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Key Characteristics Of The Intriguing Minskin Cat

Key Characteristics Of The Intriguing Minskin Cat

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If you’re a cat lover who wants to become a cat parent to a unique, and lovely cat, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discover a relatively new breed of cat called the Minskin cat. This cat breed is special for many reasons. It’s new, it has a unique look, and it has several special characteristics.

A Minskin cat carries traits of four different cat breeds that are mixed together, creating a completely unique pet!

Although their appearance is unusual, they have a very sweet personality and they’re lovely little cats! So, if you’re looking for a unique pet who will be your new best friend then read on and find out everything you need to know about the Minskin cat!

What You Need To Know About The Minskin Cat!

Key Characteristics
Height7-8 inches
Weight4-6 lb
Lifespan12-14 years
ColorsTabby, Colorpoint, Solid, Tortoise Shell
TemperamentSweet, affectionate, energetic, intelligent, friendly.

If you like the look of the sweet little Minskin and want to know more about it, this article provides you with everything you need to know about this specific cat breed. It’s very important to know what to expect from your future feline friend, so read on!

We will look at the history of the Minskin cat breed, its appearance, health and care needs, activity, personality, average price, and many other interesting facts about Minskin cats.

So, get comfortable and let’s discover the world of the Minskin cats!

What Is A Minskin Cat?

Minskin Cat lying on floor

The Minskin cat is a rare small cat breed. The breed got its name by combining two words: “miniature” and “skin”. If you look at a picture of that cat, you’ll understand why.

This cat breed is characterized by its short legs, big ears and eyes, and a round head. It may be a few different colors and patterns.

What makes this cat breed so specific is that it was actually custom made, and is a relatively new cat breed to our world.

It was Paul McSorley from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA, who came up with an idea for a new cat. He wanted a small cat that would only have hair on particular parts of its body.

He began his project in 1998 by mixing a Sphynx cat with a Munchkin cat. Later on, he added some elements of the Burmese and the Devon Rex cat, and finally, he achieved success by the end of 2000 when he bred the first cat of that mix.

Today, the Minskin breeding program and the further development of the breed is monitored by The International Cat Association (TICA).

The Minskin Cat Breed – A Rare Breed!

Not only is this cat breed rare, but the parent breeds are also rare and that’s part of what makes them so special and sought after.

Even though this breed was custom made, The International Cat Association (TICA) currently recognizes the Minskin cat as a preliminary new breed.

Although they’re rare, they’re very popular among people, so now you just have to decide whether this is the right cat breed for you!

Parent Breeds

Four different cat breeds were involved in the development of the Minskin cat breed. These cat breeds are:

🐾 Sphynx cat – The Sphynx cat, referred to as a hairless cat breed, is not truly hairless, it just looks like it is. These cats have small amounts of hair, usually on their back, ears and tail, but it’s barely visible. These cats are famous for their appearance, however they require special skin care. Apart from that, they’re very lovely cats.

🐾 Munchkin cat – Munchkin cats are best recognized for their short legs and long body. They have short legs due to a genetic mutation, however, not all Munchkins carry that particular gene. There are also Munchkin cats with normal length legs.

🐾 Devon Rex cat – This cat breed is also small, rare, and unique. In fact, it’s a British short-haired cat breed. The breed is characteristic for its rare gene that makes its hair curly, making its appearance really interesting. Moreover, these cats are highly intelligent and are able to learn tricks just like dogs.

🐾 Burmese cat – Burmese cats are lovely American cats. What’s most interesting about them is that they’re much heavier than they seem. They are very affectionate and very talkative, sometimes reminding owners of Siamese cats.

When you mix these four special cat breeds, you get a Minskin cat; a small cat with all the best characteristics of these parent breeds.

A Minskin’s Appearance

Minskin Cat

The Minskin breed of cat is actually a small-sized cat characterized by its short legs, with the front legs being somewhat shorter than hind legs. However, their short legs don’t stop them from being active or behaving like a normal cat.

They have large ears and large round eyes, a slightly rounded head, and a stocky semi-cobby body. They‘re very small, weighing only 4 to 6 lb, and their height only goes up to 7-8 inches.

Although they seem hairless, these cats have small fur points usually on the top of their back, around their eyes and whiskers, and on their tail. That small amount of hair is as soft as cashmere. A Minskin cat’s belly is always hairless.

These cats can appear in different color patterns, so stick around to find out more about their colors!


A Minskin cat may have one of the following coat colors:

🐾 Tabby

🐾 Colorpoint

🐾 Tortoise shell

🐾 Solid

🐾 White

Minskin’s Health and Care

With this being a newer cat breed, it’s still very hard to determine what health issues are common in the breed. It has been established that Minskin cats are usually very healthy cats who can live very long lives, with a typical lifespan of 12-14 years.

