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List Of 8 Small Cat Breeds

List Of 8 Small Cat Breeds

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Entering the world of cats and learning about them is one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences, and I think all cat lovers can agree on this one. When you enter the feline world and realize how many different types of cats there are, it’s simply fascinating. 

There are kitties in different sizes, coat colorations, and coat types, with different personalities, which is why it can be so hard to make a final decision on which one you should choose.

Smaller kitties usually get more attention and are popular among many cat lovers, especially those who live in a smaller home or who simply find smaller pets cuter.

So, here are 8 small cat breeds that might interest you. Who knows, maybe one of these kitties will be your purrfect furry companion!

1. Singapura Cat

singapura cat laying on the table
Photo from: @sun.singapuracat

The breed that takes first place on this list is the fascinating Singapura cat which is considered the smallest cat breed in the world. They’re way smaller than an average-sized cat, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely. 

In fact, these kitties have a huge heart; they’re lovely and they make perfect family pets. They have a stunning appearance and they just can’t get enough attention.

2. Munchkin Cat

cute munchkin cat sitting on the couch
Photo from: @purin_nyan

A better word to describe the Munchkin cat is “short”. These kitties are the shortest felines of them all, which makes their appearance so unique. The Munchkin’s short legs are the result of a genetic mutation. 

However, don’t let that trick you! Despite their short legs, they’re very playful and energetic and nothing can stop them from running and jumping around to catch your attention!

3. Abyssinian Cat

beautiful Abyssinian Cat
Photo from:

Abyssinian cats are one of the smallest, but also oldest, cat breeds. Aside from their stunning appearance that will leave you speechless, they have very interesting personalities

They make great pets. If you decide to get one, make sure you provide them with a lot of attention, cuddles, and snuggles.

4. Burmese Cat

burmese cat sitting next to microwave
Photo from: @burmese__cat

If you’re looking for a smaller cat breed with the ability to learn some interesting things, worry not, as I got your back! 

A Burmese cat is a smaller breed of cat that is very intelligent and energetic. These characteristics allow this cat to learn some amazing tricks that will allow it to stand out from other cats.

5. Minskin Cat

minskin cat on blue background
Photo from: @minskincat

Have you heard about Minskin cats? If not, it’s not surprising as they’re a relatively new breed, but now is the time to meet it. These cats are actually a result of breeding Munchkin and Sphynx cats, and the result is an adorable miniature Sphynx. 

Some may not like their almost hairless appearance, but you’d be surprised how friendly and affectionate they are.

6. Kinkalow Cat

beautiful kinkalow cat
Photo from: @tigger_kinkalowcat

The Kinkalow is a small, short-legged, but adorable feline which is actually the result of crossbreeding a Munchkin and American Curl cat. With that being said, this kitty has two unique features; short legs and curled ears. 

Their unique appearance is what stands out the most but, they’re also very lovely and they adore spending time with their favorite humans.

7. American Curl

american curly cat with a ball of wool
Photo from: @american_curl_mainecoon

Don’t let the bushy coat trick you; it is just masking one of the smaller cat breeds. The American Curl is characterized by curled ears, hence the name. 

Even though they’re smaller than some other cat breeds, they’re very friendly, energetic cats who cannot wait to be a human’s best friend!

8. Devon Rex

cute devon rex cat
Photo from: @devonrexpoland

If you’re looking for a smaller and less furry breed of cat then you shouldn’t skip the gorgeous Devon Rex. These kitties are characterized by large ears and eyes, small heads, and extremely short coats. They’re very entertaining so you’ll never be bored with this little feline.

These are some of the most common small cat breeds and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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