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Cat With Rare Condition Faced Euthanasia But This Woman Found A Brilliant Way To Save Her Life

Cat With Rare Condition Faced Euthanasia But This Woman Found A Brilliant Way To Save Her Life

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Fostering animals is a heartfelt act of kindness that provides a second chance to those most in need. Jen Tait, a devoted foster mom, shows this compassion every day.

When a fragile kitten named Bristol came into her care, Jen’s dedication and inventive approach not only saved Bristol’s life but also helped her thrive amid considerable challenges.

This is the heartwarming story of how Jen gave Bristol a fighting chance. Get ready to be touched by their inspiring journey!

kitty with rare condition
Source: Jen Tait

Bristol was found by a kind-hearted stranger when she was merely a week old, tiny enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and quietly crying out for her missing mother.

Rescued from her precarious situation, she was handed over to Jen, a foster mom known for her nurturing care of furry friends in need. Jen welcomed Bristol into her warm, inviting home, creating a snug nest for her to rest securely.

sweet kitten with rare condition
Source: Jen Tait

However, it didn’t take long for Jen to realize that something was off with Bristol. She had difficulty nursing and often regurgitated her food, which caused her visible distress. 

Jen shared her concerns in an interview:

“She would take tiny bites of wet food and then shake her head. She would also regurgitate or vomit. And when I would pick her up from her middle, she would spit up food or stomach acid.”

adorable black and white kitten
Source: Jen Tait

Concerned, Jen sought advice from a vet and learned that Bristol had Megaesophagus, a condition where the esophagus is enlarged, making it difficult for food and water to reach the stomach.

Given the severity of the condition, the vet suggested euthanasia as the most humane option. But Jen, driven by her deep affection and commitment to Bristol, couldn’t accept that outcome.

Jen decided to do her best to help Bristol thrive, dedicating herself fully to her care.

owner and cat eating
Source: Jen Tait

Jen adjusted Bristol’s feeding routine to accommodate her unique needs. She held Bristol upright after each meal, helping to guide the food down to ensure the kitty got the nourishment she desperately needed.

As part of her ongoing efforts to find the best solution, Jen experimented with different feeding techniques. Eventually, she discovered that feeding Bristol on a raised stool helped the food pass more smoothly into her stomach.

Still, challenges persisted, as Jen explained:

“We figured out that all that worked and stayed down was Gerber baby food and Clinicaire complete liquid nutrition for cats and dogs.”

black and white cat eating
Source: Jen Tait

As Bristol grew, Jen was even more determined to improve her quality of life. So she thought of a brilliant idea – she made Bristol a small highchair to manage her Megaesophagus and keep her comfy while eating.

Jen revealed how she came up with this idea:

“I remembered seeing a video of a dog with megaesophagus eating in a little chair that kept him vertical. So I knew it could be done and wanted to try that for Bristol!”

adorable kitten with rare condition
Source: Jen Tait

Bristol quickly adapted to her new feeding routine in the highchair, and her spirits lifted with each successful meal. The chair helped her manage her condition by keeping her in an upright position while eating, which significantly reduced her symptoms.

With this improved feeding system and Jen’s consistent encouragement, Bristol mastered eating vet food independently. Jen was overjoyed to see her furry friend progressing, able to enjoy full meals without any complications.

sweet kitten eating
Source: Jen Tait

Now, eight months after her rescue, Bristol is thriving under Jen’s devoted care. She’s progressed to a small table from which she eats, enjoying her meals with ease and comfort.

Jen has been sharing Bristol’s remarkable journey with friends and followers on social media, hoping to find a forever home that will embrace and cater to Bristol’s unique needs.

She dreams of a family who will provide the same level of care and understanding – someone who’ll celebrate Bristol’s milestones and support her through every challenge, just as she has.

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