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6 Tips To Safely Trim Your Cat’s Nails

6 Tips To Safely Trim Your Cat’s Nails

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Nail trimming is one of the most important aspects of cat grooming care. The main reason for this is that it can reduce the risk of claw infections, ingrowing nails, scratching behavior, and similar, thus keeping your kitty’s claws healthy.

Most cats don’t like having their nails trimmed, but luckily for you, this article will help you learn how to safely trim your cat’s nails.

• 1st Step – learn more about cat’s claws 

cat's paw with claws

This is the most important part because you need to know more about your cat’s claws. While trimming, it’s crucial to cut only the tip of the cat’s nail. When observing a cat’s nails, you’ll notice the pink or red base of the nail, which is called the quick. 

This part of the nail contains blood nerves and cutting that will cause your kitty pain and bleeding. Therefore, trim only the tip of the cat’s nail.

• 2nd Step – teach your cat to stay calm during the trimming process

In the beginning you can practice without trimming its nails. Gently press the cat’s thumb to retract its nail and use treats to reward its good behavior. Over time, the cat will understand this is safe and it will wait patiently for the treat.

• 3rd Step – don’t be too harsh on your cat

the cat is calm while the woman trims its nails

Being harsh on your cat or fighting it can only ruin the process of adjustment. Instead, use treats and a soft, sweet voice. Provide your kitty with a calm environment to reassure it that it’s safe. 

• 4th Step – choose the right tool 

It is best to use a nail trimmer designed specifically for cats as this will make it easier for both you and your cat to adjust to this process more quickly.

• 5th Step – make sure you trim your cat’s nails quickly but carefully

Cat's getting a nail trim

Most cats won’t stay calm for too long which is why it’s important that you trim your cat’s nails quickly. However, you should also be very careful in order not to hurt your kitty by accident. It takes practice, patience, and time, but over time you’ll get better and better at trimming your cat’s nails.

• 6th Step – don’t forget to reward your kitty

Reward your kitty when the whole nail-trimming process is finished, but only if it behaves well. That way, you’ll create a positive connection and help your cat understand that trimming is a good thing.

However, I’m aware that most people don’t want to try trimming their cat’s nails because they’re afraid of hurting them or similar. In that case, you can always take your cat to the vet or a groomer and let them trim your cat’s nails for you. 

I would also like to note that declawing is never an option. Cat’s claws are very important as they use them for many different things, such as scratching, climbing, defending themselves, and similar. So, leaving them without their useful claws would actually be very cruel!

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