If you are keen to get a Minskin for yourself or your family there are certain things you should know such as illnesses that a Minskin can inherit from its parent breeds and how to take proper care of your feline.

Usually they’re very easy to maintain, and a simple balanced diet should be enough to keep your Minsky healthy and satisfied.

Health Issues

There are no officially recognized health problems for the Minskin cat breed so far. However, you should be careful to note that there are certain issues that a Minskin can inherit from its parent breeds.

Let’s take a look at these health problems so that you can be aware of any issues if they arise.

Spinal Problems

Spinal issues are relatively common in the Munchkin cat breed, mostly due to their short legs. This condition can be passed down to subsequent generations. Therefore, Minskin cats have an increased risk of having spinal problems.

Heart Problems

Heart problems are characteristic for cat breeds such as the Devon Rex and the Sphynx cat. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for the Minskin cats, but there’s a slightly raised possibility that these problems can be inherited.


Another problem particular for the Minskin cat breed, as well as for Sphynx cats, is an increased risk of infection.

These cats don’t have enough fur to protect them from damage, therefore they can injure themselves, if not treated properly, this may lead to one of a number of infections.

If you notice an open wound, it’s very important to clean it thoroughly. You can take your feline to the vet and he’ll determine whether an infection has set in.

If there are signs of infection, the vet will probably give your cat antibiotics to treat it, and your feline will be healthy again before you know it.

Sunburns And Skin Cancer

With less hair on their bodies, Sphynx and also Minskin cats are prone to sunburns and even skin cancer.

A cat’s fur serves to protect them from external damage. Therefore, these hairless cats are more prone to these problems as they don’t have fur to protect them. That’s why these cats require special care during certain seasons.

During hot summer days, make sure you use sun cream for your feline in order to protect her from sunburns and other skin issues.

On cold winter days, these cats will need cat clothes and they will have to be kept in warm places as they don’t have fur to regulate their body temperature like other cats do.

Taking Care Of A Minskin Cat

Minskin kittens

These cats are very easy going and their fur obviously doesn’t require much attention. However, there are other things you need to pay attention to. If you want to know how to take proper care of your future Minskin kitty, read on and find out!


Just like Sphynx cats, Minskins don’t have much fur, so you don’t have to schedule regular brushing or worry about shedding. Shedding is usually every cat owner’s nightmare, but with a Minskin cat you needn’t worry.

With minimum hair, comes minimum shedding, therefore Minskins can be considered as close to hypoallergenic as cats can be. This makes them good for allergy sufferers.

While shedding isn’t an issue, there are other things that need special care when it comes to this cat breed.

As Minskin cats don’t have fur, they are prone to external damage which is not good. Their skin requires special care, especially during certain seasons.

The Minskin cat has exposed skin which is more prone to infection, so they do need bathing at least once every two weeks with special sensitive shampoos to keep their skin healthy, soft, and prevent skin issues and irritation.

Be careful not to bathe them too frequently either, as this can result in dry skin which can lead to dermatitis.

Also, pay attention to your cat’s nails and trim them often in order to avoid claw issues, such as cat claw infection etc.


Although Minskin cats have short legs and long bodies, they’re very energetic cats so make sure that you exercise them daily .

However, pay attention that you do these exercises indoors and don‘t let your Minskin outdoors very often, especially for a long period as it may be prone to sunburns or get injured easily on something, due to its lack of protective fur.


Minskin cats, like other cat breeds including all domestic cats, are obligate carnivores, which means that their diet should consist mostly of protein-rich meat.

Therefore, when feeding a Minskin cat, make sure that you buy cat food that is approved by a vet.

Minskin kittens’ diet consists mostly of milk, but after three or four weeks you can slowly introduce them to wet or dry food designed for kittens.

Sometimes you can mix the cat’s food with cat-safe vegetables, in small amounts. Before doing this, make sure that you research whether the particular food is safe for your feline friend or not.

Sometimes, you can add a bit of fruit to their diets, again only if it’s safe for them, but avoid feeding them human sweets such as chocolate, jello, marshmallows and similar.

Most importantly, provide your feline friend with fresh water every day. On hot days, make sure you change the water a few times. It is important to create a routine that you’ll stick to and feed your feline every day at the same time in order to avoid unwanted behavior from your cat.


As mentioned above, these cats are highly intelligent and therefore they’re able to learn tricks, just like dogs. However, as with everything, in order to train them more easily, it’s important to start training them from a young age.

A Minskin cat will learn things like how to use the litter box in the blink of an eye. Make sure that you dedicate time to training your cat, and remember that through training you’re also bonding, and your cat will come to trust you even more.

When you’re not home, make sure that you provide your feline with interesting toys that will keep her occupied until you get home.

Don’t forget about cat trees and scratching posts, and most importantly don’t forget to reward your Minskin every time it does something successfully.

