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Doorbell Camera Catches A Touching Reunion Of A Woman And Her Lost Pet Cat

Doorbell Camera Catches A Touching Reunion Of A Woman And Her Lost Pet Cat

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Depending on the neighborhood you live in, Illinois can get pretty crowded. 

This five-year-old pet cat used the opportunity of the morning workday rush to sneak outside, and vanished into thin air. 

Only when the family got home from work and checked their security cameras, did they realize he wasn’t hiding anywhere in the house but had actually run away. 

The whole family was shocked! If only they had paid more attention to Oliver instead of rushing to work…

Roxy, Oliver’s owner, grew very concerned about where he might be since he wasn’t used to the outdoors. The family had no idea if something happened to the cat or where he was, and over 12 hours had passed since he went missing…

woman standing in front of the house
Credit: YouTube

Oliver was an indoor pet, so naturally, Roxy worried something bad might have happened. He was wandering out and about for more than 12 hours. 

The family went out looking for him, but Oliver was nowhere to be found. They started to panic and sadness overcame them. Their beloved five-year-old feline was missing and they couldn’t do anything about it…

woman went for cat
Credit: YouTube

They searched high and low but it was all in vain… Poor Oli was gone, can you imagine the thoughts that passed through Roxy’s mind? I’m sad just thinking about my Mikey disappearing, I don’t know what I’d do if it ever happened. 

After Roxy and her family came home from their neighborhood search, they left Oli’s favorite blankie outside and went in.

It was already night when Roxy went outside again to clean up the front porch. However, after a sad and concerning day, there he was…

happy woman got cat in hands
Credit: YouTube

The blanket worked! Their reunion is so heartwarming and touching, and their doorbell camera captured it all! 

You can see Roxy crying and happily jumping with Oliver in her arms. She hugged him tight and wouldn’t let go. I imagine I’d do the same in this situation:

Luckily everything ended well and Oliver came back home. Roxy’s reaction is so precious and I believe every cat owner can relate to it. 

Even though their day was filled with sadness, it had a happy ending and they have this touching moment on video to cherish forever. 

It can also serve as a great reminder to us all to pay more attention to what we’re doing at any moment, since every one of our actions has consequences, it’s largely up to us whether they’re good or bad. 

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