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Space Names For Cats – 250+ Astrology & Celestial Cat Names

Space Names For Cats – 250+ Astrology & Celestial Cat Names

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Is there anything better than coming up with a name for your new kitten ?

If you are on the quest to find the perfect name for your beloved cat, and you’re inspired by space and all things celestial – you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of space names for cats for you to choose from!

This article provides you with the best choice of space names for cats . Some are inspired by the zodiac , some are names of astronauts , and others are Star Wars themed. In any case, all of the following 250+ name ideas are related to space in some way.

Space Names For Cats

In this article you will find the top trending space names for cats, divided into sections to make your search easier.

My choice of “ space name ” was for my friend’s grey cat . I love the moon, so they let me name it Moony . This is just an example how you can make little alterations to make your cat’s space name perfect.

You might be wondering why we didn’t opt for Luna? Well, we wanted a male name, and Moony suited his dreamy personality. Can you name your cat Moon? Of course, you can! There are no rules!

Nasa would be a great girl cat name for a curious and playful cat. Who knows, with the right name, your cat can even become an cat astronaut!

Athena is another cute name for a cat. Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom.

In space terms, ATHENA means advanced telescope for high-energy astrophysics. It is a European space agency mission that is expected to launch in 2028. I prefer the name because of the Greek goddess, but it is cool that it has a space connotation as well, and it gives the name a deeper meaning.

Felicette – Felicette was the first cat that was successfully launched into space. A really beautiful name and a truly unique cat to name your own kitty after.

Felix is a great traditional name for a happy cat. It is also a good name for a fearless feline, inspired by Felix Baumgartner who jumped out of a balloon at the edge of space.

Sputnik means fellow traveler. It was a type of Russian satellite sent into space. However, it can also be a very cute cat name if you’d like it for its punchy pronunciation and space connotations.

Chewbacca is a fictional character from Star Wars, if you want to have a space connection and are a star wars fan as well – especially for a long-haired cat! You can shorten the name to Chewy if it sounds cuter while your cat is a baby. This would be cool as a dog name as well.

Armstrong – Neil Armstrong. Need I say more? Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, so maybe your cat will be the first cat to do so.

“One small step for a cat, and a giant leap for catkind.”

These are just some explanations of uncommon and unique cat names that are space-related, you can check out the section below for more space cat names sorted out by celestial and astrological names for cats .

Trending Celestial Cat Names

In the following sections, you will find the best cat names that have celestial meanings or connotations, divided into female, male and unisex ideas.

