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‘Crooked’ Kitty Finds Home After A Long Wait And Her Bond With New Dad Is Beyond Adorable

‘Crooked’ Kitty Finds Home After A Long Wait And Her Bond With New Dad Is Beyond Adorable

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I think we can all agree that imperfections are what make every creature in this world uniquely perfect. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this unique-looking feline is pretty darn purrfect! 

Meet Monty, the “crooked” kitty born without a nasal bridge bone, who has captured the hearts of cat lovers all over the globe!

Due to a chromosomal abnormality, Monty was born with an unusual yet incredibly adorable face. Unfortunately, this condition brought along some breathing issues and a serious sneezing problem.

Originally, Monty ended up at a local shelter because his first owner had too many cats to care for. As you can imagine, because of his unique appearance, not everyone found him appealing, so he often got overlooked by potential adopters

However, three long years later, his forever family finally found him!

couple kissing cat
Credit: Monty

When they first saw Monty, his new owners, Mikala and Michael, just knew he had to come home with them! As they shared on their Facebook page:

“His special appearance makes him look so incredibly cute, but his personality, he showed from the very beginning, is as rare as a diamond! Monty shared a room with some of the other cats from the animal shelter and even tho a few of them acted a little aggressive and lashed out for him, Monty continued to lay calm and quiet, uneager to pick a fight.”

According to his parents, Monty quickly became a perfect addition to their already feline-loving home. 

cats on the couch
Credit: Monty

He befriended their two resident cats, Malle and Mikkel, and showed just how loving and affectionate he truly is. Later on, he welcomed a younger sister, Molly, with whom he formed a strong bond, too. 

However, from day one, his absolute favorite companion has been his dad, Michael!

man sleeping with cat
Credit: Monty

Cuddling with his dad is Monty’s all-time favorite activity. Whether he’s lounging on the couch or keeping Michael company while he works on the computer, Monty loves being close.

These two even snuggle up together at bedtime! While it’s not unusual for a cat to sleep with their human, the bedtime routine this dynamic duo shares is beyond adorable!

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself in this heartwarming video Mikala and Michael shared on their YouTube channel:

In the video, you can see Monty blissfully dozing off on Michael’s cheek while his dad pets him, ensuring his precious furball is comfortable and happy.

Honestly, this is probably the best thing I’ve seen all week!

Mikala and Michael said that their wish is for Monty to become an ambassador for “crooked” cats that might not look perfect in everyone’s eyes. 

By sharing his story with the world they’re hoping to spread the word that being a bit different doesn’t stop you from being absolutely awesome!

It’s such a beautiful message they’re spreading, and I wish them all the luck in the world in their noble mission!

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