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Tuxedo Cats Are Smart! Is This A Fun Fact Or A Myth?

Tuxedo Cats Are Smart! Is This A Fun Fact Or A Myth?

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Primarily, we have to state that the tuxedo cat is not a specific breed of cat. It is the name for a coat pattern that many different cat breeds can have. 

This type of cat coat pattern is usually black and white, but it can also come in other colors. Does their coat pattern have anything to do with their intelligence?

No, it does not. A cat’s coat pattern has nothing to do with its other traits. There are certain beliefs connected to all cat coat patterns and colors. 

Still, there is yet to be specific evidence that a coat color or pattern can determine a cat’s personality.

Despite the fact that colors and patterns cannot predict a cat’s personality, it is widely accepted that tuxedo cats are smart cats, but whether they are more intelligent than cats with other coat patterns is a whole different story.

Tuxedo Cats Are Smart, But So Are Other Cats

Tuxedo cat with long whiskers outside with purple harness

Are Tuxies smarter than other cats? This is a difficult and complex question to answer, but there are numerous claims that tuxedo cats are twice as smart than other cats. 

The majority of these claims are based on cat parents’ personal experiences and observations, and there is no scientific evidence that supports it. Many factors make answering this question nearly impossible. 

It’s Important To Discern Coat Pattern From Breed

The most important distinction is that tuxedo cats are not a cat breed; the term tuxedo refers to the pattern of their coat. Many different breeds can produce kittens with this color pattern. 

As a result, various personality traits, including intelligence, can differ depending on the breed. People who have multiple cats, one of which is a tuxedo cat, claim that there really is a noticeable difference in intelligence. 

Tuxedo cats are quick learners compared to other cats. Thousands of cat lovers’ opinions cannot be ignored, so it’s taken as an affirmation that tuxedo cats have something extra in terms of intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Other Facts About Tuxedo Cats

black and white tuxedo cat, looking toward the camera

As tuxedo cats are smart, they also learn fast and can be trained easily. Whether they have to learn a new trick or how to use the litter box, tuxies will definitely conquer the task! 

However, as is the case with most cats, tuxedo cats will have a longer lifespan if they’re kept solely as indoor cats.

Outdoor cats, no matter their coat pattern, are known to have a shorter life expectancy. Read on to learn more interesting and fun facts about tuxedo cats!

1. Tuxedo Cats Are A Piebald Coat Pattern

Tuxedo cats are not a specific breed. Rather, they are named after the distinctive, bi-colored (also known as piebald) pattern of their coats, which resemble tuxedos.

Tuxedo cats are not always white and black; the pattern comes in different colors. 

Their coats can be short, long, silky, or hairy, depending on the breed. Tuxedo pattern is possible in many different breeds, such as the Maine Coon, American Curl, Turkish Angora, American Shorthair, or British Shorthair. 

This coat pattern is seen on bicolor cats, usually with a black and white coat. The cat then has a black (red, blue, or cream) coat base with white patches on its paws, belly, chest, and occasionally the chin.

2. Genetics Are To Blame! Or Are They?

Female street black and white tuxedo cat

Tuxedo cats, like calico cats and tortoiseshell cats, can thank their genetics for their beautiful coat patterns. 

Their bi-colored coats were long thought to be the result of “slow” pigment cells that couldn’t access all parts of the kitten embryo before it was fully formed. However, a more recent theory may just disprove this long-accepted hypothesis. 

According to researchers, pigment cells move randomly and multiply randomly during embryonic development, and they do not follow any determined genetic instructions for coat color.

3. Tuxedo Cats Have Been Places Most Cats Couldn’t Dream Of

With their rapid development and sharp minds, it’s no surprise that tuxedo cats have gone to places no other cat has reached before: A tuxedo cat is the only cat ever to have climbed to the top of Mount Everest.

Of course, his human carried him, but it’s still pretty spectacular, right? During World War II, a tuxedo cat named Simon served in the military and was awarded a medal for his efforts. How did he assist the Troops? 

