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All About The Stunning Snow Bengal Cat

All About The Stunning Snow Bengal Cat

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You’d actually be surprised to see what different breeds of cats there are. Now, you probably heard about the popular exotic-looking Bengal cat. But have you heard about its twin, the Snow Bengal Cat? 

If your answer is no, then this is your opportunity to learn everything about this unique cat. Snow Bengal cats slightly differ from Bengal cats, and I will discuss that in this article. 

So, if you’re already amazed by the unique look of this gorgeous cat, I suggest you keep reading and find out if this is the purrfect cat for you!

The Snow Bengal Cat – The Main Characteristics

Snow Bengal Cat sits on a leash
Photo from:

Weight 9-17 pounds
Height 14-16 inches
Coat type short
Coat colors snow seal lynx/snow seal mink/snow seal sepia
Coat patterns marbles/rosettes
Temperament active, intelligent, friendly, affectionate
Energy level high
Lifespan 12-16 years
Grooming low
Good family pets yes
Good with other pets yes, but only if introduced properly

The Origin Of The Snow Bengal Cat

The Bengal breed of cat is highly popular among cat lovers, and that is not new. It is a domestic breed that was the result of crossbreeding a wildcat, the Asian Leopard cat, and a domestic cat. 

This breed of cat was recognized and accepted by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983.

Thanks to this genetic hybrid Bengal cat, nowadays we also have the snow Bengal, also called a white Bengal cat, which is very similar to the regular Bengal; however, there are slight differences between the two.

The snow Bengal cat is actually a crossbreed between the regular Bengal cat and the Siamese cat. These cats have characteristics of both Siamese and Bengal cats which, in fact, makes them slightly different from regular Bengals.

As the name suggests, these cats are characterized by their white coats with different markings, and the main reason for this snow-white coat color is the Siamese gene.

The first example of the breed was really wild; however, with a lot of effort and patience, today, the snow Bengal cat is a beautiful big cat for those who wish to have an affectionate but exotic-looking feline friend.

All About The Snow Bengal Cat’s Appearance

The snow Bengal cats are similar to the regular Bengal cats; however, there are slight differences between them.

These cats have strong athletic bodies that allow them to run fast and jump a lot. They’re slightly bigger than average cats, with a height of 14-16 inches, and they may reach a weight of 17 pounds.

But, even though they may look exotic and fierce, they’re actually quite lovely. The most interesting part of their appearance is their coat coloration. 

As this breed of cat is a result of breeding a regular Bengal cat and a Siamese, the reason for their white coat color is actually due to the Siamese cat’s albino gene.

But, despite the snowy white color, these cats are characterized by different coat markings. Keep reading and check out these beautiful coats.

Coat Colors

The snow Bengal cat may appear in several different coat colors, and here are the three main categories that you should check out.

Snow Seal Mink Bengal Cat

Snow Seal Mink Bengal Cat sleeping in her basket
Photo from: @maycangrazzifabio

Bengal cats with this coloration are characterized by the pale cream undercoat with a darker seal lynx pattern and creamy tan body color. 

Due to this interesting coloration, the snow mink Bengal cats are usually characterized by aqua-blue or green eyes, which is not really typical for regular Bengal cats.

Finally, the Bengal cat with this coat coloration is the rarest because it’s actually a mix between a seal lynx Bengal and a snow seal sepia Bengal cat. That immediately means that if you come across one, don’t be surprised after finding out the price.

Snow Seal Sepia Bengal Cat

beautiful Snow Seal Sepia Bengal Cat
Photo from: @asian.safari

The snow seal sepia Bengal cat is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a Burmese cat. If you think about the sepia filter, and this cat, you’ll immediately realize why they’re called this. 

These cats have the greatest contrast in their coats; a deep, warm color that varies from pale to dark and a white or cream base coat. Due to the dark seal brown marking, these cats are also called brown snow Bengals.

This type of snow Bengal cat is characterized by green or gold eye colors, which certainly adds to the cat’s appearance.