Female Cat Names

an adorable kitten is lying on the bed

🐾 Andromeda

🐾 Nebula

🐾 Vela

🐾 Eclipse

🐾 Leda

🐾 Leia

🐾 Nova

🐾 Gale

🐾 Tabby

🐾 Terra

🐾 Ursa

🐾 Bellatrix

🐾 Galaxy

🐾 Ophelia

🐾 Cassiopeia

🐾 Aurora

🐾 Astra

🐾 Stella

🐾 Celestia

🐾 Venus

🐾 Umbra

🐾 Desdemona

🐾 Eclipse

🐾 Luna

🐾 April

🐾 Urania

🐾 Thalia

🐾 Aquilla

🐾 Artemis

🐾 Padme

🐾 Bianca

🐾 Skylark

🐾 Celeste

🐾 Merope

🐾 Cordelia

🐾 Cressida

🐾 Noya

🐾 Danica

🐾 Electra

🐾 Supernova

🐾 Elara

🐾 Estela

🐾 Haedi

🐾 Halley

🐾 Hydra

🐾 Juno

🐾 Marsha

🐾 Lyra

a kitten in a shaggy blanket

🐾 Mimosa

🐾 Norma

🐾 Pandora

🐾 Miram

🐾 Sora

🐾 Phoebe

🐾 Portia

🐾 Selene

🐾 Roxana

🐾 Talitha

🐾 Titania

🐾 Vega

🐾 Zora

🐾 Asta

🐾 Rhea

🐾 Carina

🐾 Cordelia

🐾 Rana

🐾 Elara

🐾 Chandra

🐾 Ariel

🐾 Himalia

🐾 Solstice

🐾 Adrastea

🐾 Kari

🐾 Callista

🐾 Alya

🐾 Estrella

🐾 Naiad

🐾 Thalassa

🐾 Zeta


🐾 Adara

🐾 Ananke

🐾 Capella

🐾 Chara

🐾 Dara

🐾 Despina

🐾 Gamma

🐾 Gravity

🐾 Ikrya

🐾 Kitalpha

🐾 Maia

🐾 Meissa

Male Cat Names

the cat is lying on its back

🐾 Jupiter

🐾 Alcor

🐾 Orion

🐾 Saturn

🐾 Cosmic

🐾 Cosmo

🐾 Arche

🐾 Comet

🐾 Atom

🐾 Draco

🐾 Perseus

🐾 Mirfak

🐾 Algol

🐾 Cygnus

🐾 Astro

🐾 Moonbeam

🐾 Altair

🐾 Star

🐾 Neptune

🐾 Atlas

🐾 Buzz

🐾  Caelum

🐾 Ciro

🐾 Cloud

🐾 Dragonfly

🐾 Cygni

🐾 Elio

🐾 Flare

🐾 Galileo

🐾 Genesis

🐾 Hercules

🐾 Hadar

🐾 Herschell

🐾 Hubble

🐾 Janus

🐾 Moon

🐾 Neutron

🐾 Oberon

🐾 Pegasus

🐾 Phobos

🐾 Polaris

🐾 Pollux

🐾 Sirius

🐾 Sol

🐾 Umbriel

close up photo of a kitten

🐾 Ulysses

🐾 Vega

🐾 Hester

🐾 Taurus

🐾 Bolide

🐾 Apollo

🐾 Meteor

🐾 Stardust

🐾 Twilight

🐾 Ceres

🐾 Equinox

🐾 Kerberos

🐾 Pegasus

🐾 Prometheus

🐾 Triton

🐾 Ymir

🐾 Rocket

🐾 Callisto

🐾 Asteroid

🐾 Fenrir

🐾 Axiom

🐾 Bootes

🐾 Cetus

🐾 Corvus

🐾 Chort

🐾 Falcon

🐾 Erriapo

🐾 Han

🐾 Jet

🐾 Marfik

🐾 Neso

🐾 Titus

🐾 Neutron

🐾 Prospero

🐾 Puck

🐾 Rigel

🐾 Sao

🐾 Shuttle

🐾 Skoll

🐾 Taygete

🐾 Sirius

🐾 Tarvos

Unisex Cat Names

🐾 Aster

🐾 Phoenix

🐾 Mercury

🐾 Pluto

🐾 Milky

🐾 Rigel

🐾 Sky

🐾 Soleil

🐾 Zaniah

Trending Astrology Names For Cats

If you want your new cat to have a white cat name or a black cat name, i.e. something that suits the color of its fur, read on for some more celestial galaxy cat names that are also connected to astrology in one way or another and which will work for different colored cats.

These great name ideas are also sorted into female, male and unisex pet names .

Female Cat Names

kitten in a basket with lilacs

🐾 Aries

🐾 Gemma

🐾 June

🐾 Pearl

🐾 Virgo

🐾 Aura

🐾 Libra

🐾 Mystique

🐾 Pisces

🐾 Rune

🐾 Tabitha

🐾 Angelica

🐾 Crystal

🐾 Hydra

🐾 Norma

🐾 Banshee

🐾 Gardenia

🐾 Amruta

🐾 Wanageeska

🐾 Chakra

🐾 Wicca

🐾 Anthe

🐾 Juliet

🐾 Anahita

🐾 Aine

🐾 Kamaria

🐾 Moira

Male Cat Names

cute yellow cat is lying down

🐾 Leo

🐾 Mars

🐾 Grimalkin

🐾 Aquarius

🐾 Bulan

🐾 Jasper

🐾 Garnet

🐾 Nimbus

🐾 Onyx

🐾 Grimoire

🐾 Malachite

🐾 Astral

🐾 Capricorn

🐾 Gemini

🐾 Hex

🐾 Omen

🐾 Mistik

🐾 Raven

🐾 Sagittarius

🐾 Taurus

🐾 Crux

🐾 Griffin

🐾 Ajax

🐾 Hades

🐾 Hermes

🐾 Lunar

🐾 Echo

🐾 Icarus

🐾 Merlin

🐾 Loki

🐾 Odin

🐾 Vulcan

🐾 Oracle

🐾 Rumi

🐾 Tenebris

🐾 Voodoo

🐾 Callisto

🐾 Iapetus

🐾 Carpo

🐾 Nix

🐾 Styx

🐾 Dorado

🐾 Elgafar

🐾 Ewan

🐾 Gudja

🐾 Yuri

Unisex Cat Names

two cats are sitting by the window

🐾 Billy

🐾 Sunny

🐾 Amber

🐾 Charm

🐾 Oracle

🐾 Scry

🐾 Scorpio

🐾 Eros

🐾 Castor

🐾 Magic

🐾 Samson

🐾 Willow

🐾 Badru


What is the space cats name?

Felicette was the first cat that was successfully launched into space. A really beautiful name and a truly unique cat !. The cat went into space in 1963.

Can I name my cat Moon?

Yes, naming a cat Moon is a great idea. You can also find some other variations of the word or names with moon associations, e.g. Moony, Luna , Gibbous, Apogee, Syzygy, etc.

What is the #1 cat name?

The most popular cat names are Oliver, Leo, Max, Milo, Luna , Bella, and Chloe.

What is the cat’s name in The Cat in the Hat?

The show The Cat in the Hat didn’t expose the name of the cat during the time the book was popular. However, the Cat got the name Conrad when the movie was produced, and some people referred to it as Dick before the movie.

How many cat names are there?

There are countless cat names of many origins, ideas, themes, etc. Cat name ideas exist in countless numbers.

What is the most common cat name?

According to many different sources, the most common cat names are Max and/or Kitty, depending on the cat’s sex.

Final Thoughts

a beautiful kitten lies on a white shaggy carpet

To conclude, there are so many names for you to choose from. Sometimes your heart will know the moment you see the name, and sometimes you might need to try a bit harder and test a few names out before you find one that fits.

This article includes the best possible space names for cats , with lots of different ideas and themes.

I am sure that you have now found several names you like. The only problem might be choosing just one name from all of these cutest cat names.

Whether it’s a planet or a star, astrological or horoscope inspired, I believe that as soon as the name catches your eye, you’ll know that’s it!

Your cat will love you no matter what their name is, but you should still do your best to choose the name that perfectly suits your cat.

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