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355+ Best Spiritual Black Cat Names

355+ Best Spiritual Black Cat Names

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Are you a fan of spiritual, witchy, spooky things as well as cats? If the answer is yes, then I must tell you, you’re in the right place.

There are many good names that you can give your feline friend. So, if you’re having trouble with the decision, you can always find something that you are interested in, research it, and find a perfect name for your cat!

But, what would be a cool name for a black kitten? Black cats have always been connected to something spiritual, dark, and witchy, without a specific reason.

So, if you’re a big fan of spiritual things and if you’re a cat parent to a new kitten, especially if it’s a black kitten, then check out these 355+ best spiritual black cat names and find something that you like and that suits your cat the most!

When it comes to black cats, they have been very popular throughout history, and in particular cultures. It may be connected to their spiritual meaning, or something else.

Moreover, cats were always sacred animals in Ancient Egypt and it doesn’t stop there. Japanese people still consider them a sign of good luck.

Other cultures may consider a black cat as bad luck, and that is one of the reasons why it is always connected with witches and spooky things.

So, if you’re looking for a cool spiritual name for your feline, check out these spiritual black cat names and decide for yourself!

How To Choose The Best Spiritual Black Cat Name?

black cat with black background

If you’re wondering how to choose the best spiritual black cat name for your black kitty, don’t worry, I’m here to guide you!

If you want to avoid basic names such as snowball for a white cat or Garfield for an orange cat, don’t worry, it’s completely okay to find something different and be unique. And, if you’re a fan of spiritual and witchy things, that is a perfect start!

First, look for the category that you’re most interested in. For example, you may be interested in the most popular spiritual names, or in the names from the TV shows and movies that you really enjoy watching, and similar.

After checking the categories, it’s time to decide which gender you need. Every category has both suggestions for male cat and female cat names, and some of them can also be unisex.

If you have a female black cat or kitten then you should check these categories and the female cat names in this article. On the other hand, if it’s a male black cat or kitten, search for male cat names, or the ones that can be unisex.

Besides that, if you want to find the name that describes your cat’s appearance or it’s temperament, then you should definitely look at popular spiritual black cat names and their meanings, and who knows, maybe you find a perfect name for your inky cat friend!

Popular Spiritual Black Cat Names

black cat standing outside

According to your cat’s gender, review the following names and their meanings and see if there’s anything that matches your feline’s behavior. If there is, I think it would be a perfect name for your cat!