Snow Seal Lynx Bengal Cat

Lynx Bengal Cat lies on the tiles
Photo from: @sassy_akames_kittens

This coloration of the snow seal lynx point Bengal cat is the lightest coloration of them all. It is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a Siamese cat. They’re characterized by a pale cream body color and darker markings over their body. 

Another characteristic of this pattern is beautiful blue eyes. The coat of these snow lynx Bengal cats is the most similar to the Siamese coat, especially because the kittens are born pure white and develop their color with age.

Other Colors Of Bengal Cats

The previously mentioned colors may often be mixed with other variations to get a blue, chocolate, melanistic, or charcoal coat. But, besides the previously mentioned colors, Bengal cats may also appear in the following colors:

Brown Bengal cat

Silver Bengal Cat

Charcoal Bengal cat

• Blue Bengal cat

Black Bengal cat

Coat Patterns

Although snow Bengal cats have specifically shaped markings, they’re way paler than the markings of a regular Bengal cat.

The most common markings of these cats are rosette or spotted and marbled; however, other variations are also possible. So, if you wish to learn more, just keep reading!

Marbling Pattern

The marbling pattern is another characteristic pattern that gives the snow Bengal cat a striking appearance. It is characterized by symmetrical swirls on the back and each side of the body.

Even though this pattern is also interesting and popular within this breed, still the spotted or rosette pattern is more popular as they’re more similar to leopard markings. 

However, the one you choose depends on you and your personal taste.

Rosette Pattern

The rosette pattern is characteristic of Bengal cats, and also of snow Bengals. This pattern is unique, especially because it may appear in different shapes such as clouded, donut, arrowhead, paw-print, and similar.

• Clouded – this type of rosette pattern is described as large spotted markings that fit together like puzzle pieces.

• Donut – this rosette pattern is one of the most popular ones when it comes to snow Bengal cats, and it took years to achieve it. This pattern is characterized by darker outlines around a pale center.

• Arrowhead – the rosette pattern that is called arrowhead is the most common pattern for the snow Bengal cat, and it’s characterized by triangular-shaped markings.

• Paw-print – as the name suggests, this pattern is similar to small paw-prints. They look like shaded spots with small, dark spots on the edges.

The thing with this pattern is that the snow Bengal kittens may be born completely white without any markings, but their rosette markings start to appear as they grow.

Other Possible Markings

I already mentioned some of the most common coat colors and patterns of the snow Bengal cat. However, these cats have other emphasized markings that put their looks on a higher level.

Usually, Bengal cats have a striped tail that is darker at the tip, and also their legs are usually striped.

Moreover, they have spotted markings, even on their belly, and striped markings on their face. The most noticeable thing is that they have an M-shaped marking on their forehead, as is the case with many different cats with different tabby patterns. 

So, all of these markings appear to be unique on this cat and very different from the regular Bengal cat.

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The Snow Bengal Cat’s Personality Traits

Snow Bengal Cat is playing
Photo from: @lola.snowbengal

If you’re looking for a cat who will cuddle with you the whole day, this breed isn’t what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for a feline that can do both, be energetic and cuddly, then this might be the perfect cat for you. But keep reading to make sure!

The snow Bengal cats are exotic-looking, energetic, and intelligent cats. Because of their high energy levels, these cats are perfect for real adventures; these cats also like to be included in every possible activity. 

If you don’t provide them with enough attention, well, you’ll hear about it, as these cats can also be very talkative. 

Talkative cat breeds usually tell you when something’s wrong or when they want or need something. Just like that, if you ignore your snow Bengal cat, it may start producing different sounds, such as a clicking sound, chirp, or chatter, to get your attention.

These cats are also friendly and lovely, and adore human company, especially if it includes interesting activities. 

They do know how to cuddle and similar, but they do it very rarely as they prefer different types of bonding activities, such as playtime, exercise, and similar.

Because of their high energy and intelligence level, these cats need different types of interesting activities that will keep them both mentally and physically active – unless you want them to become bored and have behavior issues.

Bengals require a lot of exercises and proper training. So, you can provide them with a secured outdoor area where you can keep them on track and fit.

