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222 Nerdy Cat Names For Cats That Would Look Good In Glasses

222 Nerdy Cat Names For Cats That Would Look Good In Glasses

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Finding the right name for your new feline friend can be troubling, so turning to google is what most people do. I know I did, with many pets in the past. In the lists below, you’ll find the top ten nerdy female, male, and gender-neutral names for cats. 

Along with the list of my personal favorite top 10 nerdy names that your inner geek will adore, you’ll also find names categorized by science, comics, games, or TV shows.

I hope this article helps you find the right name for your new furry friend. From tech words with Greek origins to sci-fi characters, I’m sure the perfect nerdy cat name will catch your eye!

P.S. I hope you enjoy the cute pictures I’ve made to go along with the following lists of names. 

Top 10 Nerdy Cat Names For Female Cats

illustration of cat by the laptop with written cat name

In the following list of nerdy female names, you’ll find the top ten names that’ll perfectly suit your new female kitty.

🐾 Penny – don’t we all love Penny from TBBT? Despite being cute and pretty, throughout the series, she portrays great character development. How couldn’t she, with all the nerds around her? lol

🐾 Katniss – except for the “kat” in the name, which always wins me over, Katniss is the main character of the Hunger Games, who I absolutely adore.

🐾 Catwoman – I immediately think of Halle Berry. Now some would argue that she is the best Catwoman, but that’s a matter of preference. But one thing’s for sure, it’s a great name for a cat.

🐾 Princess Leia – I believe that many of us sweet-talk to our cats, calling them prince or princess, and don’t get me started on the royal treatment we give them. Princess Leia is a perfect name for Star Wars fans with female cats as pets.

🐾 Khaleesi – if you don’t know who this is, just scroll away. Or, better yet, start watching Game of Thrones.

🐾 Arya – this is the name that would best suit a fierce black kitten. I don’t know why, it’s probably because of the dark hair of the actress in the GoT series.

🐾 Harley Quinn – you can’t have the top 10 female cat names without Harley. She is thought to be one of the most charismatic villains in the DC universe.

🐾 Lara Croft – you might be too young to be so enthralled with the character of Lara Croft, embodied by Angelina Jolie. If you know, you know. If you don’t, go watch the movies. You won’t be sorry!

🐾 Siri – Alexa will never amount to our beloved Apple’s virtual assistant.

🐾 Xena – Xena: The Warrior Princess! I just have to say it whenever I hear her name, lol. The best cartoon of my childhood, by far!

Top 10 Nerdy & Male Cat Names

illustration of standing cat with written name

After some research, I’ve narrowed the list to the top ten nerdy male cat names. This list might speed up the process if you’re into trending and popular cat names! However, in the lists below, you’ll find other nerdy names as well.

🐾 Da Vinci – after the famous Leonardo, of course. The artist, inventor, and scientist is the OG of nerds.

🐾 Gandalf – my favorite character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A wise and powerful wizard.

🐾 Yoda – the cutest Star Wars character.

🐾 Gizmo – the gremlin! Ooh, I used to love the Gremlins when I was a kid.

🐾 Dumbledore – would this list even make sense without the best wizard from all the Harry Potter books?

🐾 Einstein – for all hardcore nerds that are searching for cool cat names here. Beware, if you name your cat Einstein, he might become too intelligent. lol

🐾 Cooper – I know he is only a fictional character, but I’m a nerd in many different spheres! So what? Sheldon Cooper might be the best TV sitcom character ever. Change my mind.

🐾 Neo – the Keanu Reeves we all know and love! The protagonist of the Matrix franchise.

🐾 Pascal – even though I’m not that into math, I believe we all know who Pascal is. The child prodigy mathematician who wrote a significant piece in geometry at the age of 16!

🐾 Quark – this is something Sheldon Cooper would know! A quark is an elementary particle that is an essential constituent of matter.

Top 10 Unisex Nerdy Cat Names

illustration of grey cat with written name

🐾 Brainiac – you have a supervillain, you have a rock band, and we used to have a TV show by the same name. Oh, those were the days.

🐾 Cipher – it just sounds cool, but only we’ll know that it’s drawn from the word ‘decipher’.

🐾 Prodigy – a purrfect name for incredibly intelligent cats.

🐾 E.T. – I don’t know why, but a Sphynx cat would bear this name perfectly.

🐾 Halo – gamers, hear me out! Not only is this a super popular online game, but it can also refer to the halo of angels. And who’s a bigger angel than our sweet kitties?

🐾 Tesla – even though I think of Nikola Tesla, the man (and only the greatest inventor of all time), I believe that his surname and the name of Elon Musk’s company, can fit any gender.

🐾 Glitch – a glitch refers to a temporary and sudden malfunction, but as a cat name, it sounds adorable.

🐾 Gif – I, for one, love, love, love gifs! However, it will be your own preference how you’ll pronounce your new cat’s name.

🐾 Byte – what would we do today without bytes? I can’t imagine a world without them. Imagine having a small cat and a large cat and calling them Byte and Megabyte. Too fun!

🐾 Leet – leet is slang for the word elite. This term is used in the gaming world to describe the most skilled gamers.

