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Discover How Hashbrown The Kitten Redefined What It Means To Be A Ginger Cat

Discover How Hashbrown The Kitten Redefined What It Means To Be A Ginger Cat

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Orange cats are truly one of a kind, aren’t they? They have that special vibe that just makes you smile every time you see this burst of sunshine!

Speaking of those charming vibes, let me tell you about Hashbrown. This ginger furball is unlike any other cat you’ve met. Oh, she is quite a standout!

From the moment she arrived from Dallas, Texas, to Rainbow Kitten Rescue, it was clear she brought her own brand of ginger charm. Initially mistaken for a male, Hashbrown soon revealed herself as a quirky little lady. 

Hashbrown and her sister Omelette were in good hands with their foster mom Ashley, a skilled vet tech. So they always had expert hands if they needed help, and most importantly, they were surrounded by love.

Although she started off a bit shy, Hashbrown’s adorable orange cat personality quickly shone through. With her sweet nature and unique ginger tabby fur, she won the hearts of everyone she met.

Did you know that only about 20% of ginger tabbies are girls? They need those orange genes from both parents, so they are quite rare and super popular with adopters, just like Hashbrown. 

As you might guess, Hashbrown didn’t act like a typical kitty — she was full of surprises! She was the kind who would climb the bars of her kennel and even throw a little attitude at the vet.

Orange Cat In Form And In Heart

While at home, Hashbrown would watch the adult cats occasionally drink from the German Shepherd’s water bowl and copy them. Perhaps she longed to be a part of their gang? Rainbow Kitten Rescue shared:

“Sometimes I just can not with these kittens. [She] always does this now. And I think it’s because [she] watches my adult cats who can reach do it.” 

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Yet it was her growing up surrounded by dogs that truly shaped Hashbrown’s affection and filled her days with endless fun.

Hashbrown’s Overcoming A Health Crisis

Poor Hashbrown got really sick. Her struggle with a high temperature was truly heartbreaking. Without delay, the vet gave her medicine and fluids, carefully checking her for any serious conditions like Pyometra or FIP.

Thankfully, things were not that serious. It turned out to be just a urinary tract infection (UTI). With the right treatment, the crisis cleared up and Hashbrown bounced back to her playful self. What a relief for everyone! 

Hashbrown’s Fresh Start 

Not long after her recovery, Hashbrown found a caring family who welcomed her with open hands. Parting with the playful kitty was no easy task at all, but it allowed Ashley to continue rescuing other kittens.

Recently, Ashley got to catch up with Hashbrown’s family and she couldn’t be happier for them! Rainbow Kitten Rescue shared:

“Look who we got to see yesterday it’s HASHBROWN! I cannot believe how big she has grown, it feels like yesterday she was just a tiny baby. But she’s still her new mom’s baby forever I love seeing these happy endings. They remind me why we continue to do this.”

Omelette’s Quest For A Home Sweet Home

While Hashbrown has found her place in the hearts of her new family, sweet Omelette is still searching for her fur-ever home. Rainbow Kitten Rescue shares:

“Omelette is three months old and is at the perfect age to learn how to fit into any family. She is gentle, sweet, and affectionate to all of us in the house.”

Guess what? She even follows Hashbrown’s paw steps by adorably sipping from the dog’s bowl too!

If you are interested in opening your heart and home to a furry friend who’ll fill your days with love and laughter, consider adopting Omelette. 

Contact Rainbow Kitten Rescue through their Facebook page to find out more about her — she may be just the purrfect addition to your family!

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