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Illinois Man Unexpectedly Adopts A Long-Stay Shelter Cat After No One Wanted Him

Illinois Man Unexpectedly Adopts A Long-Stay Shelter Cat After No One Wanted Him

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Looking for the perfect pet can be a bit tricky sometimes. Sometimes the one you had your heart set on might get adopted by someone else, or the breed you thought you wanted might not feel like the perfect match when you actually meet them. 

Surprisingly, these twists can sometimes lead to even better relationships! Gregory T. Janetka from Downers Grove, Illinois, found this out for himself when he went to the nearby animal shelter to find a cute and cuddly companion.

Gregory’s first visit looked promising. He instantly connected with an older orange cat named Wendell. But then something unexpected happened! 

Gregory didn’t have the right identification with him to finish the adoption process. By the time he returned, he found out that Wendell had already been adopted by someone else. 

Gregory felt sad, but he didn’t give up. So, he went back to the shelter again. The director noticed that Gregory was feeling down and decided to offer a different option.

That’s when he met Ashford. Ashford is a remarkable male cat with a striking grey coat, and he was no ordinary resident. 

Everyone at the shelter knew him as “Fang” because of his prominent teeth, and he held the special title of “Star Pet.” 

This meant that he had been at the shelter for a very long time, going through multiple adoptions and returns. However, due to his anxiety from being in cages, he was free to roam around the director’s office. 

The moment Gregory met Ashford, something magical happened. It could have been Ashford’s unique smile or the deep understanding in his eyes, but Gregory knew that they were meant to be together.

Ten years later, Gregory’s first feeling turned out to be totally right, and he’s still wondering why someone would leave a cat behind like that. Ashford is now like a best friend that he can’t live without. 

The truth is, their adventure hasn’t been completely easy. Gregory and Ashford both deal with anxiety and feeling abandoned. But by tackling these obstacles side by side, they’ve created a strong bond that can’t be broken.

Together, they’ve gone on many adventures, traveling through numerous states and driving an amazing 2,000 miles.

He and Ashford have supported each other and helped each other heal. Although he’s not sure how much he has influenced Ashford, one thing is for sure: Gregory appreciates the love and friendship that Ashford has given him.

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