My Top Picks! 10 Best Nerdy Cat Names

I simply love exploring and helping people pick out a name for their new cat! But it can be difficult to pick a name out of the 200+ nerdy cat names listed here.

I really love this topic, so I had to pick out my TOP 10 nerdy names. I hope this can help you pick the best name for your feline friend.

🐾 Deadpool

🐾 Pixel

🐾 Venus

🐾 Marvel

🐾 Frodo

🐾 Buffy

🐾 Helix

🐾 Chewie

🐾 Dewey

🐾 Peach (if you didn’t know, Peach is Mario’s princess)

Comic Book Cat Names

illustration of supercat

🐾 Thor

🐾 Harley

🐾 Jade

🐾 Magneto

🐾 Pepper

🐾 Storm

🐾 Punisher

🐾 Rogue

🐾 Hulk

🐾 Clark

🐾 Lex

🐾 Supercat

🐾 Akira

🐾 Hodor

🐾 Rorschach

🐾 Flash

🐾 Harvey

🐾 Alfred

🐾 Oracle

🐾 Mystique

🐾 Raven

🐾 Galactus

🐾 Rocket

🐾 Goku

🐾 Loki

🐾 Hawkeye

Tech & Video Game Cat Names

illustration of sleeping cat on the cloud

🐾 Beta

🐾 Clara

🐾 Kernal

🐾 Java (by JavaScript, the programming language)

🐾 Newbie

🐾 Zip

🐾 Mac

🐾 Luigi

🐾 Wario

🐾 Zelda (when video games were something else)

🐾 Jax

🐾 Kong

🐾 Genesis

🐾 Sega (Japanese video game developer)

🐾 Nano

🐾 Vector

🐾 Woz

🐾 Atari

🐾 Cortana

🐾 Duke (Nukem)

🐾 Ganon

🐾 Jade

🐾 Pong

🐾 Yoshi

🐾 Samus

🐾 Kirby

🐾 Boo

🐾 Ruby

🐾 Cid

🐾 Kratos (god of war)

🐾 Switch

🐾 Linux

🐾 Banjo

🐾 Eve

🐾 Ryu

🐾 Ajax

🐾 Sonic (the hedgehog)

🐾 Cyber

🐾 Mouse

🐾 Redmond

🐾 Crash

🐾 Cloud

🐾 Link

🐾 Koopa (Super Mario’s enemy)

🐾 Diode

🐾 Mac

🐾 Giga

🐾 Cupertino

🐾 Shell

🐾 Widget

🐾 Chip

🐾 Digit

🐾 Cookie

🐾 Dot

🐾 Bit

🐾 Boss (the final chapter of every game)

🐾 Apache

🐾 Drake

🐾 Cisco

🐾 Data

🐾 Bowser

🐾 Bug

🐾 Codex

🐾 Clarus

Cat Names Inspired By Nerdy TV Characters

🐾 Lady

🐾 Anakin

🐾 Mulder

🐾 Riker

🐾 Obi

🐾 Wolverine (Marvel’s X-men)

🐾 Prim

🐾 Scully

🐾 Wind

🐾 Tiberius

🐾 Ripley

🐾 Scully

🐾 Nymeria

🐾 Spock

🐾 Tardis

🐾 Starlet

🐾 Koothrappali

🐾 Potter

🐾 Sulu

🐾 Ewok

🐾 Uhura

🐾 Wedge

🐾 Ackbar

🐾 Ray

🐾 Pikachu (who doesn’t love Pokemon?)

🐾 Sheldon

🐾 Dr. House

🐾 Archer

🐾 Tyrion

🐾 Howie

🐾 Summer

🐾 Astro

🐾 Grey

🐾 Bender

🐾 Boba

🐾 Amy (sounds plain, but Amy from the TBBT is remarkable)

🐾 Baelish

🐾 Cersei

🐾 Chekov

🐾 Elf

🐾 Trekkie (for true Star Trek fans)

🐾 Flynn

🐾 Ghost

Nerdy Cat Names Inspired By Science

illustration of cat with atom

🐾 Edison

🐾 Aristotle

🐾 Faraday

🐾 Sagan

🐾 Woz 

🐾 Galileo

🐾 Edison (one of the most famous inventors)

🐾 Geiger

🐾 Hawking

🐾 Helix

🐾 Isotope

🐾 Laser

🐾 Atom

🐾 Neutrino

🐾 Neutron (particles of every atom)

🐾 Newton

🐾 Quark

🐾 Darwin

🐾 Schrodinger

🐾 Fractal

🐾 Tycho

🐾 Archimedes

🐾 Axis (does the Earth revolve around it, or?)

🐾 Beaker

🐾 Fibonacci

🐾 Bernoulli

🐾 Photon

🐾 Copernicus

Final Words

I hope this post sparked your imagination as much as it did mine. I like all of these names, so think about them and try them on your cat to see if they seem appropriate. 

However, it seems to me that the only difficulty you may face is selecting only one!

Jokes aside, we all want the right name for our beloved kitties, and I genuinely hope you’ve found one in these lists. I’m a nerd,  and I proudly say it. But you’re probably a nerd, too, since you’re here searching for nerdy cat names.

I think that’s awesome! I advise you to take a careful look at your cat, and ideally, as you peruse through these names, the one that best fits your kitty will pop out at you!

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