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Man Sells His Couch Without Knowing His Cat Was Hiding Inside It

Man Sells His Couch Without Knowing His Cat Was Hiding Inside It

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I was stunned when I saw the news about this man not realizing his cat was inside his couch when he sold it. But who am I to judge? 

A few years back, I closed my own cat inside a couch. It was one of those pull-out couches, and one morning I got up, brushed my teeth, poured cat food in my cat’s bowl, went back to make my bed (the pull-out couch), and tidied the room. 

After I had my breakfast, I realized that my cat’s food bowl was still full… after a few ”here, kitty, kitty” calls, it just hit me! The couch! I rushed back to the living room, opened the couch, and there was Missy, jumping out! 

Oh, I felt horrible! Can you imagine how this guy must have felt when he realized he sold his own cat?!

My Cat Is Missing… Or Is She?

missing cat poster

Matt Lumabi, the cat’s owner, thought his feline friend went missing but she was actually hiding in the couch that he had just sold. 

man holding a cat

“When the guys came over to buy the couch, Marley came into the room and crawled underneath the couch, which we didn’t notice.”

The couch was loaded up into the moving van, and Marley set off on an adventure to Richmond. However, Matt quickly realized that Marley was missing. 

“I tore my room apart and, umm, tried to look for her, but couldn’t find her…”

cat laying on the couch

Matt was worried sick. He looked around the neighborhood and called the guys who bought the couch… but nothing. He also put up missing posters and his neighbors helped him look for Marley. He couldn’t even sleep for three long days! 

missing cat

“Sleepless nights, you know, all these forums… trying to figure out what to do.”

After some time, the guy who bought the couch from Matt contacted him saying that they sold the couch to someone else, and then found out that there was a cat inside. Matt then realized how she got inside:

“The couch has a pouch underneath for the legs, I guess Marley found her way underneath it, and she must have burrowed down there for about three days.”

Man hugging Marley

Fortunately, everything ended up ok. Marley is perfectly fine, and even though she spent about three days inside a couch, she’s acting normally. Marley is at home and Matt can finally fall asleep knowing that his kitty is safe and sound. 

Can you imagine? I don’t know what I would do if something like this happened to me. This is an unusual yet interesting story, with a happy ending. 

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