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Florida Musician Goes To McDonald’s, Comes Back With A Furry New Bandmate

Florida Musician Goes To McDonald’s, Comes Back With A Furry New Bandmate

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I love stories about the cat distribution system. People go out to do their usual errands but come back home with a kitten. It just warms my heart up on so many levels!

Today’s story is not about a typical family adopting an abandoned kitten. This is a special type of family, a music band from Treasure Island, Florida called Seranation.

cat in man's pocket
Credit: YouTube

One night they were rehearsing in their studio, writing a new song called Meant To Be – well, I guess this was a sign! 

Shortly after, the lead singer J. Carter Gleason decided to drive over to McDonalds and bring food for the band. However, he came back with more than just a hamburger. As one of the bandmates, Bianca said in their video:

“I was like: ‘Oh my God’. This was such a J. thing to do. I just thought it was the sweetest thing.”

man brushing a cat
Credit: YouTube

Holding the food in one hand, J. came inside the studio with an adorable ginger kitten peacefully relaxing in the pocket of his sweatshirt. 

The kitten’s head was the only thing the bandmates saw and everyone was ecstatic! They immediately bathed the ginger boy, cleaning him of fleas and ticks. 

man cuddling with cat
Credit: YouTube

To make things even more adorable they named him Big Mac! Everyone instantly fell in love with little Mac, ready to provide him with the best life possible. As J. said in the video:

“The band was really cool about it. Nobody was like: ‘Dude, what are you doing?’. It was just like: ‘All right. I guess J. rescued a cat today.’”

women playing a guitar
Credit: YouTube

The bandmates went out the next morning and bought food and a bunch of toys for little Mac. In just one night this sweet ginger boy found his forever family. As J. also shared:

“He’s a part of our family.”

J. also had a dog, and the two immediately bonded. The dog gently booped little Mac with his nose and J. was super proud of this adorable encounter. 

cat looking at mcdonald's fries
Credit: YouTube

However, little Mac is not just a music studio kitten. J. brings him everywhere he goes, either in a cat backpack or just letting him chill inside his sweatshirt pocket! 

He even brought Mac back to the parking lot in McDonalds where J. found him and the two shared some french fries. Was it destiny or just pure coincidence that J. found him that night, Bianca is grateful it happened. As she shared:

“It’s crazy to think we were in the studio that night, J. decided to go out for food at that time. It’s just crazy to think about how everything lined up.”

man holding a cat
Credit: YouTube

J. looks forward to bringing Mac along on their shows and tours and I just know this kitten will have the most existing and adventurous life!

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