Names For A Male Cat

🐾 Atropos – Greek origin; inevitable

🐾 Avallach – Greek origin; mystical

🐾 Azrael – Hebrew origin; helped by God

🐾 Chimera – Greek origin; she-goat

🐾 Cruz – Spanish origin; cross

🐾 Elijah – Hebrew origin; my God is Yahweh

🐾 Isis – Egyptian origin; goddess of the moon

🐾 Kelpie – Scottish origin; colt

🐾 Kismet – Arabic origin; portion

🐾 Krishna – Hindu origin; dark

🐾 Levi – united

🐾 Occult – Latin origin; hidden

🐾 Oracle – Greek origin; prophecy

🐾 Orion – Greek origin; hunter

🐾 Pagan – Latin origin

🐾 Psyche – Greek origin; soul

🐾 Revenant – French origin; returning

🐾 Seder – Hebrew origin; order

🐾 Seraph – French origin; the burning one

🐾 Seton – English origin; closed to the sea

🐾 Shade – English origin; out of the Sun

🐾 Shaman – Indian origin; holy man

🐾 Shiva – Hindu origin; lucky

🐾 Sooth – Germanic origin; true

🐾 Specter – Greek origin; ghost

🐾 Spook – English origin; scary

🐾 Tobias – Greek origin; God is good

🐾 Wraith – Scottish origin; spirit

🐾 Yoga – to unite

🐾 Zion – Hebrew origin; highest point

Names For A Female Cat

black cat lying on bed

🐾 Aine – Irish origin; radiance

🐾 Aja – Greek origin; goddess of the forest

🐾 Anastasia – Italian origin; the one who will be reborn

🐾 Ariel – Hebrew origin; lion of God; the little mermaid in Disney

🐾 Astral – American origin; space

🐾 Aura – Greek origin; goddess of breezes

🐾 Baba Yaga – Slavic origin

🐾 Banshee – Irish origin; female spirit

🐾 Chakra – Greek origin; physical and spiritual

🐾 Cybele – Greek origin; the mother of all gods

🐾 Durga – Indian origin; invincible

🐾 Inara – Arabic origin; illuminating, shining

🐾 Kelpie – Scottish origin; shape-changing aquatic spirit

🐾 Kikimora – Russian origin; scarecrow

🐾 Leda – Greek origin; a beautiful woman

🐾 Maia – Greek origin; great

🐾 Mystery – English origin; unknown, unexplained

🐾 Nirvana – Indian origin; a place of great bliss

🐾 Penthesilea – Greek origin; mournful grip

🐾 Phoenix – Greek origin; dark red

🐾 Pixie – Swedish origin; fairy

🐾 Sekhmet – Egyptian origin; she who is powerful

🐾 Seraph – French origin; the burning one

🐾Sprite – Greek origin; lively

🐾 Sybil – Greek origin; prophetess

🐾 Tazia – Italian origin; shot of Anastasia

🐾 Uri – Hebrew origin; my light

🐾 Virtue – Latin origin; moral excellence

🐾 Zaria – Hebrew origin; princess

Witchy Name Ideas For A Black Cat From TV Shows And Movies

black cat posing for camera

If you’re into witchcraft, you’ve probably seen many witch–themed TV shows and movies, especially the ones with cats in them. These TV shows include: Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sale, Good Witch, Vampire Diaries, Charmed, and many others.

Besides the TV shows, there are many movies with this particular theme that are popular even nowadays, such as Harry Potter, Chronicles Of Narnia, The Witches, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, and many, many more.

These are only some of the movies and TV shows that contain witchcraft themes, however, if you’re a fan of that, it would be really cool to give your cat a cool name from your favorite show or movie. So, read on to see the black cat name ideas!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Name Ideas

Sabrina the teenage witch is a sitcom from the 1960s. Sabrina is a 16-year-old girl who discovers that she’s a witch. Besides that, she has a black male cat, called Salem Saberhagen, so, if you also have a black male kitten, here’s an idea for the name.

Here, I provided you with the list of both female and male cat’s names from this TV show, so check it out!

Names For A Male Cat

🐾 Acheron

🐾 Ambrose

🐾 Apophis

🐾 Bartel

🐾 Batibat

🐾 Beast

🐾 Blackwood

🐾 Caliban

🐾 Dorcas

🐾 Dorian

🐾 Edward

🐾 Elspeth

🐾 Faustus

🐾 Greendale

🐾 Harvey

🐾 Hawthorne

🐾 Jerathmiel

🐾 Kemper

🐾 Kinkle

🐾 Lucas

🐾 Melvin

🐾 Methuselah

🐾 Morningstar

🐾 Nicholas

🐾 Priest

🐾 Putnam

🐾 Quentin

🐾 Salem

🐾 Scratch

🐾 Spellman

🐾 Theo

🐾 Wardwell

Names For A Female Cat

black cat lying in grass

🐾 Agatha

🐾 Constance

🐾 Diana

🐾 Dorothea

🐾 Gryla

🐾 Hilda

🐾 Jenny

🐾 Libby

🐾 Lilith

🐾 Madam

🐾 Mary

🐾 Prudence

🐾 Rosalind

🐾 Roz

🐾 Sabrina

🐾 Sister

🐾 Susie

🐾 Zelda

Harry Potter Black Cat Name Ideas

black cat sitting on white bed

Harry Potter is actually a set of novels that later became adapted to the screen. It follows the life of an orphan boy who discovers that he’s a wizard, and together with his friends, fights against the evil in their wizardly world.

It’s full of interesting characters such as Dumbledore and McGonagall, who transforms into a tabby cat, then we have dark Voldemort with his pet snake Nagini, and many more. There are a lot of characters in the story which can make it perfect for choosing your cat’s name!

I believe that Harry Potter is one of the most popular franchises in the whole world, and knowing that there are a lot of Potter fans around the world, it’s likely that you’re one of them. If that’s correct, then read the following text and see Harry Potter name ideas for your black cat!

