics White feet, pointed ears, characteristic blue eyes
PersonalityActive and social
Origin France
Lifespan 14-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

The Birman is a long-haired cat that can get fairly big. They have large bones and appear stocky in all of their features.

All Birman cats have blue eyes, and long, silky coats. They may have one of several different coat colors and are either pointed or mitted when it comes to coat pattern.

The origins of the Birman cat breed are unknown, however it’s possible that they came from Burma, where they may have been worshiped.

The Birman has a tendency to become attached to just one person. If their human parent does not pay attention to them, some Birmans may display a small amount of jealousy. Despite being territorial, they are not hostile.

Because they are bigger cats and relatively stocky, Birmans are prone to weight gain. Physical exercise is essential for all Birman cats; owners need to make sure their cats are in good shape for the sake of their health.

12. Grey American Bobtail Cat

long haired american bobtail

Size Medium to large-sized cat
Average Weight7-18 lbs
Physical Characteristics Long and sturdy body, wedge-shaped head
Personality Intelligent and playful
Origin United States
Lifespan 12-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

A relatively recent cat breed, the American Bobtail cat was created in the 1960s so it’s a relatively rare cat breed. All American Bobtails have one very peculiar characteristic – their tail.

The American bobtail cat’s tail is consistently short, typically measuring 1/3 to 1/2 the length of a typical cat’s tail.

They can have short or long hair, and American Bobtails are a particularly robust breed. Rather than being dense or fluffy, their coat is sometimes described as scruffy. Their eyes and coat can be of any color.

American bobtail cats are known for being very communicative and for having a high level of intelligence. A vast range of meows, chirps, and purrs make up their extensive vocabulary.

American bobtails are also extremely energetic and like jumping, climbing, and fun activities. American Bobtails like exploring new places.

They easily adjust to new situations due to their highly flexible nature, making them excellent traveling companions.

13. Grey Ragamuffin Cat

grey ragamuffin cat

Size Large-sized cat
Average Weight 10-18 lbs
Physical Characteristics Muscular, heavy body with a long, fluffy tail
Personality Friendly and Gentle
Origin United States
Lifespan 12-16 years

More About This Cat Breed

Prior to 1994 when the Ragamuffin was officially recognized as a distinct breed, this domestic cat breed was believed to be a Ragdoll cat variation.

Typically white at birth, ragamuffin kittens take on a patchwork of different colors as they grow up. Their coats are long and silky. The pattern of the coat is either solid color, colorpoint, or mitted.

The Ragamuffin is a big cat with a lengthy body. They typically have a lengthy tail, a thick coat, and heavy bones. Ragamuffin cats are famous for looking bigger than they actually are.

For example, although the Ragamuffin has a medium-sized head, her face appears larger due to her fur.

Ragamuffin cats do have a lively side, despite their propensity to spend a lot of time lounging around. They are content to play alone, batting a favorite ball or chasing a catnip mouse around the room.

Ragamuffin cats quickly form friendships with everyone they encounter.

These cats enjoy being held and will unwind totally when lifted up and cuddled, unlike many cats that prefer to be left alone.

14. Grey Oriental Longhair Cat

long haired oriental

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight 6-12 lbs
Physical Characteristics Triangular head, large eyes, slim body
Personality Energetic and loyal
Origin England
Lifespan 12-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

Although the Oriental Longhaired Cat shares a close relationship with the Oriental Shorthair cat, these intriguing and graceful felines are famous for their long, silky, healthy coats, which is especially well suited to their long, tubular bodies.

While the coat is dense and silky, unlike most long-haired breeds, it lacks a wooly undercoat. They have long, angular bodies, wedge-shaped faces, enormous almond-shaped eyes, and large ears.

If properly introduced, they are also good with kids and other animals. They are very lively and fun-loving, which is a great characteristic of cats, but they also like their space to be respected.

They are a highly trainable breed of cat since they learn well and respond well to teaching.

The Oriental cat enjoys human company and is always interested in what’s going on in the household. Make sure to involve him in everything; this cat breed loves attention.

The Oriental Longhair cat breed is smart and inquisitive. They enjoy receiving a lot of attention and are highly vocal. Be prepared to be loved as they will probably follow you around the house everywhere you go!

15. Grey Long Haired Balinese Cat

Grey Long Haired Balinese Cat

Size Small to medium-sized cat
Average Weight 6-11 lbs
Physical Characteristics Slender figure, pointed ears, large eyes
Personality Intelligent and playful
Origin United States
Lifespan 10-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

The elegant Balinese cat is of medium size with a long, tubular body. Their coats are long and silky and can be of many different colors, but only one coat pattern – colorpoint.

The Balinese has a distinctive appearance due to its black (or gray) coloration on its tail, ears, and face. It has deep blue, slanted eyes which are particularly striking.

Similar to their Siamese relatives, Balinese cats are distinguished by their piercing blue eyes and silky, pointed coats. A genetic mutation which caused Siamese cats longer, silkier coats gave rise to the Balinese cat breed.

Many people believe that this cat breed is hypoallergenic, although there is no concrete scientific evidence of this yet. Another interesting fact about this cat breed is that they are very strong jumpers.

A Balinese cat might be seen deftly leaping to the top of your refrigerator, bookcases, or even onto doors.

16. Grey Domestic Longhaired Cat

grey domestic long haired cat

Size Medium-sized cat
Average Weight 8-15 lbs
Physical Characteristics Various sizes, colors and patterns
Personality Intelligent and friendly
Origin Mixed ancestry
Lifespan 12-18 years

More About This Cat Breed

Domestic cats, which can have a wide range of hues, including grey, include any American cat without a pedigree. These cats will be a mixture of different breeds and as such, they are not recognized by any cat registry.