By keeping pests and mice out of British food supplies. And ultimately, a tuxedo cat entered the White House, which is pretty convenient if you ask me. During his time as President of the US, former president Bill Clinton had a Tuxedo cat for a pet.

4. Tuxedo Cats Are A Great Part Of History

Cute tuxedo cat looking curious over the table

As unlikely as it may seem, there are numerous tuxedo cats with historical significance: Sir Isaac Newton, Ludwig van Beethoven, and William Shakespeare all had tuxedo cats as pets. Who knows what level of scientific or artistic progress these cats inspired? 

Famous cats with tuxedo coat patterns include our beloved childhood character Sylvester from Looney Tunes, the Cat in the Hat (the famous Dr. Seuss character), and Mr. Mistoffelees from the Broadway show Cats.

Also, in 2012, there was a tuxedo cat from Canada who ran as the mayor of his hometown. Despite not getting elected, Stan the tuxie made history in both our world and the “cat world”. 

5. Tuxies, Worshipped Since The Ancient Times

Cats were highly regarded and worshiped as gods by the ancient Egyptians, as is well known. Some Egyptian goddesses were, in fact, depicted as cats. As a result, cats frequently appeared in royal tombs, ancient inscriptions, and hieroglyphics. 

Did you know that tuxedo cats make up roughly 70% of the cats illustrated in these ancient tombs and art? Tuxies were, indeed, the most frequently depicted (and idolized) cats in ancient Egypt.

6. Tuxedo Coat Has Nothing To Do With Gender

Black and White Tuxedo Cat

Despite the stories or personal preferences of some people, the tuxedo coat pattern doesn’t have anything to do with the cat’s gender. 

You might have also assumed that there are more male tuxedo cats, but tuxedo cats aren’t influenced by any genetic mutation that could determine their coat color. It doesn’t affect the cat’s gender.

So there are an equal number of female and male cats with these distinctive black and white markings. Kittens can have a tuxedo coat pattern; even if both parents don’t have it, the kitten can still inherit it.

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7. Tuxies Bring You Luck & Simply Make Great Pets

Tuxedo cats bring you good fortune. These dashing felines are supposedly the pets of a large number of lottery winners. How about that? What I do know is that when you’re down, they’ll give you endless snuggles. 

Cats tend to have a healing effect on us, and their soft purrs are sometimes all the therapy you need. Their bedside manner is unparalleled. When you’re sick, your tuxedo won’t be bothered by your whining. 

They will follow your sleeping schedule and snuggle up next to you. They will listen to you talk all day, as long as you don’t interrupt their meals. 

8. Tuxies Are Believed To Be Super-Cuddly

tuxedo cat laying in the grass

Tuxedos, in particular, enjoy snuggling up in anything that’s made of cashmere… So, if you want to keep a tuxedo kitty happy, buy a cashmere sweater and hug away. They form very strong bonds with their owners and simply love cuddling.

9. At One Point In Time, A Tuxedo Cat Was The Richest Cat

In 1998, a tuxie named Sparky inherited over $6 million and thus became the richest cat alive. However, today there are other cats that have inherited even more money than that, so our friend Sparky doesn’t hold this title anymore.

Final Words

Black and White tuxedo cat wearing a bowtie looking out a window

There are a lot of tuxedo cat owners who claim that their feline friend is the smartest cat alive! However, there is no scientific evidence that proves, or disproves, these claims. It is known that the tuxedo cat’s personality is dog-like, affectionate, and overall good-natured. 

These good-looking felines with their unique tuxedo markings are smart, but whether they are smarter than all other cats is a different matter. Different cats have different traits, and we can never be 100% sure what kind of cat ours will be. 

Tuxedo cats are smart and fast learners, generally speaking. However, we should always be aware of the fact that all cats are unique, and my tuxedo kitten will most likely be different from yours. 

What’s important is that we take good care of our fur babies (and no matter how they turn out) they will, without a doubt, enrich our lives!

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