Activity Of A Minskin Cat

Minskin kitten lying on floor

Minskin cats, despite being short-legged, are very active and energetic cats. They’re also highly intelligent.

If you want to train your Minskin kitten, it’s best to start from a young age and make sure that you reward it every time it succeeds.

These cats adore jumping, running, and climbing, therefore it is good to provide them with toys and activities that will keep them busy to redirect their attention from the things around the house that you may not want them to interact with (such as your furniture).

Providing them with cat trees and scratching posts is a great idea. You can even look for cat trees that look like an actual tree to give them a feel for nature.

Personality Of A Minskin Cat

It’s not surprising that these cats are said to be every cat lover’s dream. As well as being highly intelligent and energetic, these cats are very friendly, loving, and affectionate. They adore spending time with their owner and other family members including other pets.

They’re very trusting, especially with their owner. The best thing about these cats is that they’re independent, intelligent, and active, but at the same time they are lovely, affectionate, cuddly cats.

The sweetest thing, at the end of the day, is that they’re perfect lap cats looking for some love and affection.

Are Minskin Cats Good Pets For Families?

If you’re looking for a perfect family pet, there cannot be a better choice than a Minskin cat. Minskin cats are very easygoing and trusting cats. They’re active and intelligent, but they still adore attention and being snuggled up in someone’s lap.

They’re not devoted to just one owner; they care about every family member, and they’re also good with children and other pets.

As they don’t have proper fur and experience a very minimal amount of shedding, they’re also considered to be close to hypoallergenic cats, which makes them perfect pets for families with allergies.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you definitely won’t have an allergic reaction, so it’s better to test this out before adopting a Minskin cat.

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The Perfect Environment For A Minskin Cat

Considering the cat’s skin and lack of fur, a Minskin cat cannot live in just any environment. These cats should be indoor cats only because if they go outdoors they’re vulnerable to various risks of harm.

When outdoors, they can easily get injured due to their lack of protective fur. They may get sunburnt during hot days, or get too cold during winter days. Unlike other cats, these don’t have the necessary fur to regulate their body temperature.

Therefore, during hot days, keep your Minskin indoors and take care of its skin, and during cold days you should put cat clothes on it in order to protect it from low temperatures.

If you want to move places frequently then a Minskin cat is not a good choice for you. Minskin cats love stable homes and they don’t like moving, just like many other cats. Minskin cats like to have a certain routine, and may not cope well with change.

However, if you don’t plan to move houses and you’re happy with everything that a Minskin cat requires, then you two could be perfect friends. You would enjoy cozy nights with a Minskin cuddled in your lap!

Breed Recognition

As this cat breed is new and is still developing, there are certain ongoing issues associated with breed recognition. The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes the cat breed currently, as it monitors the further breeding program and the development of the breed.

However, The Cat Fanciers Association doesn’t accept the breed. The main problem is concerns about whether people should continue with breeding short-legged cats or not. Some people consider it cruel and unethical while others consider it a good thing.

The Average Price Of A Minskin Kitten

With this being a new, rare, and unique cat breed, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1500 and $5000 for a Minskin kitten. If you want this specific cat breed, then it’s very important to buy it from a reputable breeder or cattery.

Reputable breeders may sell the Minskin kittens for an eye-wateringly high price, but at least you’ll get the necessary health certificates along with a healthy kitten that is registered, dewormed, vaccinated, and vet-checked.

In Conclusion

Minskin Cat posing for photo

The Minskin cat breed is a relatively new cat breed that was created by breeder Paul McSorley who wanted to create a small, short-legged cat with fur points only around the ears, tail, and back.

This breed was developed by breeding four parent cat breeds: the Munchkin cat, Sphynx cat, Devon Rex cat, and Burmese cat.

Today, this breed of cat is recognized by TICA who monitors the development of the breed. However some associations such as CFA don’t accept it as it’s considered to be cruel to breed short-legged cats.

These cats are highly energetic and active despite their short legs. More importantly, they’re highly intelligent and are able to learn different tricks, just make sure you train them from a young age.

Besides that, they’re lovely, friendly cats who will enjoy playtime and then snuggle up beside you asking for your attention.

Minskin cats are perfect family pets as they’re good with children and other pets. Furthermore, these cats are very healthy, with a typical lifespan between 12-14 years.

If you want to get a Minskin cat, you need to pay attention to its needs. These cats should be indoor cats only because they don’t have fur to protect them outside. Also, these cats like stable environments, and they don’t like change.

Minskin cats should have a balanced diet consisting mostly of meat and protein, just like every other cat.

With this cat breed being so rare and unique, don’t be surprised to pay a high price for a Minskin kitten. Make sure that you find a reputable breeder, so that you can enjoy life with your healthy feline companion for a long time.