Mixed breed cats are less susceptible to the health issues that are common in pure breeds. Indeed, domestic cats of mixed ancestry tend to be healthy cats with a high life expectancy.

A mixed cat breed is an endearing feline friend to have at home!

It’s hard to name any shared physical characteristic that all domestic cats will share, as the ancestry of these cats varies from one animal to another. The same can be said for personality traits as well.

However, they definitely can be long-haired and grey, and they are beautiful!

17. Grey LaPerm Cat

laperm cat

Size Small to medium-sized cat
Average Weight 6-12 lbs
Physical Characteristics Dipped nose, wavy coat, long body
Personality Clever and playful
Origin United States
Lifespan 10-14 years

More About This Cat Breed

The LaPerm is a relatively new cat breed that first appeared in 1982. Its unusual “permed” look makes it very distinctive. This cat breed has a fluffy tail and long, tightly curled hair around its tail, ears, and neck.

A genetic abnormality that causes cats to produce curly hair is the reason for the LaPerm’s coiled coat. Breeders continued to produce these cats with curly hair because of how they look; truly, their curly coats are adorable!

The LaPerm may be the best choice if you’re looking for a peaceful pet. When this cat does speak, it has a sweet, beautiful voice rather than a loud, demanding one.

Additionally, they have a propensity to form bonds with other animals, particularly other cats and well-behaved dogs. These cats enjoy finding a cozy spot and curling up, whether it is on your lap, next to you, or within your bed covers!

18. Grey British Longhair Cat

british longhair

Size Large-sized cat
Average Weight 8-16 lbs
Physical Characteristics Muscular, robust bodies, fluffy coat, round eyes
Personality Independent and affectionate
Origin Great Britain
Lifespan 12-15 years

More About This Cat Breed

A medium to large domestic cat, the British Longhair has a luxurious, fluffy coat and a face resembling those of their shorthaired siblings.

Although the adults tend to be a little less active than other breeds, these cats are nevertheless quite tolerant, adaptable, and kind.

This makes them a good breed to consider if you’re not too keen on the thought of owning an extremely active cat.

The British Longhair cat can be the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a more relaxed feline friend.

There is one important thing to keep in mind – they need to be encouraged to play and exercise because they are less energetic, and you should watch how much you feed them, because they are prone to gaining weight.

They need brushing and are prone to matting, like the majority of cats with longer hair. Due to their coat thickening in preparation for winter, they are most susceptible to tangles in the fall and winter.

Short Haired Grey Cat Breeds

Equally beautiful as long-haired grey cats are short haired grey cats, so let’s briefly mention them as well!

If you’re wondering if there are short haired cat breeds with a grey coat – absolutely, there are many! Cat breeds known to have members with grey coats are:

• Russian Blue Cat

• British Shorthair Cat

• Egyptian Mau

• Devon Rex

• Siamese Cat

• Sphynx

• American Shorthair Cat

• Chartreux

• Korat

• Domestic Shorthair Cat

• Oriental Shorthair Cat

• Cornish Rex Cat


Are All-Grey Cats Rare?

Solid grey cats are rare, but patterned grey cats are not. You are far more likely to encounter a tabby or color-point grey cat than a solid grey cat.

Some cat breeds are popular because they only have grey coats (such as the Russian Blue) and they are very rare.

What Type Of Cat Is All-Grey?

There are several cat breeds that have coats that are completely grey.

Some of the most famous cat breeds with a solid grey coat are: the Nebelung cats, Russian Blue cats, Korat cats and Chartreux cats. These are quite rare, as most grey cats are patterned.

What Breed Of Cat Is Grey With Long Hair?

Nebelung Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, Persian Cat, Ragdoll, Turkish Angora, Siberian Cat, Himalayan, Longhaired Scottish Fold, American Curl, Birman, American Bobtail, Ragamuffin Cat, Oriental Longhair Cat, Balinese Cat Breed, Domestic Longhaired Cat, LaPerm and British Longhair are some of the most famous cat breeds with grey coats and long hair.

What Breed Is A Grey And White Long Haired Cat?

The vast majority of grey cats are patterned, so there are grey longhaired cats that also have white fur, including the Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian cat, Ragdoll, Balinese, Birman, Ragamuffin, Turkish Angora, Maine Coon and domestic longhaired cats too.

How Long Does A Grey Cat Live?

Life expectancy does not depend on the color of the coat but rather the cat breed. Considering that many cat breeds have members with a grey coat, it can be said that in general, most cats live around 13-15 years, so the same can be expected for grey cats too.

In Conclusion

There you have it; the top 18 list of the most stunning long haired cat breeds with grey coats! Grey cats have a beautiful, mysterious look due to their gorgeous coat color.

Grey coats are especially striking in cats with long hair, so if you’re wondering about the most famous long haired grey cat breeds – I have the answer!

Famous long haired cat breeds with grey coats are the Nebelung Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll, Turkish Angora, Siberian, longhaired Scottish Fold, Himalayan, American Curl and many others!

Only Nebelung cats and Russian Blue cats are solid grey, while other grey longhaired cats are patterned. In fact, solid grey cats are very rare, while patterned grey cats are a lot more common.

Nevertheless, grey coats are truly beautiful, no matter if they’re solid or patterned, on a shorthaired or a longhaired cat!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these long haired cat breeds (grey edition!). This list contains some beautiful kitties and I hope you have learned something new. Perhaps you have even found the cat you would like to welcome into your home!

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