Names For A Male Cat

🐾 Albus

🐾 Aragog

🐾 Barty

🐾 Cedric

🐾 Crabbe

🐾 Crookshanks

🐾 Dobby

🐾 Draco

🐾 Dudley

🐾 Dumbledore

🐾 Fang

🐾 Filch

🐾 Flitwick

🐾 Fudge

🐾 Goyle

🐾 Grindelwald

🐾 Hagrid

🐾 Harry

🐾 Krum

🐾 Lockhart

close shot of black cat

🐾 Longbottom

🐾 Lucius

🐾 Lupin

🐾 Malfoy

🐾 Mooney

🐾 Neville

🐾 Newt

🐾 Peeves

🐾 Potter

🐾 Remus

🐾 Riddle

🐾 Ron

🐾 Severus

🐾 Sirius

🐾 Snape

🐾 Vernon

🐾 Voldemort

🐾 Weasley

Names For A Female Cat

black cat on big bed

🐾 Bellatrix

🐾 Fleur

🐾 Ginny

🐾 Hedwig

🐾 Hermione

🐾 Luna

🐾 McGonagall

🐾 Minerva

🐾 Myrtle

🐾 Molly

🐾 Mrs. Norris

🐾 Nagini

🐾 Narcissa

🐾 Petunia

🐾 Tonks

🐾 Umbridge

Mischievous Disney Name Ideas

black cat posing and looking away

Is your cat or kitten a bit mischievous? If the answer is yes, then check these mischievous Disney name ideas, because they may be perfect for both of your boy or girl cat!

Names For A Male Cat

🐾 Aslan

🐾 Berlioz

🐾 Binx

🐾 Cheshire

🐾 Darth

🐾 Gaston

🐾 Rajah

🐾 Rasputin

🐾 Skellington

🐾 Sylvester

🐾 Thumper

Names For A Female Cat

black cat standing on grass

🐾 Alana

🐾 Alice

🐾 Ariel

🐾 Belle

🐾 Elsa

🐾 Lamia

🐾 Libby

🐾 Maleficient

🐾 Merida

🐾 Tinkerbell

🐾 Ursula

🐾 Vanellope

🐾 Wendy

Other Great Names For The Black Cat

picture of black cat

Besides previously mentioned series and movies, here are some name ideas for a black cat from other TV shows or movies with the same or similar theme! Read them, and you’ll definitely recognize the shows!

Names For A Male Cat

🐾 Artorius

🐾 Cackle

🐾 Hardbroom

🐾 Istredd

🐾 Kai

🐾 Merlin

🐾 Mildred

🐾 Mousesack

🐾 Prospero

🐾 Ridley

🐾 Stevie

🐾 Stregobor

🐾 Winifred

Names For A Female Cat

black cat posing in studio

🐾 Bonnie

🐾 Cirilla

🐾 Cordelia

🐾 Dahlia

🐾 Delphine

🐾 Elphaba

🐾 Esther

🐾 Fiona

🐾 Freya

🐾 Fringilla

🐾 Glinda

🐾 Hope

🐾 Ingrid

🐾 Jinx

🐾 Joanna

🐾 Louise

🐾 Madison

black cat sitting on ground

🐾 Mary

🐾 Melisandre

🐾 Misty

🐾 Phoebe

🐾 Piper

🐾 Prue

🐾 Regina

🐾 Samantha

🐾 Sarah

🐾 Tabitha

🐾 Tissaia

🐾 Triss

🐾 Valerie

🐾 Willow

🐾 Yennefer

🐾 Zelena

🐾 Zoe

Witchy Black Cat Names

black cat lying in room

As black cats are always connected to witches, witch names may also suit your black feline perfectly! Here are a few famous ones:

Names For A Black Male Cat

🐾 Bagheera

🐾 Bandit

🐾 Banshee

🐾 Bullet

🐾 Catacomb

🐾 Checkers

🐾 Coalby

🐾 Creeper

🐾 Crescent

🐾 Diesel

🐾 Domino

🐾 Dracula

🐾 Dusk

🐾 Goth

🐾 Grimm

🐾 Hendrix

🐾 Jet

🐾 Lentil

🐾 Licorice

🐾 Matches

🐾 Nero

🐾 Nightfall

🐾 Omen

🐾 Onyx

🐾 Phantom

🐾 Smokey

🐾 Sooty

🐾 Sweep

🐾 Thunder

🐾 Twilight

🐾 Vader

🐾 Velvet

Names For A Black Female Cat

black cat on grey sofa

🐾 Aura

🐾 Coco

🐾 Currant

🐾 Ebony

🐾 Eclipse

🐾 Elvira

🐾 Ink

🐾 Midnight

🐾 Nebula

🐾 Olive

🐾 Pepper

🐾 Puma

🐾 Raven

🐾 Sharpie

🐾 Storm

🐾 Wednesday

🐾 Widow

Scary Black Cat Names

black cat lying on grass

If you have a black kitten and want to distance yourself from the usual and common cat names, then check this list of spooky black cat names! In addition, it would be very funny for a cat to have one of these names if it’s being scared of everything.

However, one of these names would also fit your cat perfectly if it’s fearless and brave! So, monitor your cat’s behavior and decide whether these names are suitable!

