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Discovering The Iconic Types Of Siamese Cats

Discovering The Iconic Types Of Siamese Cats

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One of the oldest and most popular cat breeds is the Siamese (Thai cats). They got their name after the place of their origin, Thailand, which was once called Siam. Throughout the years, Siamese cats became widely popular, mostly because of their challenging personality and beautiful appearance.

Siamese cats are extremely intelligent, sociable, and friendly but also talkative, so they’re perfect for cat lovers who will often interact with their pet cat.

Breeders worldwide bred Siamese cats, so nowadays, there are different types and colors within the breed. 

It’s important to discuss their appearance because there are 4 main types of Siamese cats which may have different coat colors, which I’m also going to discuss in this article. So, enjoy reading and learning more about these fascinating felines!

4 Main Types Of Siamese Cats

In case you didn’t know, there are 4 different types of Siamese cats. The main reason for that is that there are some natural types, and there are those types that result from selective breeding processes to get the best of the breed.

With that being said, there are two main categories: Modern and Traditional Siamese cats.

There are 3 different types of Traditional Siamese cats that originated naturally, and these are Classic, Applehead, and Old-style types of Siamese cats.

On the other hand, a modern category consists of the Wedge Siamese cat and some light-colored Siamese cats.

So, if you want to know better these four different types of Siamese cats as well as possible colorations for this breed, I suggest you keep reading!

Modern Type Of Siamese Cats

Modern types of Siamese cats appeared as a result of new, selective breeding processes because Siamese cats gained high popularity in western society, but owners wanted something new and different.

Nowadays, modern types are very different from traditional types in their physical appearance, while they share pretty much the same personality traits.

The main difference between traditional and modern Siamese cats is that the modern type is characterized by longer, thinner bodies.

Selective breeding processes that occurred between the 1960s and 1980s resulted in the modern Wedge Siamese cats, which have a different appearance than the traditional types. 

However, even though they look a bit different, they’re still intelligent and lovely cats who will never leave your side.

1. Wedge Siamese Cat

Wedge Siamese Cat

As the name suggests, these cats got the name because of their wedge-shaped heads. Aside from the difference in their heads, they differentiate in other ways as well.

For example, these cats have longer, more muscular bodies, along with thin tails. They are characterized by a long face with wide ears and slanted eyes.

As already mentioned, they share pretty much the same personality traits as traditional Siamese cats; however, most cat owners say that these modern Siamese cats are much more talkative and louder than traditional ones.

Besides that, when it comes to health issues, it turns out that the Wedge Siamese cats are more prone to kidney disease, probably due to the breeding process. 

Because of that, most experts recommend feeding these cats top-quality cat food that is high in protein.

Finally, as these cats are very energetic, they need a lot of entertainment, such as toys, to keep them both physically and mentally active. Still, they also need to interact with their owners as they can be very needy for attention.

Traditional Type Of Siamese Cats

The traditional type of Siamese cat originated in Thailand. The main characteristic of these types of Siamese cats is that they have light-colored body colors with dark seal point markings on their face, ears, paws, and tail.

Traditional Siamese cats may often have conditions like the crossed-eye look and crooked tails. There are not a lot of explanations for these features, and there are a few cat legends and myths behind them. 

1. Classic Siamese Cat

Classic Siamese Cat

Classic Siamese cats are one of the most popular types, and they were accepted in 2009 by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

They’re the tallest of all Siamese types and are characterized by strong athletic bodies and long tails. On top of their strong body is a rounded head, ears which are rounded at the tips, and deep blue eyes.

The cat’s body is cream-colored; however, its overall appearance is emphasized by the dark brown-black point markings on the cat’s face, paws, ears, and tail. The Classic Siamese cat shares personality traits with the rest of the Siamese cats.

So, because they’re extremely energetic, intelligent, and affectionate, make sure that your cat is entertained most of the time, and don’t forget to interact with your kitty if you don’t want to listen to it complaining all the time.

2. Applehead Siamese Cat

Applehead Siamese Cat

The main reason why these cats are called Applehead Siamese cats is obvious; their head is rounded like an apple, which is the main feature of this type of Siamese cats.

