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Adorable Ginger Cat Learns To Swim From His Dog Brothers And Falls In Love With The Ocean

Adorable Ginger Cat Learns To Swim From His Dog Brothers And Falls In Love With The Ocean

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When Caroline Jarvis Hopkins, a professional photographer hailing from North Carolina, became a proud cat mom of an adorable orange tabby, she probably didn’t anticipate having an ocean-loving kitty around. 

After all, everybody knows that cats despise water, right? 

Well, hold onto your hats, because some cats actually relish splashing around and Marlin the Cat is here today to prove it. 

Caroline and her husband Mack reside in Hatteras Island, North Carolina with their three adorable dogs. Their everyday life consists of boat riding, fishing, sunbathing, exploring nature, and genuinely enjoying the perks of a beach life. 

They welcomed Marlin into their family when he was around 5 and a half weeks old

Right from the get-go, the orange fella was completely smitten with all of them, especially his canine brothers! He followed them everywhere they went, making sure he didn’t miss a thing. 

Since Caroline and Mac loved to take their dogs on boat rides, it was only natural for Marlin to tag along once he became part of the crew. And that’s how his love for the ocean was born.

One day, as the dogs were using the steps that led in and out of the water, Marlin got curious. As he descended the steps, he lost his footing and fell right into the water. 

At first, everyone was shocked, until Marlin did something that shocked them even more. Instead of hysterically crying, Marlin just went for a swim. According to Caroline, he swam better than his brothers!

Can you believe this? Marlin, a tiny orange kitten, defied all the stereotypes and proved to the whole world that cats can enjoy the water – just as much as dogs do!

After his first swim, Marlin became a regular beach visitor and a boat rider. He carefully observed his brother during their ocean escapades, making sure he got everything just right. 

The water never bothered him. From being splashed by tiny waves to going for a full-on swim – Marlin loved it all! As Caroline said it:

“He was a natural to loving the ocean because he was raised by dogs.”

If his canine brothers taught him how to love water, then perhaps he passed on some feline grooming in return. Or, at least that’s how I like to imagine it.

Marlin, the swimming cat raised by dogs soon became a local celebrity. According to his mom, people couldn’t resist stopping to greet him and take pictures whenever they crossed paths on the beach.

His popularity grew even more once he was featured in People Magazine. That’s when he truly rose to fame!

If you have enjoyed this Tail of the Tides and want to dive deeper into Marlin’s aquatic adventures, be sure to check out his YouTube channel

Also, feel free to visit Caroline’s Instagram for more photos of our ocean-loving feline friend. 

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