🐾 Avada

🐾 Bat

🐾 Beast

🐾 Beserk

🐾 Cackle

🐾 Casket

🐾 Cauldron

🐾 Cobweb

🐾 Coffin

🐾 Conjure

🐾 Corpse

🐾 Crucio

🐾 Curse

🐾 Demon

🐾 Dread

🐾 Eerie

🐾 Ethereal

🐾 Exorcist

🐾 Faery

🐾 Ghoul

🐾 Glamor

🐾 Goety

🐾 Halloween

🐾 Haunt

🐾 Hex

🐾 Hocus Pocus

🐾 Horcrux

🐾 Imperio

🐾 Incant

fat black cat

🐾 Kedavra

🐾 Lamia

🐾 Lucifer

🐾 Menace

🐾 Monster

🐾 Nightmare

🐾 Poltergeist

🐾 Pumpkin

🐾 Ritual

🐾 Scream

🐾 Shaman

🐾 Shiver

🐾 Sinister

🐾 Snake

🐾 Spell

🐾 Spooky

🐾 Superstition

🐾 Tomb

🐾 Torture

🐾 Voodoo

🐾 Wicked

🐾 Wraith

Spell And Ingredients Names Ideas For A Black Cat

black cat walking outside

Moreover, if you’re looking for a cute name for your black feline, and that is, at the same time, referring to this spiritual and witchy theme, then I’ve got you covered!

In watching witchy shows and movies, you’ve probably noticed cool spell names or ingredients, so why wouldn’t they be a great name for a cat?

Well, here’s the list of spell and ingredient name ideas for your black kitty, so check it out because you may be surprised!

🐾 Aloe

🐾 Anise

🐾 Ash

🐾 Bee

🐾 Beetle

🐾 Burdock

🐾 Caterpillar

🐾 Clove

🐾 Crickets

🐾 Dandelion

🐾 Dragon scale

🐾 Earwax

🐾 Eggs

🐾 Eyeball

🐾 Feather

🐾 Foxglove

🐾 Frog

🐾 Garlic

🐾 Ginger

🐾 Honeycomb

🐾 Horseradish

🐾 Incense

🐾 Lavender

🐾 Leech

🐾 Lizard

🐾 Moonstone

🐾 Moth

🐾 Mushroom

🐾 Nettle

🐾 Newt

🐾 Nightshade

🐾 Obsidian

🐾 Pearl

🐾 Petal

🐾 Root

🐾 Rose

🐾 Rosemary

🐾 Sage

🐾 Salt

🐾 Sardine

🐾 Slug

🐾 Spider

🐾 Tail

🐾 Taproot

🐾 Thistle

🐾 Toadstool

🐾 Tongue

🐾 Vervain

🐾 Vinegar

🐾 Wings

🐾 Wolf tooth

Black Cat Names That Refer To Magic

black cat posing for picture outside

Check out these cool black cat names that refer to magic!

🐾 Abracadabra

🐾 Bewitched

🐾 Cant

🐾 Chicanery

🐾 Conjure

🐾 Eerie

🐾 Flimflam

🐾 Hex

🐾 High Jinks

🐾 Hoax

🐾 Hoodoo

🐾 Mummery

🐾 Mystic

🐾 Mystique

🐾 Myth

🐾 Numinous

🐾 Orenda

🐾 Orphic

🐾 Quixotic

🐾 Rapture

🐾 Runic

🐾 Sorceress

🐾 Trance

🐾 Tricksy

🐾 Voodoo

🐾 Whammy

🐾 Wizard

Black Cat Name Ideas From Different Sorceries

sleepy black cat

If you have always been interested in different sorceries such as voodoo, wicca, or similar, check out some of their names because they may be a perfect name for a black cat!

🐾 Bane

🐾 Cult

🐾 Harpy

🐾 Heka

🐾 Imp

🐾 Juju

🐾 Kikimora

🐾 Malachite

🐾 Picatrix

🐾 Rune

🐾 Sabbat

🐾 Tarot

🐾 Wamp

All In All…

black kitten

The Black cat has a different meaning in every culture. Some people from particular cultures may not like black cats because they’re considered bad luck. However, black cats are just sweet and lovely creatures just like white, gray, orange, black and white, and every other cat.

On the contrary, in some cultures, they’re considered good luck. However, I believe that every cat brings luck to its owner no matter what gender or color it is.

So, if you read the article, I hope that I helped you with a good name for your kitten. Here, I listed more than 350 best spiritual black names, so if you’re a fan of these spiritual and witchy things, I’m sure that you found the best name for your cat, that both you and your cat are going to love!

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