The Applehead Siamese cats appear very strong due to their muscular bodies and short tails. When it comes to coat color, the Applehead Siamese cat has a cream-colored body with dark brown markings on its extremities.

The biggest difference between this and other traditional types of Siamese cats, besides the head shape, is in the personality. 

The Applehead Siamese cats are considered to be the calmest type of this breed which is a perfect choice for those cat lovers who like everything about Siamese cats except their chatty personality.

This type of Siamese cat prefers more cuddles and less talking, which many cat lovers love the most.

3. Old-Style Siamese Cat

Old-Style Siamese Cat

Old-style Siamese cats are characterized by medium-sized bodies. On top of these bodies, there’s a head that looks like a mixture of the Applehead and the modern Wedge style. 

The main characteristics of this type of cat are longer faces, almond-shaped eyes, and broad ears.

The previously mentioned cross-eyed issue is very common for this type of Siamese cat. However, if you choose this type of Siamese cat, then you should be careful if you don’t want your feline friend to talk all the time.

This type of Siamese is very energetic and extremely talkative. They need to be entertained most of the time, but most importantly, they need a lot of the owner’s attention. 

If they don’t get what they want or you ignore them for too long, they will immediately start complaining.

Different Coat Colorations Of Siamese Cats

During the evolution of the Siamese cat breed and thanks to selective breeding practices, nowadays, we have Siamese cats in different coat colors, from traditional to non-traditional ones.

Colorpoint is a pattern that is specific for Siamese cats, and it usually emphasizes the cat’s face, ears, paws, and tail. This pattern is also specific for some other cat breeds such as Balinese, Ragdolls, Himalayan, and similar.

They’re characterized by cream body colors and different colors of the point pattern, which can be classified into two different categories: dark-colored and light-colored Siamese cats.

Some of these coat colors are more common, and some are rare, which immediately influences the Siamese cat’s price. Now, check them out and see which one you like the most!

1. Dark-Colored Siamese Cats

a beautiful Siamese cat is lying on the bed

As far as the coat colors are concerned, dark-colored Siamese was always present naturally, especially when we talk about the seal point, which is considered to be the traditional color of a Siamese cat. 

So, keep reading and check out possible coat colors of a Siamese cat, and maybe you will find the perfect one for yourself.

Blue Point Siamese Cat

Blue point Siamese cats have a cold white coat color with a gray point pattern that looks like a blue color, hence the name. 

Moreover, their appearance is even more emphasized by their almond-shaped blue eyes. Their nose leather and paw pads are usually gray too, but they can appear in pinkish tones as well.

As the coat colors can’t influence the cat’s personality, the blue point Siamese is one of the most popular color combinations among many cat lovers.

Seal Point Siamese Cat

This coloration is one of the most common Siamese cat colors. Their body is covered in a cream color base with dark brown point markings on their face, paws, tail, and ears.

Moreover, the seal point color is even darker than the traditional one, and sometimes may look more like black than brown.

What’s most interesting is that these color point markings can change colors due to specific things. For example, Siamese seal point cats have albino origins due to the temperature-sensitive pigmentation genes that all Siamese cats carry.

That means that a genetic mutation results in this color point pattern. Furthermore, these markings become darker when the temperature is lower. 

This is also a reason why all Siamese kittens are born completely white and why their marking points become darker as they age.

Red Point Siamese Cat

The red point Siamese is a unique-looking feline, but as a result of its rarity, it may also be very expensive. A Siamese of this coloration is also called a Flame Point Siamese cat.

This type of coat color is characterized by the cream color body and red or orange point markings on the cat’s face, paws, tail, and ears. Moreover, this specific color is usually characterized by deep blue eyes, as well as pinkish nose leather and paw pads,

The majority of red point Siamese cats are males, so finding a female may be extremely difficult as the color pattern is in general rare, and because of that, they may be expensive too.

Flame Point Siamese cats do not shy away from expressing their feelings, demanding attention, and making sure the entire household knows about their presence!

