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Ginger Kitty Loves Snow And His Photos Are A Must-See

Ginger Kitty Loves Snow And His Photos Are A Must-See

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Meet Ginger, the most adorable furball of a cat you’ll ever feast your eyes on! Despite his days as a street-smart stray, this cute kitty still craves snowbound adventures. 

Nowadays, Ginger’s living the high life, and he’s all about those snug catnaps – who can blame him after braving the wild as a gritty street cat?

But fate had a different plan for our fluffy hero. Soon, he’d find his forever family and rediscover the joys of the great outdoors, minus the survival struggles.

When this big orange tabby first strutted into the neighborhood, his future family had a hunch he wasn’t your run-of-the-mill alley cat. As they put it:

“He looked like he was a home cat who didn’t know how to survive outside – he would just sit in one place for long periods of time.”

cat in a snow

They spread the word and made inquiries, but no one spilled the beans about this enigmatic feline. It seemed they were about to welcome a pleasantly plump new member into their family.

“We named him Ginger because we already have a black cat who we call Mr. Black.”

Ginger and Mr. Black hit it off right away, forging a furry bromance as cozy as their home.

With his street days behind him, Ginger now looks forward to snowy escapades. His folks revealed:

“Snow is not a problem for him; Ginger likes to explore the outdoors in winter too. He even plays with snow.”

orange cat in a snow

But, hold onto your hats, because our Ginger has a playful streak. During his neighborhood rounds, he likes to tease the local cats and dogs. 

Picture this: He casually takes a seat in front of a barking dog and locks eyes – it’s almost like he’s saying, “You bark, I chill.”

But these frosty standoffs usually end quickly, with Ginger high-tailing it back to his cozy home. 

And when he’s not on his outdoor escapades, Ginger enjoys some bird-watching from the window. It’s safe to say he’s plotting his bird-catching strategy for his next outdoor adventure.

He’s a good ol’ boy who doesn’t mind lending a paw around the house. His preferred household chore? Looking absolutely adorable and fluffy while he lounges around.

But Ginger isn’t just a cold-weather enthusiast – he’s also a fan of lazy strolls in the warm sunshine, where he simply lounges and soaks up those rays.

“He is super cute. He loves to be with his people and I think that he knows how to enjoy life because it looks like he savors every moment.”

Looks like Ginger has a few life lessons to teach us all!

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