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Maine Coon Tuxedo Cat–Types, Personality, Appearance & More

Maine Coon Tuxedo Cat–Types, Personality, Appearance & More

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A Maine Coon cat has a unique appearance: magnificent looks and fur. As if all that wasn’t enough, tuxedo patterns started to appear (and become more popular) in this cat breed and others as well.

The Maine Coon tuxedo cat is a bi-color cat that usually has a black body and white markings that resemble a tuxedo. I have only one word to say about it: ADORABLE!

It is a fact that Maine Coons have water-resistant fur, which is why many owners find their beloved pets playing around in the sink or tub; imagine a little gentleman playing around in your sink!

They grow up to 16 inches, but there are records of the largest one, which was 48.5 inches long with a weight of 28 pounds.

Many cat breeds can have the tuxedo coat pattern; however, only eight have it as a recognized breed standard; and Maine Coon is one of those eight.

If you want to know more about the Maine Coon tuxedo cat breed, keep reading.

About Maine Coon Cats

maine coon cat outdoors in sunny green garden

The Maine Coon is always on the list as one of the largest, next to a few other domestic cat breeds (e.g., Ragdolls and Persian).

They are known for their large size and enormous, fluffy coats.

These gentle giants, as cat owners often refer to them, are cuddly and definitely do not act as they look. Their majestic, somewhat intimidating appearance is nothing like their sweet and loving personality.

Appearance & Personality Traits

These beautiful, large, long-haired cats are terrific family pets. They are highly intelligent, playful, and good with kids and people of all ages.

They are friendly to other pets, including both dogs and cats. Maine Coons are easily trained and are incredibly loyal to their owners.

They are, however, prone to separation anxiety, so it is best to always have something to occupy them, if there is no possibility of at least one person being at home all the time.

Different toys, cat trees, or boxes are required to keep a Maine Coon occupied while it’s home alone. Another cat would be perfect.

The Maine Coon will speak to you only when it is necessary, but be prepared to talk back. Even though you would expect a loud roar, Maine Coons are known for silent meows or chirps and trills.

They also require a lot of grooming, since not only is their coat long but their bodies are big (bigger than other domestic cat breeds). This means they have a larger surface area to take care of in addition to their undercoat.

A purebred Maine Coon also has large ears which have pointed hairs on the tips, its eyes are oval-shaped and its tail is long and bushy.

Despite their size, Maine Coons love to snuggle in with you, and they love being picked up.

Many people say tuxedo cats are smart, so tuxedo Maine Coons must be smart too! What do you think?

They are extremely friendly, sociable, and gentle, which makes them safe around kids.

Maine Coon’s coat patterns, other than tuxedo which is further explained, can be bi-color, calico, tabby, color point, or solid (solid black being one of the most popular Maine Coon solid patterns, and silver and gold the rarest).

Different coat colors this breed can have: white, black, orange/red, ebony, brown/chocolate, beige/cream, or gray/blue.

Health Issues

Maine Coon cat laying on the floor

Maine Coons are usually quite healthy, but there are also risks of certain diseases and health problems that may occur in this breed.

Maine Coons don’t only have big coats, but their bones are pretty big too, which is why they are prone to joint diseases such as hip dysplasia or arthritis.

Their medical history has also shown that they are predisposed to dental diseases or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or they might develop a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy.

This will be examined by breeders while your cat is still a kitten, however, it is important for owners to continue with regular check-ups while their furry friend is growing up.

Most common health issues are:

🐾 Polycystic kidney disease: this is hereditary in Maine Coons; it is a condition in which ulcers are being formed on their kidneys; if any of the ulcers get too big they can affect the kidney’s function.

🐾 Periodontal disease (or commonly called gum disease) is very common for these cats. It affects the cat’s mouth (gums and teeth).

🐾 Stomatitis is another oral condition, in which a cat’s gums and mouth become swollen.

🐾  Spinal muscular atrophy is a hereditary genetic state. Cats that have it have reduced muscle development.

🐾 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart condition that quite commonly happens to cats. This is a condition in which the muscular walls that are surrounding the heart are thickening and it has a negative effect on the heart’s function.

🐾 Hip dysplasia is a common condition for large cats. It is a state where a cat’s hips don’t develop properly so the cat’s joints cannot function normally and, therefore, deteriorate. The Maine Coon eventually loses the functions of its hip joints, and it can even lead to paralysis.

🐾 Obesity is another health issue this cat breed is predisposed to. Cat owners are usually not aware that Maine Coons reach their full growth a lot later than other cat breeds. So it is quite common for owners to overfeed their Maine Coon which is obviously bad.

These are all important reasons why it is crucial to educate ourselves about our cats, their breed information, and, concerning Maine Coons, all other things mentioned in this particular article.

Size & Lifespan

Maine Coons are considered to be the largest of all domestic cat breeds.

Their weight ranges from eight to 18 pounds (usually, but there are records of even larger Maine Coons), and their height from 10 to 16 inches.

These large cats usually live from 10 to 13 years of age.

History Of The Maine Coon Tuxedo Cat

Maine Coon cat on a brown background

The Maine Coon tuxedo cat has a bi-color pattern with markings that resemble a human evening suit: a tuxedo. They have white markings on their face, chest, and paws, and can also have markings on their stomach or tail.

The origin of Maine Coon tuxedo cats is unknown and there are many rumors about it, including the one that they are descendants of cats that belonged to Marie Antoinette, or that their ancestors are bobcats or Norwegian Forest cats.