Moreover, as they’re extremely smart, they may also learn some tricks such as fetching, sitting, rolling over, or even walking on a leash which is a perfect activity for these overactive felines.

Now, I have to warn you that if you don’t have enough time, space, and budget for these rare felines, it may be best to skip this one and find another breed of cat that is less demanding.

Health & Care

If you wish to have this cat as a beloved pet, then it’s crucial for you to learn about the health and care of a snow Bengal cat. 

Keep reading and find out which health issues you should pay attention to, as well as how to provide them with proper grooming care and the right, nutritious diet.

Possible Health Issues

The snow Bengal cats are considered to be healthy cats, however, as a result of being a mix of a Bengal cat and a Siamese cat, the breed has extra health issues.

The breed may suffer from minor or severe health conditions that must be noticed and treated on time. Because of that, it’s highly important to buy your snow Bengal kitten from a reputable breeder that tests its breeding cats for genetic diseases.

Some of the minor conditions that these cats may suffer from are:

• Hip dysplasia – a condition referring to the malformation of the hip joint.

• Patellar luxation – a condition where the kneecap moves away from the groove.

Here are also some of the severe conditions that these cats may develop:

• Progressive retinal atrophy – a condition that affects the cones and rods and may lead to complete blindness.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a condition that causes the thickening of a heart muscle.

• Distal neuropathy – a nerve disorder that affects the nerves in the central nervous system or outside of it.

• Flat-chested kitten syndrome – a condition where kittens cannot develop a compression of the throat caused by lung collapse.

So, these are the health issues characteristic of this breed inherited by both the Bengal and the Siamese cat; however, snow Bengal cats have a long lifespan of 12-16 years. 

Still, regular veterinary care is essential to keep these felines in a healthy condition.


The snow Bengal cat’s coat is short and dense, which immediately means that they don’t require high maintenance. They don’t shed much, which is why Bengals are considered hypoallergenic too.

Cats with such coat types need weekly brushing and bathing from time to time in order to keep their coat in good and healthy condition.

What’s even more is that these cats are one of the breeds that adore water and swimming, and if you provide them with such activity often, they don’t need frequent baths. 

But, if you don’t take them to swim, you still won’t have bathing issues with this lovely feline.

The other three important parts of grooming are ear cleaning and nail trimming in order to prevent claw infections or similar claw issues. 

And finally, dental care is of great importance too. Make sure you brush your cat’s teeth regularly in order to maintain their good dental health, and don’t forget to provide them with kibbles, as they’re always a good choice for dental health.


A nutritive and healthy diet is important no matter which breed of cat you have. The main reason for that is because cats are obligate carnivores, and that means they need real meat and a protein-rich diet. 

So, if you have a snow Bengal cat, or you’re planning on getting one, ensure you provide them with top-quality cat food that will provide them with the necessary nutrients and help them grow strong and develop their body structure properly.

Most cat parents have difficulties choosing the best food for their kittens, so here are several things you should pay attention to. 

First, you should provide your snow Bengal kitten with specific food that is approved by AAFCO. Besides that, ensure you always provide the kitten with food with kitten formula and avoid using adult cat food for kittens. 

Both of these quality foods have the same ingredients; however, the amount of specific ingredients isn’t equally required for both cats and kittens.

Moreover, you should pay attention to your kitten’s overall health. For example, if it has certain sensitivities or allergies, then you need to adjust its diet to suit.

Finally, it would be best to provide a kitten with both wet and dry food because both types offer certain benefits for the kitten. 

Just remember that your kitten may not like the first food you buy for them, especially if it’s a picky eater. So, be patient and make sure you pay special attention to the kitten’s feeding habits so that you can provide it with the best and the healthiest food.

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Where To Find A Snow Bengal Kitten?

Snow Bengal Kitten on the sofa at home

The snow Bengal cats have an exotic and interesting appearance, but because of that and their origin, these cats are also very rare. 

That may be the main reason why they’re so hard to find. Still, there are two different options where you can look for your new feline friend.

