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400+ Latin Cat Names You’ll Want To Choose For Your Feline

400+ Latin Cat Names You’ll Want To Choose For Your Feline

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Did you just adopt a new cat and don’t know what you should name them? Well, check out this list of more than 400 Latin cat names that come from different cultures and places.

Some of these names are European, Italian, or Spanish and they can be suitable as cat and dog names. I hope you’ll fall in love with one of them and that your mission of naming a kitten will be a success!

I hope you’ll have fun reading these cat name examples and that you’ll like the images I’ve made, as well. 

By choosing one of the following Latin cat names, you’re sure to stand out among other cat owners, so let’s check them out.

victoria name and white cat on pink background

There are many trending Latin cat names, but I’ve found the most popular ones and the ones that stand out the most to me. You can check out some of these cute names, and I’m sure that one of them will catch your attention.

1. Aurelia

2. Atticus

3. Victoria

4. Julian

5. Achilles

6. Serena

7. Priscilla (Presley)

8. Madonna

9. Victor

10. Adrian

Latin Names Based On Literary Characters

portia name and cat illustration

The following Latin cat names are my all-time favorites. I love literature, especially plays from Shakespearean times.

If I were to name a new cat right now, I’d definitely choose one of these names again. I say again because I used to own a cat named Octavian. Even though his name quickly shortened to Ocho, it was Octavian in his papers, lol.

Anywho, if you haven’t already picked out a name from the 10 most popular ones, you’ll surely pick one of the names written below.

1. Octavian

2. Galileo

3. Pluto

4. Hercules

5. Portia

6. Horatio

7. Achilles

8. Cleopatra

9. Ophelia

10. Claudius

11. Shylock

12. Benvolio

Latin Cat Names For Male Cats

silly cat name nero illustration

The following list comprises Latin male cat names. Some are famous cat names, some are based on nature, and some may describe your cat’s personality. Read on and choose the cutest one for your feline friend.




🐾Belvedere (a pretty sight)




🐾Caelum (sky)




🐾Jovon (majestic)









🐾Varian (conqueror)







🐾Basil (royal)





🐾Aloysius (warrior)

















🐾Crassus (chubby)




🐾Theodore (God’s gift)

















🐾Strix (owl)














🐾Flumen (river)




🐾Satis (beautiful)

🐾Superbus (proud)











amor cat name pink illustration








🐾Deus (god)







🐾Albino (best Latin name for a white cat)



🐾Cor (heart)


🐾Feles (cat)


🐾Veter (sleepy)









🐾Pluviam (rain)


















🐾Fuscus (ideal for a brown cat)





🐾 Rapidus

Latin Cat Names For Female Cats

cute pink cat illustration

Whether your cat’s a hairless cat breed or a tabby, these female cat names are sure to solve your name conundrum. 

I own a tabby male cat, and even if I wanted a male Latin name, I wouldn’t be so lucky. His name is Cat, plain and simple, lol. He just didn’t learn the name I picked out for him (probably because I have 5 other cats, and he just kept running around with them). 

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll pick out a lucky cat name that both you and your cat will adore.








🐾Arda (green forest)







🐾Adora (gift)












🐾Zea (meaning: grain) This is a great name for a small cat breed.






🐾Beatriz (bringer of joy)





🐾Aloma (dove)











🐾Pulchra (pretty)



🐾Vespera (evening star)



🐾Noctis (night)



🐾Augustina (the great)











🐾Dulcis (sweet)





🐾Elysia (heavenly)





🐾Nox (night)

🐾Donata (blessing)









🐾Mare (sea)






🐾Lasciva (playful)







🐾Aestas (summer)





🐾Valeria (strong)









🐾Diana (divine)























stella name and cat illustration










🐾Laconia (home of the Spartans)











🐾Afra (calm)
















🐾Cicatrix (scar)


🐾Anas (funny since it means “duck”)





🐾Regina (queen-like)




🐾Eva (inspiration)










Final Words

cute cat illustration

To sum up, all these names come from Latin but are from different cultures and backgrounds. I truly hope you’ve picked one out before getting to this conclusion.

There are many Latin cat names, and all of them are unique and beautiful. It just depends on your taste. You can choose according to your cat’s personality, their coat colors, or simply pick out a name that you think will best suit your beloved pet.

I’m sure that whichever name you choose, you’ll like it because it will be perfect for your beautiful cat.

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