There are even different theories that the Maine Coon cats came to exist when a cat mated with a raccoon, which is only a myth.

Who knows which origin story is true. Whichever it may be, it is known that Maine Coon cats have been around for a very long time and that their tuxedo pattern is one of the most popular looks.


Maine Coon cats have been a popular cat breed for a long time, primarily on farms, since their hunting abilities (for mice and pests) were terrific.

Their first peak of popularity was in the 1800s, where they were referred to as black and white cats, which indicates that they might have been tuxedo cats.

The Maine Coon cat breed won cat shows for Best Cat in Boston or New York from 1895 to 1899. Then, they started losing their popularity in the 1950s, and regained it back in the 1960s.

The popularity of the breed continues today, and they are frequently listed within the top 10 most popular breeds of cat.

In 1976, the breed got formal recognition by the (CFA) Cat Fanciers Association and the Maine Coon Breeders club.

Types Of Maine Coon Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo cat with long whiskers outside with purple harness

When it comes to this particular breed, the most fancied tuxedo pattern is the black and white Maine Coon, because the human tuxedo is usually black and white.

There are still some people who are surprised to discover that Maine Coons can even have tuxedo patterns.

This is mostly because people tend to think that a tuxedo cat is a certain breed, but it is actually a pattern and it can be present in many different cat breeds.

Maine Coons are oftentimes black with white markings resembling a tuxedo, hence the name of the pattern. However, they can also be red, blue, tortoiseshell, or cream colored.

The white color is present on their paws, face, and chest, somewhat like Sylvester the cat (from Looney Tunes).

At the thought of a Maine Coon tuxedo cat, I can just hear the viral Instagram Reels sound “Look at this distinguished gentleman” lol!

People usually only expect a male Maine Coons to have a tuxedo pattern, but since it is not gender related, female Maine Coons can also have this pattern.

Now let’s see how different colors form a tuxedo pattern.

Black Tuxedo

The black tuxedo pattern in Maine Coons is, as aforementioned, black with white markings on the chest, paws, and face. The black tuxedo is the most common one, and it is quite popular.

Red Tuxedo

A red tuxedo in Maine Coons is also referred to as orange or ginger, and it is not that common.

Blue Tuxedo

A gray or blue tuxedo Maine Coon has the same white markings as the black tuxedo pattern. To some people, it looks like it is a washed out black color. This color and pattern combination is quite rare, rarer than black and red tuxedo cats. It all depends on the genes a kitten picks up from its parents.

Cream Tuxedo

A cream tuxedo is a diluted color version of the red tuxedo. The cream tuxedo is again rarer than red, because of the diluted genes and their recessiveness. A kitten needs to receive at least one diluted gene from both its parents.

Tortoiseshell Tuxedo

Usually, a Maine Coon tuxedo cat has one base color and white markings, and the tortoiseshell tuxedo pattern has two base colors mixed.
The tortoiseshell tuxedo pattern in the Maine Coon cat breed has a red and black base, or the diluted version of blue and cream colors.


Maine Coon cat walk in winter field

Can a Maine Coon be a tuxedo cat?

Yes, a Maine Coon can have a tuxedo pattern; they are one of the eight cat breeds that has it as a recognised breed standard.

How can I tell if my cat is mixed with a Maine Coon?

You can analyze your cat’s size, personality traits, (the hair points on the tips of both ears, oval-shaped eyes), or to be 100% sure, schedule a genetic test with your vet.

How much does a tuxedo Maine Coon cost?

A tuxedo Maine Coon kitten will usually cost between $800 to $2K. You can expect large prices from registered breeders, and kittens tend to cost more than adult cats.

What is the best type of cat for a family?

The Maine Coon cat breed is always on the list of family cats, but there is also the British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Persian, Siamese, Burmese, Manx…

What is the average weight of a Maine Coon?

The weight of Maine Coons can vary between eight to 18 lbs.

What are the colors of a tuxedo Maine Coon?

A Maine Coon can have a tuxedo pattern in the following colors: black, red, blue, cream, or tortoiseshell, with white markings.

What does a Maine Coon’s coat feel like?

Maine Coons have a double-layered coat, which looks gorgeous and fluffy. Do Maine Coons feel as fluffy as they look? Yes!!!

Their fluffy coat is smooth and thick, and it feels soft and silky.

Is it possible to find a tuxedo Maine Coon?

Yes, it is. The tuxedo pattern is quite common in this breed, and it will not be a problem finding it.

Always check for responsible and trustworthy breeders before you buy from them.


A Maine Coon cat has a unique appearance, magnificent looks and fur, and like this wasn’t enough to make us cat lovers go crazy about them, the tuxedo pattern has become more and more common and popular.

The Maine Coon tuxedo cat is a bi-color cat which usually has a black body and white markings that resemble a human tuxedo.

To wrap it up, there are many cat breeds that can have the tuxedo coat pattern, however, only eight of them have it as a recognised breed standard; and Maine Coon is one of those eight.

The Maine Coon tuxedo cat can have a black tuxedo with white markings, or a red, cream, blue, or tortoiseshell for a base color.

This pattern is quite common nowadays, and it is not hard to find it and buy it from certified breeders.

Hopefully this article helped you with your research on the Maine Coon tuxedo cat, and I hope to see you again on our site.

Until next time, Jeffery.

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