Reputable Breeders

Buying a kitten from a reputable breeder is always a good choice, especially when it comes to a rare breed such as this one. 

The thing about reputable breeders and catteries is that they breed and produce their cats according to the breed standard and according to the TICA or CFA standards – the associations they’re often a part of.

Such breeders pay special attention to their breeding cats and newborn kittens; they test them against genetic diseases and make sure that they’re regularly vet-checked, vaccinated, and everything else. 

The price of these kittens from reputable breeders may be a bit higher, but at least you’re certain of the kitten quality you’re getting.

Here are several snow Bengal breeders that turned out to be the best!

BreederLocation E-mailSocial Media
WildNSweetBengals QuebecCanada [email protected]Instagram// Facebook
Indian Creek Bengals HarleysvillePennsylvania, USA[email protected] Facebook
Royal Bengal Cattery MarylandUSA[email protected] Instagram/Facebook

Animal Shelters And Rescue Centers

If you desperately want this breed of cat and think that you can provide them with a perfect life, but the price is too high for you, then I suggest you check at animal shelters and rescue centers for this unique cat. 

Although the chances that you’ll find such a cat in one of these places are low, you never know how lucky you can get. Some families may get this cat as their pet, but soon after, they realize that it’s not the right breed for them. 

So, they tend to leave these beautiful exotic felines in shelters. Therefore, if you want one, you can check there just in case, and who knows, maybe you will find one that will be happy to see you and happy to come with you to a new home.

The Average Price Of A Snow Bengal Kitten

Considering the snow Bengal cat’s exotic appearance and rarity, you can expect it to cost a lot of money. 

Therefore, the average price of a snow Bengal kitten goes from $1,600 to $2,200, depending on the type of markings, but the mink type of snow Bengal cat may even cost around $4,500.

However, you should be aware that after buying such a cat, the costs are only getting higher and higher. 

Before you buy the kitten, you need to make sure that everything is prepared for its arrival, such as the necessary items, toys, food and water bowls, litter box, food, cat bed, and similar. 

You also need to count on veterinary examination as well as on emergency expenses and similar.

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Snow bengal cat in a wild grass

Are Snow Bengal Cats Rare?

Bengal cats are rare, but this exotic-looking snow Bengal cat is even rarer. Because of that, people often have trouble finding a purebred snow Bengal cat, or they cost a fortune due to their rarity. 

If you manage to find and buy one, pay special attention to your cat and don’t let it out without your supervision, as they may easily be stolen nowadays.

Is The Snow Bengal Hypoallergenic?

The snow Bengal cats have a short, dense coat that doesn’t shed much. Because of their low shedding amount, they also produce lower amounts of protein Fel d1 and less of the dander that is responsible for allergic reactions in humans. 

For that reason, Bengal cats are considered to be hypoallergenic and might be safe for people with mild allergies.

Are Snow Bengal Cats Good Family Pets?

Despite being energetic and playful, snow Bengal cats can also be perfect family pets. However, if you want a perfectly behaved pet cat, then you need to commit your time to socializing and training your cat. 

You also need to provide it with a lot of attention, entertainment, and affection to keep it satisfied. These cats may also be great with children, but I advise you to teach your toddlers how to play nicely with this cat in order to avoid unwanted situations.

Furthermore, if your family also has other pets, these cats can fit in very well. However, if you wish that to happen, you need to introduce these cats slowly to other pets and give them some time to accept the new furry members.
It’s best to do that while they’re still young as they’re less territorial during that stage.

In Conclusion

The snow Bengal cat is an exotic-looking breed of cat that is extremely rare but also high in demand.

When it comes to personality and similar things, they don’t differentiate much from regular Bengal cats. However, when it comes to their appearance, the only thing that they have in common is that they look exotic. 

These cats may appear in several different colors and patterns that make them completely different from other types of Bengal cats.

If you wish to have this cat as a pet, then this article provides you with all the necessary information about the breed, such as health and care, training, and everything you need to know if you plan on having this feline.

So, I hope that this article helped you learn more about these fascinating cats and that you’ll be able to find one and raise it perfectly!