Tabby Point Siamese Cat

The tabby point Siamese cat is a cat whose coat is both color point and has a tabby pattern.

The tabby pattern refers to the stripping points on the cat’s face, ears, paws, and tails, and it is characteristic M-marking on the cat’s forehead.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Lynx Point Siamese cat resulted from cross-breeding the Tabby Point and the Seal Point Siamese. So, these cats are characterized by striped markings and different point colors, including blue, seal, red, and others.

This accidental breeding resulted in a perfect feline friend; the result is a lovely lynx point Siamese cat which has the Siamese cat’s fierce personality and a lovely attitude from the Tabby Point.

Lynx Point cats are perfect pets because they’re friendly and calm, and very devoted to their humans.

2. Light-Colored Siamese Cats

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Some of these light-colored cats may be rare and pricey. So, if you like one of these, good luck with finding one and start saving money now!

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

The beautiful chocolate point Siamese cat belongs to the light-colored category because they have cream-colored bodies with light warm chocolate brown point markings on their face, paws, tail, and ears.

This beautiful coat color is even more emphasized by the cat’s blue eyes. 

Cream Point Siamese Cat

The cream-point Siamese is a lighter version of a red-point Siamese cat. This type of Siamese is actually a crossbreed of the Red Point Siamese cat, the Abyssinian cat, and a domestic shorthair feline.

Their body is cream colored, but their point markings appear to be in light orange shades. Moreover, the nose leather, paw pads, and eye rims of these cats are in pale pink colors.

These cats are born completely white, and their point markings get darker as they age, interesting right?

Cinnamon Point Siamese Cat

The cinnamon Point Siamese cat is one of the newer colorations. It’s characterized by a cream-colored body with light warm brown and reddish point markings. 

Another characteristic feature of these felines is that their paw pads and nose leather are a pinkish color.

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

The Lilac Point Siamese cat is a light-colored Siamese. Due to this special coloration, this type of Siamese may be both rare and expensive. 

This color of Siamese cat is characterized by a cream-colored body and a dilute shade of light brown and blue colors. Moreover, they are characterized by blue eyes, and pink paw pads and nose leather.

Learn More About Siamese Cats

Check out these interesting facts about Siamese cats that I’ve prepared for you, and hopefully, you’ll learn something new and interesting.

🐾 When born, Siamese kittens are completely white. When they reach several weeks of age, their true color starts to appear.

🐾 The Siamese cat breed originated from Thailand which was then called ‘Siam’, hence the name.

🐾 The first description of Siamese cats was found in the manuscript “Tamra Maew” from the 14th century.

🐾 Siamese cats are so popular that there’s a National Siamese Cat Day, which is celebrated on the 6th of April. 

🐾 The popularity of Siamese cats in the United States increased after the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes got a Siamese cat as a gift.

🐾 Siamese cats meow very often and loudly. They’re extremely talkative as they’re highly social cats, which means that they like communicating with you or are warning you about something.

🐾 Siamese cats, due to their popularity, may be very expensive, especially if you want some of the rarest colors.

🐾 One of the main characteristics of the Siamese cat breed is that they have blue eyes due to a genetic allele that causes albinism.

🐾 Siamese cats are considered to be a very healthy breed because they may reach a lifespan of 20 years.

🐾 Although Siamese cats are very energetic, they still have a gentle side which makes them perfect pets for families with children or other pets.

All In All

In conclusion, Siamese cats aren’t only the oldest breed of cat, they’re also one of the most popular breeds. 

This article provides you with info on the 4 main types of Siamese cats: Classic, Applehead, Old-style, and modern Wedge Siamese.

Every Siamese cat is characterized by a color point pattern that can appear in either light colors or dark ones.

Other things that you should know about Siamese cats is that they’re very energetic, sociable, friendly, and intelligent. One thing that some cat lovers like, and some don’t, is that this breed is very talkative, meaning that they need a lot of attention.

So, if you think that you can spend a lot of time with your Siamese feline friend, then choose the best type and color, mentioned in this article, and provide your kitty with a purrfect life!

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